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Love found, forty years later.

He had just found this young man and he had no intention of letting him go. He was Jaze's and he meant for Stewie to realise it. He stood even closer to his heart's desire, allowing love, lust and desire to shine from his hazel eyes.

"You never said anything..." Stewie began, but the desolation in the blue eyes was too much for Jaze to bear. He realised Stewie was right, he hadn't said anything of his feelings for the younger man. Believing actions would speak louder then words, he closed the last of the distance between them. His eyes never left Stewie's as he wrapped a possessive arm around the slender waist. He pulled the unresisting body hard against him. He used his other hand to angle Stewie's head and covered the lush lips with his own.

Jaze kissed gently, running his tongue over the seam of Stewie's lips until the younger man opened to him with a moan of pleasure. He slid his tongue into the warm, wet cavern and began to explore every nook and cranny, tasting toothpaste and Stewie's own unique flavour. He growled in pleasure at the essential taste of his mate and the evidence of Stewie's arousal pressing into his thigh. He broke the kiss and stood holding the lithe form as they both panted softly.

"I've been attracted to you since you came to work for me, Stewie," Jaze confessed. "It became something more so gradually even I didn't realise it. But I didn't want to jeopardise a good friendship and so I waited for an opportune moment. I thought you were beyond my reach, Stewie. But now I want you and I want an 'us'. Before we go any further, I need to know what you want. I need to know it's the same as me, cos I won't settle for less than everything from you."

"It's been my dream that you would want me," Stewie confessed. "The Chief knew of my preferences and said so long as I was discreet it would make no difference. I saw you and didn't need discreet. I measured every possible partner against you and turned them down."

Jaze reached out to touch the bruise visible on Stewie's chest. He trailed the hand up to Stewie's face and smiled as the younger man leant into the simple caress.

"Will you let me love you, Stewie?" Jaze asked his voice rough with desire.

"Yes, please," Stewie begged softly.

Jaze's smile was feral as he took Stewie's hand. He knew this apartment as he knew his own and he led Stewie to the bedroom. Once inside, Jaze began to kiss Stewie with growing ardour. His hands unfastened Stewie's shirt as his lips roamed over the beautiful face. He pushed the shirt away and gazed predatorily at the bared skin. Stewie's skin was a warm honey tone and his nipples were peaked dark discs that begged silently to be kissed, nipped and suckled. He laved at one cinnamon nub as he pushed the sweatpants from Stewie's slim hips. Pushing Stewie to lie flat, Jaze turned his attention to the neglected nipple, gently pinching and tugging its already sensitised twin till both were achingly hard and Stewie moaned and writhed beneath him.

Jaze slid his hand down between Stewie's legs, the sweatpants having slid to Stewie's knees and presenting no barrier to Jaze reaching his prize.

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