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Selections from my diary.

I hardly notice the cold chain against my shoulder. Marie had actually gone back to sleep with me and I woke first. My arms and legs don't look bad, but you can still see impressions from cuffs. The marks go from the backs of my hands all the way up my upper arms. On my legs they go from the top of my feet to just below my knees. It's a bit sore here and there, but not bad.

She's beautiful. I can't help just watching her sleep peacefully. Still in red latex and boots! She's got these neat bracelets. They're wide cuffs with really pointy spikes. Interesting alternating pattern those spikes. I just lay there fingering them, sort of running my fingers around them idley watching her sleep. Besides, I feel simply right just waiting for her. She wakes. She blinks once or twice and sees me. She grins. "Good morning Sweety, sleep OK?" she asks as she stretches. "Just fine Marie," I answered. She fingers my chain laying on the bed all around me. She pulls me to her with it and kisses me. She holds me there by my chain. We are eye to eye. Here she said something that stopped me for a second,

"You know, you may address me as 'Mistress' whenever you wear a collar. Don't you think that's a good idea?" I swear my heart fluttered. I felt that this was something special, no longer just fun play, still lots of fun, but more, much more. "Yes Mistress, of course Mistress," I cooed and snuggled against her, looking up into her eyes. She beamed down at me. I love that smile of hers!

"So... go make us some breakfast. You know where everything is," she says. She reaches into a nightstand drawer and retrieves a key. The chain is unlocked from the collar and falls clattering on the bed frame, then the floor. The collar is now just a pet store dog collar buckled in the back. I could take it off. I do not. "Of course Mistress. Coffee first Mistress?" I ask, climbing out of our bed. "First you should dress. I saw some nice lingerie and shoes in your second suitcase. Why don't you show me something nice, something you like? Do you want to take a shower first?" she suggests.

"Later, with your permission. I'll get coffee first," I said digging around in my suitcase. I chose a teeny red lacy thong and matching half-bra. I also had a shear, bright red teddy with lace trim. I found my pumps that matched the red. These shoes are actually comfy. I've worn them all day before. I sneak a look at myself in the full-legnth mirror on a closet door. I look smashing. And the black leather and chrome hardware on the collar contrast with all the red, accentuating both. "Is this OK Mistress?" I ask with real concern for her approval. "You look delicious," she said, "get the coffee. It should be ready."

Let me summerize Saturday. While I made breakfast, she changed. She came into the kitchen all in black satin as I was beginning to wonder if I should look for a tray to take breakfast to her. We had a luxurious breakfast. We went back to bed and did a little tounge and suck for a while. We showered together. We primped each other like schoolgirl buddies. We went back to bed for a while again. She showed me the whole house.

It has a full basement too. I was not really suprised to be shown a really cool dungeon. Arthur must have been a fairly handy carpenter, or very rich, or something. There were manacles on chains attached to the walls and ceiling all over the place, in some very... thought provoking places. There was a stock that would hold someone standing all stretched out... upside down. There was something like a rack or complex examination table, leather straps everywhere. There was a stock that would keep someone standing bent over, ass and crotch completely open and up. Neat stuff. Dark stained wood. Great workmanship. Smooth to the touch. Carefully carved and smoothed to fit the female form perfectly. Wild design ideas. Everything locked with big padlocks on chromed hardware, nice touch. Someone was genius, a very, very perverted genius. My hero! What a playground!

I'm trying to just summerize here or I'll be w

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