A well respected professional lady succumbs to her desires.

"What?!" I gasped in horror as I suddenly realised that, at some point, my hand had slipped down the front of my panties and my fingers were beginning to explore my own damp nether region! Then I heard a familiar voice.

"Doc, just got a few things to ...JESUS CHRIST!!"

Sarmino had just barged his way in without knocking as usual, and then stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me. I suppose that I shouldn't have been surprised at his shocked, wide-eyed expression. After all, he was looking at the woman he'd lusted after for so many years, the woman he'd fucked in the car park so recently. And the woman who's lab coat was wide open showing off her fancy new underwear again, with one leg hooked over the chair arm to make it easier for the fingers delving inside my pants to get at my most sensitive spots!

He spluttered, "Oh God Doc...you need me again!!" and he started to move his powerful frame towards me.

I finally managed to get my hand out of my pants, but not in time to fend him off as he loomed over me and grabbed my arms.

"No Sarmino ...I don't ...ohhhhhh!"

My protests, such as they were, were cut off sharply as he lifted me up out of the chair like a rag doll, pulled my body in to him and pressed his lips onto mine. I was so shocked by the sudden turn of events that I could do nothing as his tongue forced it's way between my lips and his hips thrust his hard bulge into my tender pussy area. God, did the man have a permanent erection?! My body was out of my control now though and my hips just thrust my pussy back into him.

I doubt that he needed the extra encouragement, but he let out a grunt from the back of his throat in response and began walking me backwards until I came up against the hard door of my en-suite bathroom.

It left me pinned up against the plain white door as his hands dropped to my breasts and began to caress them roughly through my thin, cream bra. Rough or not, my tits betrayed me and positively showered my addled brain with pleasure signals. His trapped hardness was still pressing hard against my pussy, and I was struggling to deal with the fire that was building there as he pulled his lips away at last. Maybe that's why I didn't tell him to get the fuck off me then, or maybe it's because I was gasping for air, or maybe...God, surely I didn't actually want this?!

It was an unsettling thought, but not one I could linger on as Sarmino got bored with my bra and rather than fiddle around with the fastening at the back simply dragged it up and off my breasts to leave the material dangling uselessly around my neck. He sucked in the sight of my bare 36b's with the large, light brown rings and perky, snub nipples for a few long moments before his head dropped and he fed one of my tingling nips into his mouth. My head banged back into the door painfully as I felt him nibble at me, the shooting electric response flashing all around my tense body and finishing with a small explosion between my legs!

There was no way I could muster up the self-control to stop this now, particularly when his spare hand dropped down over my bare stomach and slipped down into my pants. There was also no way that his blundering fingers were ever going to match my delicate ones in stimulating me down there, but the way I was feeling at the moment, every rough touch between my swollen labia lips was setting off fireworks!

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh...Jeeeeeesus ...ahhhhhhhhhh!!" My attempts at conversation were pretty pathetic

I could tell from his grunts and groans that he wanted to get in me quickly, but for some reason he was holding back. I decided that solving that problem was more important than maintaining any remaining semblance of dignity.

"Just FUCK ME!" I gasped.

That was enough.

With something sounding like a roar, he used the hand that was already in my pants to drag them down off my hips, over my stockings and down my legs.

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