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Modified glory hole van does the rounds.

Just as she was getting cold, and forgetting her sex, she was simultaneously heated and reminded. "I am here to please, sir. Ma'am, is there anything I can offer you?" Saphirra added to another woman approaching her, only now realizing there was much more on the banquet than she had thought. She held a strawberry to Saphirra's mouth. Saphirra closed her lips around the fruit slowly, and sucked, then bit. The woman kissed her, sucking the fruit back into her own mouth. Her eyes lit up as she gazed back at Saphirra ravenously. The look was a little off-putting to the slavegirl, but it was all part of the role she had promised her Mistresse to play. And it was all harmless fun. Saphirra made her way through the crowd. Most were shy at first, but as the word got around, everyone wanted a taste of the "Birthday Girl". Saphirra felt like the bell of the ball, but also a bit guilty that it was not her Mistresse garnering all the attention. Still, Kailyn seemed pleased with her. Saphirra was surrounded, trying to remain composed as her errogenous zones were sampled, when Kailyn approached her with a tall, thin man with a severe expression.

"Saphirra, this is Julius, my Dom." Kailyn's eyes remained low as her hands gestured gracefully toward the man. He was blond and wore his hair cropped short. He was dressed in a silk blouse and tight leather trousers. Diamond studs glinted from his earlobs.

Saphirra took her cue from Kailyn and dipped her head demurely. Her eyes were becoming moist around the edges, and it was just as well they were hidden. Inside she was sobbing. Why hadn't Kailyn told her? How could they wish her to see her beautiful Mistresse, her Goddess, subjected. What purpose would it serve? Kailyn was her Queen--she wanted no other. But perhaps it wasn't about what she wanted. Kailyn had been amazingly patient, tolerant of Saphirra's petulance - never chiding, always correcting, never cruel. Saphirra remembered that first day in Kailyn's examination room. Unlike all the other doctors Saphirra had ever seen, Kailyn took her seriously. She offered her expertise, but it was mostly that she never made Saphirra feel inadequate. She was respectful even while she sensed that Saphirra needed some guidance. The fact that their relationship remained profesionally distant for over a year proved to Saphirra that Kailyn's power and integrity were not to be questioned.

"Sir, how may I please you?" She turned while the other guests cleared the way. Julius seized both her buttocks and spread them wide, but he did not taste nor punish, he only looked. "Kailyn, dear girl, you've found a beauty, but why should she outshine you, even today? Show our guests what you have to offer."

Kailyn stripped immediately, and without a word approached Guillaume, who was seated on a low couch. She kneeled down with her bare, beautiful ass open to this man Saphirra had only just met. She reached her hands behind her and pulled her pussylips wide apart revealing her wet, gaping hole. The man took the invitation, and thrust his already stiff cock into her brusquely. The room became utterly still as all watched him drive his groin against the Mistresse's perfect ass. Saphirra couldn't take it anymore. She rushed to her Mistresse and dove under her, caressing and licking her supple breasts, tweaking her rock-hard nipples, and finally, sucking her clit with all her strength. It was not right to come before the Mistresse. If Julius wanted Kailyn to take this man's come, then apparently it must be, but not before Saphirra's beautiful Goddess came herself.

Kailyn was shocked by Guillaume's readiness, and ecstatic at her slave's reaction.

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