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As she continued to kiss him, her hand made him harder and longer. When she felt him at his full erectness again, she moved her face away from his lips and kissed her way down his chest; stopping to kiss his nipples.

He felt her lips sliding down his chest and onto his belly. She was tender as her lips parted and her tongue circled his belly button, retracing the same path he had made on her earlier. He could see her look up at him; the smile in her eyes was obvious as she continued downward. Her hand raised his cock from his hips as she kissed its head. Her tongue licked a small circle around the head, licking his leaking juices off the tip. She could hear him moan as her lips parted. He could feel her lips slid over the head of his cock as she slid her mouth over it. He expected her to stop but she continued down his shaft until it was fully engulfed by her. He could feel her cheeks tighten around him, then release their tension. He tried to speak, to tell her how wonderful it all felt, but could not form any words.

She knew that he was enjoying what she was doing by the groaning sounds he was making. She moved her mouth slowly up and down on his cock, stopping when her lips were around that most sensitive area around the head to squeeze him tightly with her mouth. With each tightening of her lips, she could taste him leaking more into her mouth.

He was disappointed when he felt her lips release him. He could feel her shift you body up the bed toward him. Her face drew close as she kissed his lips. He felt her pull her legs under her, then felt her slide one leg over his chest. She moved her hips up his chest until her pussy was directly in front of his face. She placed her hands on the wall and leaned forward. He knew what she wanted as she placed your moist lips on his mouth.

She felt his tongue licking her soft outer lips. His tongue was flat and it spread her lips open as she moved her hips along its length. She pressed her hips harder against him, finally finding her clit in contact with the roughness of his tongue. Her skin tingled as he used the tip of his tongue to lick the underside of her clit. He could taste her juices as their flow increased in response to his touch.

He felt her weight shift as she moved down his chest. He loved how she was leaned forward, causing her breasts to hang down in front of his face. As she paused, he reached up with his lips and took one of her dark, large, hard nipples into his mouth. He sucked it gently between his lips, nibbling lightly. She leaned forward briefly, accepting his kisses on her nipples, before straightening herself. She moved her body further down until she was sitting astride his hips; his cock pinned beneath her. He could feel her pubic hairs along its length as she slid her pussy along it. Her own moisture made this motion easy and stimulating.

She knew what she wanted as she raised her hips and reached between them. Her hand firmly found his cock and held it upright. She moved her hips so her opening was above it and slowly lowered herself onto him. He expected her to move but, once he was totally inside her, she sat still and straight on him. His view was one of beauty, her body on display in front of him. She was beautiful sitting there, her hips tight against his. Her breasts were large, her nipples erect. He reached up to take them in his hands, massaging them as she moved her head back and closed her eyes.

He felt her hips raise as she started to move slowly up his cock. She released him completely, then immediately lower herself wholly onto him again. Her motion was slow and deliberate. With every release, she would drop her weight and take him inside once again. He could see her lips forming small "o's" every time he entered her anew.

She could feel her pleasure building and her body begging for release.