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She places her arms back down beside her and stands totally still.

The head master continues to move slowly around her and once again moving the cane between her legs. This time he pushes the cane through her legs and lifts it up into her pussy, nearly lifting the girl up off her feet. He is clearly enjoying what he is doing to her.

He runs his hands over her long sleeve white blouse, continuing to run his cane up and pushing it in and out between her legs.

The girl then starts to slightly crouch as if to allow him further access.

Cara thinks to herself "she is really enjoying that", and she too starts to feel a little excited.

The head master then looks to the other girls and says "right, what you are about to witness is the punishment you can expect from now on if you do not obey me".

He then turns to the girl and commands her to move over to a chair at the side of the room.

"Stand in front of that chair, and do not move".

The girl stands facing the chair and dares not move. Her arms down beside her and legs together.

The head master moves over to her where he puts his hand behind her head and tells her to lean right over until her head touches the seat of the chair. She does this, bending over as far as she can to the point she nearly tips over. Her backside is sticky high up into the air due to her over extended position.

"Right, stay in that position girl" he commands.

He then steps back, lifts up her short skirt and places it up over onto her back exposing her short skimpy black panties.

"Spread your legs apart" he calls out.

The girl slowly moves her legs out to the sides and bends her knees slightly. Her backside is so tight and sticks into the air.

Cara loves this scene, and starts to place her hand under her skirt and runs her fingers down into her pants.

The head master takes a small step back, raises his cane slightly and brings it down with a swishing sound and smacks it directly across her buttocks.

The girl winces and shuffles as she feels the stinging of the cane over her backside.

The cane is raised into the air once more, this time a little higher, and again you hear the sound of the swish as it rushes down and smacks into her tight buttocks once again. This time the sound is louder as he has put much more force into his swing.

The girl cries out in pain and tries to move, but the head master grabs her and forces her back down into the over- extended bent position.

He rips her panties down to her knees exposing two long red welts on her backside.

That really must have stung Cara thinks to herself.

Cara has never been into anything like this. She does not like pain, and doesn't like to see other people in pain. But somehow, this is different.

Cara is getting so worked up and excited with what is happening in front of her she can't help but finger herself hoping nobody else will notice.

Turning her gaze once again to the poor girl getting a right caning, she sees the head master again running his cane up between the girl's thighs. This time he is applying much more pressure.

The point of the cane is now clearly touching her pussy.

The site of her red backside with welts is quite erotic to Cara, but she can't help but feel sorry for her.

The headmaster steps closer to the girl and puts his hands up under her. He is partially blocking the other girls view, but they can clearly see the girl being slightly lifted into the air as he starts to masturbate her in front of the class.

The girl bends further over and spreads her legs apart more and assumes a more squatting position.

She is definitely enjoying the experience bestowed upon her.

The head master becomes more aggressive in his movements with the girl being pushed forward with every thrust of his hand. She pushes back towards him with her buttom still red and raw looking.

She then takes her hands and places them on her buttocks; spreading herself wide open for him to explore her even further.

As she

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