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Bridget is attracted to a female trainer at the gym.

"Thank you, Bridge. I wish we had become friends before this. I hope it is a very long friendship!" Sian still had a tear or two on her face.

"Me too," Bridget said with a serious look. "Are you okay now, Sian?"

She nodded. "I am. It's not like me, Bridge. But some days are harder than others. And a little understanding is wonderful; even feeling vulnerable can be good for me too." With an obvious reluctance, Sian dropped her hands to her sides and stepped back away from Bridget.

"I am going to go back in and get all my stuff, go home and change into something appropriate for a late fall afternoon and then come back here. I can just bring a book and keep occupied while you work. That way we can leave when you're ready," Bridget said. Neither one of them had stopped to put on a coat and Bridget in particular was starting to feel the cool temperature. They walked back to the club at a brisk pace and parted ways as soon as they went through the door.

On her drive home, Bridget contemplated how much she should tell Don. While it hadn't been sexual, he might like to hear about the hug. Somehow it felt wrong to Bridget though. He was going to view it through the prism of his fantasy and really it had been just a moment when Sian needed a friend. It was just part of the process of their developing a friendship first. She wanted to be open with Don but this was part of what she was talking about the previous night.

It didn't matter. Don was turned on just by the fact that they were talking and going to do something together. It was clear that he had already cum once, probably immediately after the text message, and he would probably do it again after she left. His ability to get off on even the most innocent part of the relationship made Bridget feel a little uneasy. "What would he be like if I actually ever did something?" she wondered.

After showering, Bridget went to the closet and picked out her clothes. She wanted to look good for Sian but not be too overt. She already did that with the workout clothes. It took her much longer to pick out her clothes than normal. She tried on a couple of outfits before settling on tight jeans with a white button up shirt with a red sweater over it. She also took a blue scarf for the cold. She finished off with a pair of boots that went all the way up her calves.

"How do I look?" Bridget asked as she came out of the bedroom. She pirouetted for Don and looked expectantly at him.
"You look very cute Honey, but are you sure it's sexy enough?" Don asked. As soon as he said it, he could tell it was the wrong thing to say.

"Listen to me carefully, Don. I'm not trying to seduce her. I'm just going to a soccer game with her. I want to make sure we are friends. And once again, I haven't even made up my mind to do anything," she said. The frost in her voice told him exactly how far off base he was. She had her hands on her hips as if to emphasize it.

Don held up his hands and tried to calm her down. "Okay, okay! I get it. Well you look very nice for that. Really, Honey!"

It didn't seem to help much. She stalked over to the door and grabbed her coat. She paused with her hand on the doorknob. Bridget took in a few breaths and then turned her head to look back at Don. "I'm going to the soccer game with Sian. We are going out for pizza afterwards so I don't know when I will be home. I will see you then."

She was already out the door before he said okay.

By the time she got back to the gym, Sian didn't have much longer to work. When she came out of the locker to meet Bridget, she gave her a quick look up and down. "Nice," she said. "I like the outfit. Is it something new too?"

"Except for the boots, not really. Just kind of regular stuff I had around. The boots are new however. I needed a nice pair of higher boots!" Bridget smiled at Sian. "You look great too!" Sian was also wearing jeans with high boots, although her boots were tighter than Bridget's. Under her coat, Bridget could see a nice cable sweater.


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