She wants to give it a try.

"But that'll make it hurt more."

"Then it'll hurt more."

I sighed, but knew it was no use arguing. When her mind is made up, that's it.

"I'll try to be careful."

She said nothing, but began wiggling her ass back and forth.

"You are so mean."

She snorted with laughter in reply.

I ran my hands over her smooth, porcelain ass cheeks, and bent to kiss them. I rubbed my hands all over her back for a few minutes, and she shivered. She loved getting her back rubbed. My hands drifted back to her ass, and I gently parted her cheeks, nudging my penis against her asshole. She tensed up at that, but I was going to require my hands for the control I would need.

"Not yet." I said, and she relaxed.

I let go of her ass with my right hand and gripped my cock. You can pretty much call me Joe Average, because I'm about six inches long. I'm probably a little above average as far as thickness, but as long as my wife never complains, I don't really care how I "stack up" to other guys. I'm kind of a big teddy bear, in that I'm tall and a little overweight, but not fat. Again, my wife loves everything about me, and that's all I care about.

The large head of my cock showed up as deep purple through the condom, and it looked enormous next to her little rosebud. I took a moment to rub it around the edge of her asshole. She tensed up again, and I worried about how to proceed.

I took a moment to get more lube on my cock, and put a little directly on her asshole as well. I gripped my cock with my right hand, and eased it up to her sphincter once again. I pushed slightly forward and met complete resistance. I took a deep breath and tried to work my cock back and forth at her back door, hoping to find a way in. But I was starting to think that it was hopeless.

Just as I was going to suggest that we try it some other time, Carrie got her asshole lined up with my cock, and grunting, pushed back with a shove. If I hadn't been holding on to her ass with my left hand, she would have shoved me off the bed. Despite the huge shove, however, she had only managed to get about half my cock head wedged partly into her sphincter ring. But that was all I needed. I held myself in place, and told her to squeeze her muscles just a little bit, as if she were trying to go to the bathroom. Her ass eased a little as she obeyed, and I pushed forward until my cock head slipped just inside her sphincter ring. She grunted with the effort, and I knew that she was feeling some moderate discomfort.

"Just stay here and try to relax for a minute." I suggested, and she remained motionless. I have to say it took every ounce of self-control I had not to shove forward into her. My cock was as hard as it had ever been in my life. And Carrie's ass was pulsing periodically as she tried to adjust to my size inside her. I couldn't help but moan as it massaged the sensitive underside of my cock head.

"Feel good?" she asked with a grunt.

"Oh yeah." I answered.

"Not so much for me."

"I figured. You want me to pull out?"

She groaned at the thought of it. "I think that would hurt even more at this point."

At this I started to worry. "We could just sit here until I get soft enough to pull out." But her ass pulsed again, and my cock pulsed once in response. She laughed with a grunt, which made my cock twitch even more.

"I don't think you're going anywhere anytime soon. But hang on, I'm starting to relax."

I could feel it even before she did. It was taking a while, but her poop chute was finally easing its tension just a bit as it became accustomed to my invasion.

She started moving her upper body forward so that she could lie down on the bed, and as a result, she dragged me with her. I had no idea if this was more comfortable for her, but I really had no say in the matter. Once she was lying down, she whispered, "You can fuck me now, but do it really, really slow."


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