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Everyone needs to be needed. And to be loved.

"Damn! Oh shit, that's a lot of cum!"

She was giggling a little, surprised by how hard I shot. Man, it surprised me! I came a lot and so fucking hard.

I kept slowly stroking and squeezing it, getting more cum out as she played with her tits and watched. Once I started to soften a little she tucked her tits back into her nighty (though didn't button back up so I could see her big boobs bouncing and jiggling).

She gave a big sigh. "That was fun," she smiled. "I'd say we're even now. Better clean up, little brother."

She stood and took one last look down at my cock in my hand and my cum on my sheets, then left my room. Giving me a little wave as she closed my door.

Ho-ly shit! I couldn't believe Shannon had just let me jerk off to her! I couldn't wrap my head around it. It happened so fast. Would she let me do it again? Should I have asked her to jerk it for me? Should I have taken pics with my phone. Nah, no way she would have let me do that. I couldn't stop thinking about it. Should I go to her room? I was too scared.

Less than a half-hour later I jerked off again, thinking about it. Then I tossed and turned in bed for over an hour before finally falling asleep.

The next day I was an awkward mess. I didn't know how to act around her. I would stare at her until she looked at me, then I'd look away. I could barely look into her eyes when she talked to me. Before we both went to work, she forced me to talk to her.

"Look, Chris," she said, getting right to the point. "It was just some fun and you need to stop acting all strange. If we're going to do it again, you need to stop weirding out about it, OK? See ya later!"

I watched her leave and all I could concentrate on was her saying 'if we're going to do it again...' Hell yeah, I'd force myself to stop freaking out if it meant she'd let me jerk off to her tits again!

That was perhaps the longest shift I'd ever worked. I wanted the day over so I could get home. I could barely eat on my break; my stomach was churning with excitement. Would anything happen tonight? Would she maybe let me touch her? Holy fuck I was excited. Then as I always do, I had to let negative thoughts sneak in there too. What if during the day at work she changed her mind and decided once was enough? Or even if we had a chance to do it again, what would happen when Mom and Dad got home the next day? That'd be it for sure. And then soon we'd both be off to school. Damn. I forced myself to concentrate on the here and now and to worry about tomorrow later.

My shift finally ended and I hurried home. After changing clothes, I tried to play some video games while I waited. She was late. About a half hour after she normally would have been home, she texted me.

*out with Tina. Won't be home for supper.*

Dammit! Ugh, I was a little shocked how jealous and upset that made me. I took a while to calm down, then resigned myself to the fact nothing was going to happen tonight, or probably ever again. I grabbed some leftover pizza, though I really didn't feel like eating. Then I went to my room and played World of Warcraft.

I heard Shannon come in around 10:00. I wasn't sure what to do. I was such an idiot. As I contemplated going downstairs to talk to her, I heard her come upstairs and enter the bathroom. Then I heard the shower running. I briefly considered trying to somehow spy on her in the shower, but I didn't really see how I could without getting caught and somehow felt that would be going too far, which was probably ridiculous of me to think. So I stood at my slightly open door the entire time she was in the bathroom . When I heard the bathroom door start to open, I quickly closed my door and ran to my computer, hoping she would knock.

She didn't knock.

Feeling confused and down, I went back to WoW. About twenty minutes later, she texted me again...

*come to my room in 10 minutes*

My heart may have stopped momentarily. I read the text five or six times to make sure it said what I hoped it said.

Just over nine minutes later

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