A new day starts with sex on the patio...with help.

As I did, I slid to the sofa's edge. The change in angle sank me deeper into Bee. Beatrix shifted her weight, steadying herself more on my thighs; her cunt accepted more of me, swaddling me, bathing me, caressing my desiderate cock.

I felt another set of hands, light and warm, on my knees, heat, chills, electricity where Jillian's fingertips met my thighs, like the points of needles grazing along my skin. I sensed every follicle she disturbed as she made her way deliberately toward my splayed groin. Bee rolled back on her hips. Her ass pressed into my abdomen as more of my cock withdrew from her steeped canal. Her feminine liniment that coated my shaft dried quickly in the arid air, causing a surprising cooling sensation. Her back curved, I dipped forward and kissed Bee's spine. The downey hairs, electrified by what she must be witnessing, prickled my lips; her powdery skin yielded against my nose. I breathed in deeply, my nostrils punched with her scent. Jillian's hands inched farther upwards. With Bee in my lap, I was handicapped. Deprived of sight, my mind spun at the thought of what Jillian was seeing. Was she looking deeply in Beatrix's eyes, their gazes locked, sly, anticipatory grins on their faces as one woman's hands alight on my thighs as the other's pussylips surround my cock? Was Jillian staring at Bee's mighty breasts, pendulous, swaying almost imperceptibly, her nipples hardening, tightening, tautening? Or was she staring are our union, the point where my cock, beleaguered but braced, disappeared into her friend, knowingly and brazenly penetrating her. The thought was dizzying. My face flopped against Bee's back. I gripped her hips. My lips planted tiny kissed sporadically, arhythmically on the vast expanse of her exposed skin, my tongue perceiving the sweet saltiness. My muscles involuntarily contracted; my cock jolted forward. Caught in Bee's entry ring, the tip of my cock lodged against her pubic bone. My cock stiffened, straightened, thickened.

Bee let out a small, startled "Ah-!" in response, shattering the hush of our expectant breathing.

"What, Honey?" Jillian asked, concerned. Her hands halted suddenly, resting mid-thigh.

"He just twitched inside me," Bee reply, her arousal palpable in her voice. "I love it when that happens, when he does that." Bee clenched the muscles of her cunt around the spongy head of my cock, clasping me, enfolding me.

"Is that so?" Jillian asked, her voice the color of devious.

"Mm hmm," Bee answered tightly, her arousal accelerating. "I fucking love the feeling of his cock swelling inside me. Knowing that I'm making him do that. So hot." Her head tipped forward.

My cock responded, spasming again. Bee's body started, jerking in my lap.

"Is that true, Gaz?" Jillian asked, playfully.

I leaned back on the sofa, my back pressing against the stiff patio furniture cushion. I felt the perspiration on my back. Tilting my head back I confirmed, "Yes, it is." Changing my position, I shifted my pelvis. My cock penetrated Bee farther. I purposely, purposefully contracted my muscles. A small "Mmphh" caught in Bee's throat; she gyrated on my lap.

Jillian chuckled. Her hands resumed. As they neared my groin, my scrotum, heavy and slack in the heat, recoiled. Jillian stopped. My balls relaxed. Jillian inched forward, short and sharp. My scrotum heaved again. My cock strained. A cooing laugh reverberated in Jillian's chest.

"I'm watching your balls rise and your dick swell every time I run my fingers along your thighs. Do you feel it?" Jillian asked, empowered.

"Yes, I do," I responded with heavy breath.

"How 'bout you, Honey" She asked of Bee, caringly.

An excited, "Mmmm, mm hmm," was all she could muster.

"Mmmmmmmm," Jillian cooed. She raked a long stroke down the inside of my thighs. My balls hoisted and my cock strained. Jillian paused...then reversed, her fingertips sliding toward my sex. My body responded again. Bee arched forward, her hands landing heavily on my knees, anchoring on them. My cock sank farther; her pussy pulsed.

Jillian again rake

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