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A husband and wife branch out in a new direction.

The women joined him sitting on either side of him. Their eyes were half closed. They gripped his thighs beneath the table each of them taking one of his legs for their own.

Taylor offered to buy dinner but they weren't interested. It was just barely seven and still light out. He suggested it was a little early without suggesting what exactly it was too early for.

The drive home was torture. The girls were making the most out of making a scene. They had started kissing him, pulling him from one side to another and giggling at his embarrassment. He had called for the check, tipped heavily and walked them to the door. As they waited for the car to be pulled up his wife took to standing behind him going so far as to place her hands in his pockets.

"Are you stoned?" he had to ask, finally putting it together. She held her hand up, her thumb and index finger close but not touching in the international symbol for "just a little." When the car pulled up the girls slid into the back seat. Tammy flashed her broad pale ass and Megan slapped it gently. He shook his head, tipped the valet and moved around to drive them home.

He could watch briefly but focused on his driving listening to them in the back seat.

"I've been kissed. Usually against my will, but I never kissed a girl before."

"You seem to have it down." Said their new friend. He allowed himself to look in the read view craning his neck to adjust the view. The women's red lips slid against each other, Tammy cupped his wife's breast.

"Slippery." Megan gigged.

"Lip gloss." The other woman responded. The moist kissing sounds replaced their conversation.

"Oh!" his wife yelped.

"You don't have panties on."

"No I dooooonnnn't" she moaned. In the mirror he caught a glimpse of them kissing. Twisting his neck awkwardly he saw Tammy's hand had disappeared beneath his wife's short dress. His cock throbbed. He drove quickly -their delicate humming coming from the back seat the whole way.

Inside the house Tammy darted off for the restroom. Megan instructed him to make some glasses of water. He stood fuzzy headed in the kitchen unprepared for his Friday night.

"Stick your tongue out." She told her husband. It had been a chore to find the little packet of diamond shaped blue pills. They had been passed to him by one of their friends in the lifestyle, a GP from the North Valley.

"Really. I don't think I need it." He placed her hand on the front of her pants. She gripped his hard cock through his trousers. "If I go blind or have an erection lasting four hours, call a physician, okay?"

"Normally that is my nightmare but I have help tonight." She cooed. She continued to hold his dick. "I need to sit down."

Tammy reappeared from the guest bath just in time. She greeted them with a simple "Hi," that sounded far more suggestive than it should have.

"I HAVE to lie down." Meg repeated and with her glass of water in hand she padded out of the kitchen.

"Hi," Taylor said to the quirky brunette and reached out for her, his hand falling lightly on her waist above her broad hips. He pulled her to him. "I have been dying to kiss you for hours."

"Mmmm. Me too." She smiled at him. Her body filled his arms as their lips met and tongues touched. He moved his mouth to her neck. "We should go find Megan, we don't want her to be lonely."

"Yes we should."

He took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom where they found his wife posed on the floor. Her legs were curled up beneath her. She had put on her glasses.
"Come here." She told him. When he moved to join her on the floor she stopped him. "No. Stand there." She said. He did as instructed.

As his wife undid his belt and the fly of his trousers the second women slipped her arms around him and went to work on the buttons of his silk shirt. At the same time his chest was bare and his pants and boxers were pulled to the floor. He felt four hands move slowly over his bare skin.

Tammy's heart raced.

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