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The attacker fell unconscious, revealing her own man holding the bat, but he soon fell to the ground as well."

She began a trail of kisses up the center of my abdomen.

"The woman rushed to her man and held his face. He was conscious. He saw her wet and covered in mud. Her face bloody and damaged. He held the back of her head and kissed her deeply. The end."

After a moment, but still having not looked up, she asked, "How was the song in there?"

I smiled a little, then badly sang, "You're sooo beau-ti-ful, I'm black and blue all over."

She gave a little laugh. "Clever." She kissed above my bellybutton. "Tell me a story."

I waited.

"Your past girlfriend."

I was confused, but I said nothing.

"Your prom date."

My confusion grew.

"Your heartbreak."

I waited a few seconds then said, "I have had none of those things."

She kissed a bit higher. "You'll figure something out," she assured.

She lowered herself onto me and rested her head just below my bruised ribcage as I considered the criteria and their extra layer of challenge. It took me a minute, but I figured out the fix.

"Kara and Mika were twin sisters, and even though they looked exactly like, physically, they had very different personalities. Kara was outgoing, adventurous, fashionable, and was rarely single, while Mika was more reserved, enjoyed stability, dressed more practically, and though she had accompanied her sister on some double dates, she had never hit it off with any of the guys, so she'd never had a real boyfriend."

She passively stroked my uninjured ribs.

"During the middle of their freshman year of high school, a new student walked into one of Mika's classes. He was nervous, and tried not to make eye-contact with anyone, but she just stared at him, completely struck. There was nothing particularly outstanding about him, but for some reason, she just knew that he was special to her."

She tucked her fingers around and under my left side and just held me.

"In time, he became her real boyfriend, and they were great together, but Kara, being rather over-protective of her sister, did not trust him, yet. One day, when Mika was away, Kara invited the boy over to study. She removed all of her makeup, left her hair down, dressed in Mika's clothes, and adopted her mannerisms. The doorbell rang, she answered, the boy looked at her and asked, 'Why are dressed like Mika?'"

She adjusted the position of her head to one slightly more comfortable.

"She was astounded. He did not know Mika was gone, and they had never failed to fool anyone before, yet this boy realized almost instantly that she was not Mika. She still was not sure he was good enough, but that definitely earned him favor. Although that did impress her, she still did not know what Mika saw in that boring boy, or, quite frankly, what he saw in Mika, but perhaps it was that they were two of a kind."

She adjusted her right leg up a bit.

"During the summer of their sophomore year, Mika was hit by a car and died. This devastated Kara. She cried every day until the funeral, but never saw the boy during that time. He never came over to offer condolences or anything. Maybe he was just a jerk, after all. Would he even come to the funeral?"

She hugged a little tighter.

"On the day of the funeral, she kept a look out for him, but never saw him. She felt sad and angry, and decided to go outside for some privacy and fresh air. When she rounded the corner of the funeral home, she saw the boy sitting on the ground, leaning against the building. He was motionless, staring into nothing, with occasional tears rolling over his cheeks."

I felt sudden wetness on the edge of where her face met my skin.

"Ashamed of herself, she ran back around the building and hid herself somewhere and cried.

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