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Boys and girls go in and out to play.

She saw all the insecurities and barriers slip away as he stepped closer and she knew he is completely hers, if just for this night, this moment. She wanted to take advantage of every second they had, so she again beckoned him to her.

"I don't care why we were apart, or how we are together now. But let the rest of the world stop. Let it all burn. Just be here, with me." He barely realized he was speaking. She smiled a soft smile, realizing that he was caught up in his thoughts, and stepped up to stand just in front of him. "I am here." Her hand tentatively moved forward and began running through the hair on his chest. Her eyes follow it, wondering if this moment was actually happening, or just a very vivid imagining.

One of his hands reached out and stroked her neck to draw another moan. The other ran up her thigh, along her hip, and over her breast, before returning the way it came. She felt the electricity as he touched her bare skin and she leaned into his caresses. A blush rose in her chest, barely visible in the bluish light. Her hand trailed along his chest and down his stomach, exploring the plains of him. Their lungs both rasped to draw in faintly heady air.

Her lips beckoned to be kissed again. He sighed and met her lips. They kiss each other without mercy. She bit his lip, then pulled back a little, licking the tip of his tongue. He sighed and closed the gap once more. His hand ran through her labia and danced across her clit. She gasped through the kiss, one knee buckling, his strong arms supporting her. But he wouldn't let her get off quite that easily.

He held her close, his fingers teasing her so near to her climax, but backing off so as to not push her over her edge. She dragged her fingers across his back. Her lips tried to draw his soul out through his mouth. Every time she needed air she pulled back and gasped out loud.

Her moans of pleasure rose to a crescendo as he drew her closer and closer. His cock rubbed firmly against her leg. She pressed against it, hoping to tease him enough to take her. The fingers of his left hand pull along the skin of her hips. He leaned in and locked his mouth on her neck as her hand trailed between them and brushed along his length. He kissed up her neck on both sides, and then nibbled on her ear. And finally whispered "beg for it."

She gasped with the hot breath trailing down her, tingles shot through her spine. She smiled that delicious smile and repeated the gesture: slowly trailing kisses up his neck and along his jaw line. He could barely resist her. Reaching his ear, she said one word, so softly he could barely hear it: "Please." His skin went cold and tingled slightly where she touched him. Her voice shot through him with glee. "Gladly."

He spread her open and pressed himself into her while pressing her against the wall, holding her up with his hands. Her head leaned back as he entered and she gasped and moaned in ecstasy; she gasped against the cold wall and his hot body. The feeling of him inside of her sent lightning all through her body. Shortly after he filled her completely, the first of many orgasms unexpectedly tore through her, and another began building. She pulled him deeper, her legs wrapped around his back for better leverage. His hands drifted across her sides, then one slips to storke her clit. Again their lips met. Her hips thrusting to match his as their passion consumed them.

She rode him till another orgasm washed over her, losing her breath the second time. He remained hard and gently played with her skin while he gave her a minute to recover. His right hand traced around her breast, up her side, and her jawline. Tingles ran through her spine as his lips danced down her neck again.

He pulled out of her a little and pressed back in, rubbing slowly against her g-spot. She clenched her legs together as tight as she could, grasping onto him desperately. "Oh shnikies," she gasped.

He laughed at her attempt to remain proper, then leaned in for a deep, passionate kiss.