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A son is initiated by his mother into sex.

He is the first man to put me 'to post'. It is still a powerful turn on for me. As i stand there, he is bringing his hand around me, grabbing one of my tits and taking the nipple between his thumb and index finger. While rolling that nipple around, he says, "Now, pay attention, slut. You will tell me how many times you have lied to me. And if I think the number is too low, I will swat you with this paddle. And we will repeat this till I hear the correct number. Then you will receive that many swats afterwards."

I couldn't believe my ears! I was to number my own punishment. I nodded my head. Wait! He had not put the gag on me. I have to make as few misses as possible so the neighbors won't hear me cry out too much. This means I have to hold back my cries. I turned my head to look at him and he read the fear in my eyes. "Yes, slut, I'm not gagging you just yet. I want to see how fast you can tell me the correct amount."

Well, he certainly knew me and my way of thinking. I knew that no matter what the first number was, it was going to be incorrect, so I told him the number 5. He tweaked my nipple and says, "You are insulting me. As he tweaks the nipple more, I hear this 'swoosh' and feel my ass come alive in sheer pain. I tried to keep the scream within me and i feel it forcing it's way out. I broke position, jerking his fingers on my tit off, and dropped to my knees, screaming into the carpet. The pain was so intense. He then leaned over to finger my upturned pussy, checking to see if I was gushing. Sure enough, I could hear and feel his fingers sloshing about. I was drenched. I wanted to be fucked right then and there. "To post!" I hear again. I struggle to stand and placed my hands back up on the doorframe in position. He replaces his hand back on my tit. Once again, he squeezes the nipple. "What is the number?" I gave it some thought. I didn't want to make it to low, but I then didn't want to give a higher number as he just might take that number. So I tell him the number 10. He says, "Wrong, too low." I brace myself for the next swat. He gives me a few seconds so he can watch my ass quiver. I'm shaking in total fear. I know now that this will hurt. He lands it on the fullness of my ass, where i will feel it more. When the paddle kisses my ass, he twists my tit even harder. I lost it again. As I fall down to knees again, trying to make the carpet a buffer for my screaming, my hands hold on to my ass cheeks in pain. The pain was excruciating, I wanted to cry out the 'safe' word. But i resisted from crying it out. Trainer then dived his fingers deep in my pussy again. Once again, my body betrayed me, I was soaking wet.

I lifted my head off the floor and cried out "Fifteen, Master, fifteen." I couldn't even raise myself off the floor, the pain was unbearable. Plus I was doing my best to keep the neighbors from hearing my screams.

"Well, the slut said the right number finally." I'll never know if he wanted that number all along, or if he felt a small measure of pity for me. I was relieved that the first part was over. Now for the hard part. He told me to kneel up to him. I slowly positioned myself in front of him, hands to my sides, head down in submission. I feel a finger under my chin and he lifts my head up to look at him. He tells me to open my mouth wide for the gag. He pressed the ball against my lips as I start to open. He works the ball into my mouth making sure it is in properly. My mouth is filled with the red ball, i next feel him fastening the straps to hold it in my mouth. He twists one of my nipples, making me squeal out. The gag effectively silences me so the neighbors can't hear.

Trainer then takes my hands in front of me and binds them with one of the ropes i keep in my 'toy box'. Another rope ties my ankles together. He then takes the ends of both ropes and secures them tightly, hogtying me, making sure my fingers were in easy reach of my clit. I snuck a couple of fingers to see just how wet I was. I was ready to drown the carpet below me. I was sopping wet.

When he positioned himself, he

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