She teaches him more about their mutual pleasure in bed.

She was already squirming on top of the bed, and her lips had become even more swollen. Jake recognized these as two signs that she was really enjoying his attentions. Encouraged by that, his mouth returned to his mother's wet pussy and, after licking off and relishing all the fresh nectar she had just produced, his tongue started stroking her on the other side of her slit. Once again, he was bothered by the way her coarse hair felt against his tongue, and he raised his head again.

Billy Jo quickly became aware of the cessation of her son's tongue action and opened her eyes to see what was wrong. "Why did you stop?" she asked him. "Don't you like it?"

"You smell good and taste good, but your hair doesn't feel so good on my tongue, and it tickles my nose and lips."

"Oh. Okay, tell you what. You wait here and I'll go take care of it."

Billy Jo got off the bed and walked quickly into the bathroom in the hall. She still had the safety razor her late husband had used, having thought she might use it to shave her legs sometimes, or under her arms. There had never before been a thought of shaving her pussy, but she saw no problem in doing that, as long as she was extra careful and used a new blade. Using soap and warm water, she lathered herself up and very carefully applied the razor. She took her time and, when she was done, washed off the newly shaven area. As she applied the wash cloth, she was surprised at how much more sensitive she was.

"Maybe it'll make Jakey's tongue feel even better there," she told herself, smiling as she thought of how great it had already felt.

Still naked as a baby jaybird, Billy Jo walked back to her son's bedroom, where she saw he was similarly unclothed, and was lying on his back with his huge cock pointing at the ceiling. The thought of getting that monster into her pussy after getting its owner to bring her to a climax with his mouth started her juices running again.

As soon as she lay on her back, her son was eagerly crouching between her thighs and, seconds later, her legs were resting on his shoulders and he was leaning forward, resuming where he had left off. Once more, he started by breathing deeply of the aroma of his mother's fresh juices, licking them off her crotch and pussy lips and applying his tongue to the same outer lip as it had caressed minutes earlier. The smoothness of her skin made it even better than it had been before, and he took his time, licking the entire plump, beautiful area until he reached her mons and kissed her there again.

It felt great to Billy Jo too. Although her son was a novice at what he was doing, his eagerness and obvious relishing of the new experience more than made up for that. What made it even better was that her freshly shaven pussy was extra sensitive, and every stroke of his tongue sent extra thrills of joy through her body. Within minutes of her son starting to eat her pussy for the second time that evening, Billy Jo McBride was writhing on the bed and moaning in pleasure.

Jake saw and heard his mother, and knew what her movements and her sounds meant. He had heard Trixie reacting the same way when he had his cock plunging in and out of her pussy and, being a good son, he was quite happy to be bringing the same kind of joy to his mother, especially when it was so much fun for him. He greedily licked all the fresh juices from her and started on her other outer lip.

He treated this one the same, and mother and son reveled in it. Billy Jo felt her level of pleasure mounting, and knew she would be having a strong orgasm from what her son's mouth was doing for her, and would be doing for her. He was taking his time, which is what she would have told him to do, and pleasure was swirling through her body from every place his mouth wandered.

When his tongue reached his mother's mons again, Jake was unsure of what to do next, except for kissing her.

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