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Lexi continues her first time with another man...

"Perhaps I'm right," whispered Les, "Maybe its use was for purposes of pleasure."

His fingers deftly unfastened the buttons of her top, one by one, until he was able to slip his hand inside and down the cup of her bra, tweaking and rubbing her nipples.

"Unzip me," ordered Les in a harsh whisper, "Get my cock out!"

The submissive housewife obeyed without question merely letting her breath exhale in a soft moan. Automatically her hand gripped the stiff shaft, steadily jerking the loose covering of skin over the bulbous head. Les tugged her top from her skirt, allowing him to unclip her bra and free her tits before pulling up her skirt and thrusting his hand down the waistbands of her pantyhose and knickers to feel her cunt.

"You're very wet," he said, "You must be very aroused already. This is what you like isn't it? That guy I caught you with wasn't the only man you have let fuck you was he?"

"No," Judy answered.

"Does this machine interest you Judy?"

"A little bit," she answered coyly, with half closed eyes as his fingers expertly induced the level of her sexual arousal. "Will you let me fasten you to it Judy?"

"What are you going to do?" she asked anxiously.

"I have a friend who'd like someone to demonstrate how a person would look, tethered and restrained. Will you be a model for me?"

"A friend? There's no one else here." Her voice sounded distant, her expression seemed like she was detached, only semi-aware.

"I could call him -- he can be here soon. He would want to take some pictures -- but you could fasten up your clothes before he arrives -- and before I shackle you."

The sinister Les carried on masturbating the woman, bending to nibble her breasts: Judy continued to slowly wank his penis. Then he whispered in her ear.

"Wouldn't you like to know how it feels -- how it felt for all those women, all who have ever been tied to this device, to be helpless and forced to submit to their man - or men?"

There was a sudden gasp of air from Judy's mouth accompanied by a rhythmic gyration of her hips, pressing against the hand that was down inside her underclothes. Judy's eyes glazed over as she spoke in short disjointed sentences.

"I would have to leave soon. You can't do things to me. I shan't allow you to -- because he will know -- my husband would know -- he will look for the signs when he comes home. You must not leave signs for him to find. No marks!"

Les spoke softly, "Just some pictures; for private use." He pulled her to his front. "Look at the machine Judy, imagine how it must feel -- imagine the depravity, the lust, the pleasure created by this implement!"

The housewife pressed the hand of the man hard against her pussy; she only half heard the short conversation when he fished in his pocket for his cell-phone. For several minutes Judy was quite content, lost to the real world, working her crotch up and down the hand of Les.

"Come on now," he said, unsure if she was listening, "It's time to straighten up your clothing -- that's the way we'd like to begin."

Had she been capable of lucid and rational thought Judy might have asked just what was expected to follow? She had not even noticed that her new friend had not drunk from the same bottle.

A man had appeared quite suddenly.

"This is Judy," she heard Les say, "She's agreed to be our model -- and I'm sure she'll be happy to help us try a few things out."

The tall dark man had a camera with him.

"Step forward toward the device Judy."

She felt rings of cold steel close around her wrists, her feet clamped after she had told to widen her stance; several times a camera flashed hurting her eyes.

"You'll have to let me go," she insisted, "I have to go home!"

"Very soon," Les assured her, "When we've taken some pictures -- and had a little fun."

Through a haze Judy saw that both men were taking of their jackets, then unfastening their shirts.

"Let's make this look a little more realistic," Les said.

Stood facing the men, wide legged, with her hands shackled at waist he

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