He & Jayne have fun night at a club.

About 10 couples showed up, roughly 12 single guys and no single women were in the club by 11pm. A few couples danced while a few guys either ended up joining them on the dance floor or tried to.

"OK if I sit here?" a man said pointing at the stool next to Jayne. I saw Jayne give him the eye; her face told me that she thought he wasn't bad! He seemed to be perhaps 5 years younger than us and was dressed like me as a dominant male, black leather jacket over black trousers and dark top, his face said he liked Jayne's submissive slut look.

"Sure," we said together as he sat down close to Jayne.

"This is a really fun place but a bit quiet tonight," the man said.

"This is our first time here," Jayne said, "We'll just have to see what happens!"

"That sounds fair, my name is Mark," he said leaning over to shake my hand. We introduced ourselves as Gary and Jayne and made small talk mainly about swinging at other clubs, clearly fascinating Mark.

"You're a bit nervous here though aren't you Jayne?" Mark said.

"Yes. We've been to swingers clubs but never done anything like this."

"Relax, Jayne. You can just be our submissive slut; we will just take the lead ok? We won't hurt, unless you want us to!" I said smiling at my slutwife.

As we chatted I noticed Mark drop his hand and touch Jayne's thigh lightly. We knew this as a common first step for single guys in trying to meet couples in a club scene to see how if it ok to have some fun. Jayne didn't object and Mark smiled as he saw me watch him.

"C'mon babe, let's go for a little explore. I've had enough to drink for now," I said holding my wife's hand as I stood.

Mark looked thoroughly dejected until Jayne spoke, "You want to show us around then Mark?"

We followed Mark into the first of the playrooms, where some fun had already started. A woman was sat on one of the couches, her legs over the two men on either side of her, who were taking turns kissing and fingering her. In the corner, a couple laying on a sofa bed were fucking doggy style while a man had his cock out, wanking himself off as he watched. I glanced down at Jayne who I knew would be turned on watching this scene, she has a passion for watching men masturbate. I put my hand down to squeeze her PVC clad bum and realised Mark's hand was already there getting a good feel!

"I love this place, isn't it great?" Mark said still feeling my wife up.

"What's the idea of that in the corner?" Jayne said looking at the glory hole knowing full well what it was. The glory hole consisted of a small partition wall, about 6 feet wide, with three big round holes cut at crutch height.

"Let me show you," Mark said taking Jayne's hand. "A woman goes inside while a man sticks his cock through the hole. It can be anonymous and fun for both people."

There were a few moments of silence as Jayne just looked at the glory hole; I felt my heart thumping with anticipation as I moved closer to my slutwife.

"So, are you going to give your husband and me the pleasure of seeing you in there?" Mark asked her.

After a brief pause Jayne smiled at his question, "It looks like it might be fun!"

I stood behind Jayne as Mark spoke and slid my hand across her arse again and then slipped two fingers under the hem of her skirt and fingered her wet pussy.

"You are my slut." I whispered.

"Yes. Your slut." She said as she squeezed her legs together trapping my hand and my two fingers between her thighs. "What do you want your slut to do?" she asked.

"Just a blow job, I want to see you inside the glory hole. I want to see you suck some cock slut." She looked wicked as she disappeared behind the plasterboard wall, before she got down on her knees as I unzipped and pulled out my hard-on. I stuck my cock through the hole and first felt her hand on me, then her soft lips as she began to suck on me noisily.

Her hot mouth swallowed my cock and I could feel her hands working up and down the shaft, but it was her mouth I really felt.

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