Fran needed so badly to release her pent up passion.

Just to feel the thrill of his hands discovering her everywhere was beautiful and she knew then she would be anything he wanted.

When he asked if she did anal she said it would be nice, because that is what her ex liked to do, so he was absolutely delighted when she performed for him, like she must have done for her ex. Propping her hind up for him after he asked her if she would like to lean over the arm of the settee, it made for a gorgeous deep thrusting anal fuck for Danny who was in his element. She took it deep and prompted him to fuck her harder, each time he slapped her cheeks between each thrust.

Simply the feeling of a real guy inside aroused her passion and she performed like an animal with him. And, spurred by the sensations of his touching and sucking afterwards, she was soon on top of him, urging his strong cock inside her wet pussy, her generous boobs bouncing up and down as she thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful experience she had missed for so very long.

Danny rolled her over, pushed his cock into her from behind, and then straddled her to let her have him all over again. She'd never been fucked like this, not even by her ex who liked to indulge most things.

When she could reach his mouth she made sure her deep French kisses lasted as he enjoyed her with his fingers, teasing and stretching her there until she spurted and it felt so wonderful.

Then she took hold of his cock again, which had just cum, his cream running down the length. She wanted to suck it more, to taste the cream that she had spurned with the relentless sucking and wanking, she just adored cock to the foremost. She was happy and in her element again after so long, and Danny was so very responsive and seemed to understand her needs. He told her he loved her ass. That he felt he loved her as soon as he saw her and, seeing the picture of her on the dating site, he wanted her and her lovely sexy ass; looking so tight and neat in those very sexy blue brush tight jeans.

"You are some woman" Danny said taking a breather after she had fucked him once again, drawing every inch of him into her mouth and throat for a real deep oral sensation.

She came away for him, licking her lips and beaming up to him, looking very happy and satisfied.

"You are not so bad yourself Danny" she responded giving his cock another squeeze and his balls too. He was by now half-mast looking very gratified. She told him that he needed sorting and with a little more teasing, licking and sucking, running her busy tongue up from his anus and beneath his balls he was stiff again.

He moved and stretched his legs so she could get more access. This woman was hungry and he was game for anything. He'd teased her nipples and touched her up, stretched her, fucked her three ways, and still she wanted more cock. Given a little encouragement he surprised himself when, again he reached a new and full erection in her hands, bunched around him, her thumbs teasing his p-hole delightfully.

And this was just their first date!

When he asked her for a second helping by way of dating her again, she felt right with that. She felt that this may just go somewhere. She arranged for him to come to her place when her kids were away.

It would be so nice if Danny made a commitment and in this cause she aimed to share her passion with him completely. His Spanish looks aroused her- and his manner, the way he talked and his sense of humour.

After a wine he asked if he could take her to the bedroom.

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