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I was working at home and got a little frisky.

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Several years later she found herself working in Ibiza as a rep for a night-club there, she loved it and often she would explore the coast by moped seeking out quiet coves and beaches where she would masturbate sometimes alone sometimes whilst being observed. On one occasion she found a nice secluded spot and after some time of playing with her self became aware of another young woman watching her the young woman shyly smiling at her so she beckoned to this young lady to join her. The pair of them masturbated together watching each other as they came over and over again never once touching each other but just enjoying watching and coming together.

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It was around this time in her life that she realised this was really her thing, she liked sex but she loved to masturbate more than anything and masturbating with an audience!

She came up with an idea as the club she worked for had been struggling to make any business and it was at this point that she walked into her bosses office with a plan to save his club.

When he asked her what this "great idea" of hers was she was only too happy to show him.

She walked over to the couch he had at one end of the office and sat, facing him as he sat behind his desk. She perched on the edge of it sitting straight upright with her legs together and her hands on her knees Looking him right in the eyes she slowly opened her legs revealing a perfect up skirt view of her lacy black panties. The boss raised one eyebrow, he could just make out the little black stripe of her neatly trimmed pubic hair through the black, sheer triangle of her panties.

She started squeezing her tits together in her tight black blouse that was unbuttoned so that her tanned cleavage cupped in black lace almost looked like it was going to burst out at him, running her fingers trough her hair and caressing her body pretty much as a lap dancer performs. After a few minutes of this she stands and strides over to the bosses desk crawling up onto it and laying down with her legs spread wide so that the boss is sitting, looking right at her little black panties. She begins her hypnotic tease for him slowly stroking her cunt through the lace of her panties, slowly teasing her slit softly, so softly. When she could feel her cunt becoming nice and wet she slowly hooked a finger around the crotch of her damp panties and gently pulled them aside revealing her beautifully shaven cunt to him, he was so close he could even see her shimmering juices glistening where her cunt hole was, then she spread her cunt for him, her lovely pink hole oozing wet. It was at this point that she instructed him that there would strictly be no touching only watching to which he open mouthed nodded in agreement.

She began to tease her cunt just a foot or so away from his face so close that he could smell her horny, delicious scent.