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A virgin discovers her dark side.

Without her realising I quickly attached a clip to each nipple, getting a quick sharp moan and some heavy breathing as the pain levels rose. Next I got between her legs and spread her pussy open, it was somewhat wet and her clit was staring to swell. Obviously she liked being spanked. I slowly licked her pussy and clit, her clit rose up firmly. She was starting to hump at my face, now was the time and I clamped her clit. She screamed and her hands flew to her pussy to remove the clip but I managed to catch them and stop her doing that. I continued to eat her pussy paying attention to her clit and the top of her pussy. Then suddenly she stopped fighting me and started to moan. She was starting to orgasm with pain as the base. She came and came her legs wrapped around my head so I continued to work her clit around the clip. I managed to reach her tits and pull off the nipple clips increasing the pain in her breasts. As her legs started to relax I forced my head free and sat up enough to remove the clip from her abused clitoris, the flood of blood magnified the pain and made my slave orgasm again, she was almost comatose from pleasure and pain and I think had almost lost the ability to tell the difference. As she lay there, her pussy wet and hot and swollen ready for penetration I was tempted. But no I had other plans for that virgin barrier and they included more pain for my sex slave.

I continued this reinforcing of my masterhood for the rest of the day and the next one without fucking the slave. I made simple requests and demands and any hesitation or resistance earned pain and punishment. By the end of the second day if I looked at the slave sternly she was on her knees apologising for upsetting her master. Time to use the slave.

Using the slave:

I woke the next morning to find the slave asleep beside me worn out from the emotional shocks of the previous couple of days and the travel shock that I was just now allowing to catch up with her. I got out of bed gently and slowly moved the naked slave to the centre of the bed, waiting on each corner of the bed was a rope and cuff which I applied to the slave, she was now gently spread, her legs open giving me access to her pussy and inner thighs, her arms were above her head gently pulling on her tiny tits making the nipples stand up vertically. Time to wake her for her next lesson.

I used just a smear of lube on my fingertip and slowly rubbed her sleeping clit, it noticed the attention and started to swell and stand up like the cock on a teenage boy with his first dirty magazine. As her lips loosened and her clit stood up I took it in my finger and thumb and squeezed as hard as I could. The result was stunning, she tried to close her legs to protect her tender pussy, she tried to sit up but the ropes held her down, her eyes bulged and her mouth was open in a scream of pain, the muscles in her neck were all tight and she was pale, almost white. She did not notice me on the bed at first so focused on the intense pain that had jolted her rudely awake, not even sure if it had really happened or was a dream. I reassured her it was not a dream by repeating the action on her clit, same result except this time she noticed me as the cause of her pain. No questions no demands just a meek "good morning Master"

For the first time I slid a finger into my slave and met resistance very quickly, this demanded a closer look using two hands and a torch in my teeth I opened my slave and looked into her pussy, shock and joy there visible in the light of day was the hymen on my 38 year old virgin.

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