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Master takes her on a sexy holiday.

ems he liked the show, and would like a repeat performance, when he can watch without risking losing his license due to reckless driving!

W/we check in at the resort, and are shown to O/our chalet. it is quite secluded, according to Masters wishes. W/we have the pool on one side and beautiful scenery around the rest of the chalet. we undress as soon as we enter the chalet, as everyone is nude here, even the people who work here are nude. this will be another new experience for me, having never been to a place like this before, so am excited - as usual - about how things will go. i am to wear my collar and cuffs at all times here, my nipple rings shine in the morning sunlight, and Master notices i'm getting horny again. He calls me a dirty little bitch, as He so often does , and tells me to do something about it. i lay down on the bed, and He tells me to stroke my breasts. i obey immediately, massaging them and then pulling at the rings in my nipples. i am then told to use my fingers to bring myself to orgasm, as He watches me. He then decides not to just watch me, and has me suck His cock. i kneel before Him, and take his cock into my mouth, and lick and suck it as He moans with pleasure. i tilt my head back and take His cock as far back as i can, as He has taught me to, letting Him use my throat to fuck me, whilst He steers my head until He cums. i cum too, as i have been trained to cum on command.

W/we then decide it is time to explore. Master has a special lead that He attaches to my clit ring (so that i don't get lost, He says with an evil grin.) W/we leave the chalet, and walk around. i soon get used to the idea of being naked, and notice that people are quite open about their bodies being on display. my only worry was that they would see how easily i get horny (Master loves it, so am trying to learn to live with being perpetually turned on) but this doesn't seem to be a problem here. the people at the resort act quite naturally about their nakedness, so i relax more as time goes by. we eat in the restaurant, drink coffee, and then go for a swim, lay in the sun, and eventually, i get used to being without clothes, even enjoy it, the freedom of movement. we spend our first day just lazing around. and our first night making love, just touching each other lazily, stroking and tickling, massaging, lovely... we slept well that night.

The next day, we had plans to go sightseeing, Master had arranged with "O/our" taxi driver to come and pick U/us up. the taxi driver was eager for a repeat performance from the day before, so was ready and waiting at the prearranged time. W/we drove off, and drove around to the places where W/we had decided to go. a nature resort and then to a beach where W/we could be undisturbed. the nature resort was beautiful, the animals looked well cared for. W/we wandered around for quite a long time. Master took lots of photos, especially ones of some koala bears and kangaroos. cute little things. we were allowed to go quite close, but not so close that the animals would feel threatened. Master just loves to take photos, so He got a lot of the animals and scenery.

after that, W/we were driven to the secluded beach, where W/we spread out a large blanket.

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