Jim wanted female domination. Betty let him have it.

He sure wasn't about to let his wife lead him around on a leash and make him take a shit... like a real dog.

"You will and you are," Betty replied sternly. "Do you want another spanking, Jim? Or do you want to call this off? I will go pack my things right now? Also, if you make me leave you I will email all the pictures I've been taking to your family and friends. If your domination fantasies ruin our marriage, then they are going to ruin your life too. Jim's head was spinning. After a moment Jim willed his knees to start moving towards the door. "Good boy!" Betty said as she patted his ass.

As Betty led him around the backyard on the leash she gave him instructions, "For now on you are not allowed to use the bathrooms inside. The maid keeps them so clean I don't need a disgusting dog messing them up. When you have to go pee, scratch at the door and I will let you out. When you have to poop I will take you out on your leash. When you find a spot let me know and I will remove your tail," she said while tugging on Jim's leash. It took Jim a long time to find the courage but he really had to go. Finally he stopped crawling to let Betty know he found a spot. Betty then yanked the plug out. Jim realized to keep his poop from getting on his feet and ass he had to spread his legs and point his ass down at the ground. Betty laughed seeing Jim assume the exact position a dog makes to take a shit. As Jim unloaded on the ground Betty just held his leash waiting, like it was a chore to wait for him to go. Jim was beyond humiliated but once again his dick strained to get hard. When he was done Betty told him to drag his ass in the grass, then she used the garden hose to spray him off. Jim felt just like the dog Betty was making him be. Betty then inserted his tail again and let him back inside. "Don't forget to tell the maid to scoop that in the morning," she said to Jim with a slight grin. Jim couldn't even look her in the eye at the moment.

That night, as they laid in bed, Jim went over his predicament. In just two days his wife had managed to to totally take over every aspect of his life. He had to ask her when to go to the bathroom. He had to cook and clean for her. He couldn't even get hard unless she allowed it. Hell, he couldn't even play with himself unless she unlocked him. He thought by now he would have gotten to cum many times but not only had he had no release in days, there was no discussion of it. Jim was very frustrated that his wife apparently had no idea how to dominate a man properly.

Monday started like Sunday. Breakfast for her followed by maid service, then becoming the dog. Jim worked at home so Betty allowed him to go to his office and work, with his tail in his ass of course. She kept a bell by her side and rang it if she needed anything. Other than that there was little interaction between them. Sometimes when he scratched at the door to go to the bathroom she would make him wait until it was convenient for her. This pissed Jim off but he remembered his spanking, and the pictures and held his tongue. Jim had learned to hold his tongue a lot in the past few days.

That night Betty instructed Jim to lay on the bed. She tied his hands and legs to the bed post in a spread eagle position. Jim was extremely excited by this new turn of events. Jim watched as Betty undressed. Without much talking she climbed on top of Jim, mounting her pussy to Jim's face.

"Lick like the dog you are" was all she said.

Jim had always given Betty oral pleasure but this time was different.

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