Lena introduces another friend.

And a man of his stature and position can't arbitrarily seek assistance from just anywhere. Do you understand what I am saying?"

"Yes, mam. You want me to have sex with your father," Kim answered.

"That's exactly what I mean," Lena continued. "You may say no and it will not jeopardize your job or relationship with me. But if you say yes, I will consider myself forever indebted to you."

"Mam, it would be my great honor," Kim spoke as she raised her eyes and smiled. "He's not so bad to look at you know." Kim interrupted our joint laughter. "I would ask one thing. Can we continue the evening in the customs of my people?"

Lena looked at me puzzled. "What kind of customs, Kim?"

"Good customs, mam, like preparing my partner for the acts of pleasure," Kim said.

"I think he would like that, Kim. But you do realize the importance of keeping this matter strictly between the three of us? And there is one more thing you need to know before you make your final decision. I will be joining the two of you in your acts of pleasure. Will that be a problem for you?", Lena said.

"It is not my place to judge, Mam. I would be pleased again to share my pleasures with such honored hosts," Kim said subserviently.

"Now what," I said after a silent moment.

"Now, sir, I will clean up our dinner mess, then we will go to the bathroom and begin our preparations," Kim said.

Lena and I waited alone in the bathroom. "Can you believe this?", Lena asked.

"I can't believe she is so willing and so young," I added.

Kim joined us shortly and commenced to pull her kimono up to mid calf and tie it off with a knot on the side. "It is customary to drain your bladder before we continue. Do either of you need to pee?"

"Not me," Lena said.

I looked down at the tent pole beneath my kimono and said, "I don't think I could if I had to." We all laughed and Kim methodically began to disrobe us. Like me, Lena was nude beneath the robe, and I felt a level of discomfort being naked with Lena while Kim remained clothed.

"This is wonderful," Kim said. "You have a very large shower we can all fit in. Ideally we would have a table for you to lie on while I shampooed your bodies. The shower will work fine, though. Shall we?" Kim opened the shower and we went inside. After adjusting both shower heads, Kim began to scrub me thoroughly. And I do mean thoroughly. The soapy sponge went every where. She lifted my balls and scrubbed, lathered my asshole, and even soaped and lathered my hard cock. When I was done she turned her attentions to Lena. And she got the same treatment. Kim spread her ass cheeks and scrubbed, then cleansed every pore on Lena's pussy. I could tell by watching that Lena was enjoying the lavish attentions. Kim's actions were mechanical, without emotion. I found it odd that Kim had not disrobed, and her kimono clung to her small body. Not until Lena was done did Kim remove her wet robe and scrub herself. Lena and I both stared at her naked body. Her breast were tiny, but perfectly proportioned to her body. A small line of short black hair trailed from just below her navel to just above the hood of her clit. Unlike Lena's puffy, bulging outer labia, Kim's were frail and flattened, exposing her inner lips and clit without spreading her legs. Lena and I awed as Kim pulled her pussy apart and washed every crease, as though we weren't there. The shower heads went off and Kim toweled us dry, pausing only to say, "I can see you are both ready for pleasure."

Kim led us to Lena's bed and had us lie side by side on our stomachs.

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