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Party gig leads to sex with friend's mom.

Was she just teasing me, playing with me after seeing that I had been attracted to her? Our lips touched for just a moment, and she kept looking into my eyes. Then she placed her hands around my neck, and gave me another kiss. This time, I could just feel the tip of her tongue on my upper lip. That's when I knew, and I started kissing her back. The kiss started out carefully, but I soon had my hands on her hips, and the kiss grew more intense. But suddenly, there was a knock on the door. We both jumped at the knock and abruptly ended the kiss, just as if someone had walked in on us. Outside, I heard Paul's voice.

'Mom, are you in there? Are you alright?'

Mrs. Freemont took a few deep breaths, and then replied her son.

'Yes, Paul, I'm OK. I just felt a bit of a headache coming on, and came up her for an aspirin. I guess it's all the excitement of the party that's getting to me. But I'll be fine, I think I'm just going to lie down up here for a few minutes and relax. Don't mind telling the guests, I'll be down in a moment.'

She turned her eyes back on me and put a finger to my lips as we waited for Paul's reply.

'OK, I'll just head back down then.'

Thinking that Paul was leaving the room, Mrs. Freemont approached my lips to continue the kiss. But suddenly we heard Paul say:

'By the way, have you seen John anywhere?'

'No', she replied. 'Oh wait, I think I saw him waiting in line by the bathroom downstairs.'

'OK, thanks', was Paul's short reply.

We waited for a few seconds to make sure that he had really left the room, and then Mrs. Freemont again turned her full attention on me. We continued to kiss passionately, and her hands moved from my neck down my back, where I could feel her fingers exploring. I was just lost in the moment. But as I moved my hands from her hips, up her body, caressing her, I suddenly became aware that I was stroking her breast. Sure, I had been with a few girls before that, but at that point I became painstakingly aware of whom I was kissing and touching. Like a needle the thought shot through my head: This is Paul's mom! And I stepped back with a jerk.

'What's the matter?' she said with a surprised look.
'I'm sorry. This is wrong. I...'

'What's wrong about it?', she said before I could continue. 'Didn't you like that?', she asked with that coy smile back on her face.

'Of course I did, I... But you're Paul's mom!' I tried to sound as convincing as I possibly could.

'Yes I am', she replied. 'And you're his friend. But no one has to know about this!'

'But you're married. And almost twenty years older than me!'

To be honest, those three things were getting me excited, aside from Mrs. Freemont's beauty. But feelings and ethics were not on the same side of my head right now, and I guess she could tell what my heart really wanted.

'Yes, I'm married. To that grumpy idiot standing outside by the barn, sulking because I'm having a party for all my friends. My husband and I haven't gotten along for three years, and I'm done waiting for him to change his behaviour. And as for my age, I guess from the looks that you gave me before that my being 45 isn't much of a problem for you.'


I didn't have time to say anymore before she was kissing me again.

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