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Silence earns his collar.

Whatever Jessica and the toy were doing to her inside, were things she had never felt or experienced before. She felt a spot, a place, that seemed to be expanding nerve-wise in every direction. She could almost imagine tentacles reaching out to every erogenous zone she possessed. Each one of them now being pleasured simultaneously as her body began to shake and convulse all on its own.

"Oh my god! Fuck me! Fuck me Jessica! Fuck me!" Becky screamed, once more craning her head, seeking out and searching for Mellissa's neglected breast, though Mellissa quite happily reached down, feeding it to her.

"That's it you nasty, naughty girl...suck my tit, that's it, suck it...suck it nice and hard!"

As for herself, Jessica simply couldn't hold out any longer. She had always had sensitive breasts as it was anyway, and had at times actually brought herself to orgasm merely by playing with them herself. Now with Grace doing that, adding in the very intense vibration that was now driving her clit crazy, and the sounds of Becky's sloppy wet cunt that she was in fact continuing to fuck, she was ready to turn inside out with orgasmic bliss.

"Do it it. Let it go!" Grace coaxed, able to tell that Jessica, was already too far gone at this point, though Becky too was in the midst of her own second, almost simultaneous orgasm.

To her surprise, along with everyone else's, Jessica cried out, lurched, shoving her fake prick about as deeply as she could into Becky's cunt, and screamed out at the top of her lungs. As she did, Grace looked down, hearing what sounded like someone was peeing. But she knew immediately, it wasn't that. Jessica's pussy was squirting like someone had turned on a garden hose. The splash of her liquid climax back washing against the pommel of the dildo still attached to her, causing a cascade of sweet girl juice to literally squirt off in varying directions. There was too much to hold back for one thing, and the force of it was likewise as incredible as the young girls overpowering orgasm itself. Even Becky felt it, still in the throes of her own orgasmic joy, looking back now, feeling Jessica's girl juice wetting the two of them profusely.

It caused her to launch into yet again, a third totally unexpected climatic release.

"Fuck! Fuck!" William spat, hearing, and now seeing this. A streamer of Jessica's girl cream now dripping down onto the floor, the poor girl literally collapsing over his daughter's back, who had likewise collapsed, held up only because of the ropes still holding her upraised arms behind her.

"Give it to me!" Mellissa laughed excitedly, hotly, suddenly pulling away, dropping down to her knees, William's cock now fully engulfed inside her mouth. But the surprises weren't over with yet. The intensity of what was happening, almost all at once, had likewise affected Grace. Upon hearing Williams warning cry, and then Mellissa suddenly dropping down there in front of him on her knees, she hurriedly ran over, dropping down herself right next to Mellissa.

"In for a penny," she said, as Mellissa laughed, removing Williams prick from her own mouth, literally feeding it to Grace. Grace tentatively licked it, and then sucked it inside her own mouth, looking up at William, the look of shock and surprise on his own face. She merely laughed, now stroking it, urging him on.

"Go ahead William, I'm sure they'll be enough for Mellissa and I to share together."

Taking the hint perhaps, Mellissa now joined her, the two of them actually placing their lips on either side of Williams shaft, almost as though they were attempting to kiss one another with his cock sandwiched between the two of them.