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The life and times of the first Black Vampire King.

She didn't think anyone outside the room could hear it even if they were straining to catch it. She struggled wildly against the ropes to no effect, and as she tired she slumped into her chair, bowing her head as tears started to form at the corners of her eyes. It was just so unfair! So close to success, and now to lose it all.

She became resolute. No matter the pain, she wouldn't give up her secrets. She wouldn't give them the satisfaction of them winning.

She raised her head to spit her defiance at the man, but couldn't find him. Suddenly his fingers were again kneading her breasts, rubbing her nipples gently.

She moaned into her gag. Her nipples had always been a little sensitive, but his touch was flawless, producing only pleasure. She moaned again, rubbing her breasts against his hands to help. It felt so good...

The knife flashed once, twice. The top of her dress spilled open, exposing her breasts fully to the air. Her nipples, touched both by the colder air and his hands, were fully erect. The second knife slash had opened her skirt, showing off her shaved pussy.

"You see." The man said in her ear, teasing it with his tongue. "Painful interrogation techniques have proved half effective over the years. Too many false confessions, too many shattered minds. No, I do not stoop to such low measures. Pleasure, dear Charlotte. I will pleasure you until you give me what I want."

His tongue darted in and out of her ear while one hand continued to play with her breasts. Charlotte knew she should be trying to close her mind, ignore her body, but it felt so damn good. She didn't want it to stop. No matter the cost.

She surged forward in her bonds, gasping into her gaga as his hand found her clitoris. He nimbly played with it, sending waves of pleasure straight into the core of Charlotte's being. One of his fingers reached down, sampling the lips of her vagina gently.

"Quite wet already. Charlotte, I believe this is turning you on."

Charlotte hated to admit it, but it was true. She was hornier then she had ever been in her life. The tight bonds, the helplessness, the attractive man forcing her to pleasure. She would never say it out loud, but she had fantasized about such a thing happening. She wanted nothing more than to be tortured this way forever.

His mouth was over her nipples now and found herself jerking against the ropes in pleasure, knowing they would hold her until he was done with her. Two of his fingers now found themselves inside her and she was moaning in ecstasy louder than she ever would have screamed. She was glad he had gagged her so effectively now.

She felt the orgasm building inside of her. She was certain it would be the most powerful orgasms she had ever experienced. He built it up, closer and closer. She sucked in air, wanting so badly for him to just keep doing what he was doing, to push her over the edge.

All his motion stopped. Charlotte stared at him in disbelief, her body crying out to be finished, to let the orgasm come.

"Now, now Charlotte. The password."

Charlotte was silent, feeling her orgasm recede from the brink. The man looked at her expectantly for a while, and then shrugged. "Very well."

The assault upon her began anew. His tongue, fingers and hands were everywhere, touching, licking, sucking, and pinching. He alternated his mouth between ears, neck, breasts and clit, his fingers never stopping the torment. Charlotte felt herself build to the climax, sure she would explode, and he stopped again.

"The password."

Charlotte couldn't bear it. She wanted nothing more than his fingers inside her, pushing her to the climax, and letting her finish. No, she wanted more.

She wanted him in her.

She nodded her head in willingness. He unlatched the ball gag, letting it fall to her chest, drooling dripping onto her breasts. She breathed heavily before facing him.

"I'll tell you. But only if you'll fuck me."

The man frowned a bit at that.