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Jason and I had casually talked about getting involved in swinging eventually, and this would just be accelerating the schedule a bit. Frankly, it would be flooring the accelerator and pumping nitrous into the carburetor.

Well, you know how it turned out. Our libidos got the better of us, and we ended up at Jennifer's place the next night. As expected, it was awkward at first, but a little alcohol and we started talking. And without planning anything, I found that Chris and I had sort of paired off and had started kissing.

He was a good kisser. And my God, what a body. His father is well built, but Chris could be a gay cover model, broad shoulders, tapered body, and six-pack abs. I had always liked to look at him, but had never dreamed that anything physical could ever happen between us. Plus he took charge, which really turned me on. I've got a submissive streak, and while I've never been interested in hardcore S&M, I like a man to take me. He had taken off my top and bra, and moved us when he really shocked me by grabbing Emily's hand and pulling her over to us.

Emily, who had begun to suck Jason's cock while he and Jennifer were kissing, emitted a little chirp of disappointment at leaving her father's cock behind. But she smiled and dropped right down and started kissing me while Chris stripped off his own clothes.

I'd only been with one woman before, and that was a while ago. Shelly, the other woman in the poly couple I'd been with, was gentle, slow, and sensuous. But Emily was fast and eager. She positively attacked my mouth and breasts, moving back and forth between them. I could see why Jason couldn't resist her yesterday.

Then I felt my legs being spread apart and Chris's breath on my pussy. Then his tongue parting my lips and running up to lap at my clit. My lust had been building since I'd seen Jason fucking Emily the day before, and I hadn't had any release. I just exploded in a mini-orgasm at his first touch. It wouldn't be the last of the evening.

Somewhere along the way, Emily had slipped out of her clothes and was shoving one of her breasts into my mouth, which I eagerly accepted. And Chris kept lapping away. I managed a glance over at my husband and saw his ex-wife had taken over the cock-sucking duties that Emily had been pulled away from. A pang of jealousy and fear that I might lose him to this woman he had once loved ran through me, but that only fueled my lust and made me hotter. I needed a cock.

So reluctantly, I abandoned Emily's breast and maneuvered to take Chris's cock into my mouth. It was already hard. It was a lot like his father's, only uncircumcised. The head was poking out the foreskin, so I pushed the rest of the foreskin back and licked at the head. I swirled my tongue around the hole and then around the rest of the head. His father loved this, so I figured Chris would probably love it too. Evidently he did because he let out a groan. So I plunged it into my mouth, taking all seven inches at once, and started sucking it in earnest.

Chris and Emily maneuvered into a daisy chain, with me sucking Chris's cock, Chris lapping away at Emily's pussy, and Emily diving into mine. Chris didn't last long. I think had been thinking about tonight all day long, and he was as excited as me. I just drank it down. And amazingly he didn't get soft. I mean, he softened a little, but he stayed mostly erect, so I just kept sucking and soon he was rock hard again.

But Emily's licking was taking its toll on me, and in a moment I was shuddering in an orgasm, a big one this time. It lasted for a while, and I had to pull away from Emily because every touch of her tongue was just too deliciously agonizing.

The brother and sister team didn't really give me a break.