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Drawing her closer into my control.

"First you'll shoot in my cunt and then I'll suck you until you're too spent to even think about pierced pussies for a week."

"Won't work," Sculder replied, grabbing her hips and thrusting vigorously into her. "I recover very quickly!"

A half-hour later, Sculder was sleeping soundly on the bed and Mully was just finished wiggling into her latex costume when there was a knock on the door. "Room cleaner," a female voice said. "Your bathroom needed cleaning."

"Wrong room!" Mully shouted as she ran towards the door, cursing herself as she saw they had neglected to lock the security chain. Before she could reach it, the door opened and a small Latina woman in the hotel's drab staff dress entered. She smiled broadly as she saw Mully's latex-clad body and Mully was painfully aware how her nipples and crotch were visible through the sheer tight material.

"Ooh, kinky," the cleaner smiled. "I like kinky. I have some pretty kinky things myself." And as she lifted her smock to bare her pussy, Mully could clearly see two gold rings dangling in her labia.

"Get out!" Mully screamed as she tried to shove the woman out the door. "You have no business here."

"Oh, but I think I do," the woman replied, stepping aside with surprising speed and dealing Mully a karate blow to the back of her neck as she stumbled by.

Mully woke up, her neck in pain and her vision blurred, to feel herself being carried with totally unexpected strength through the connecting door into the adjacent room. As the small woman dumped her on the bed and she tried to struggle to her feet, something wet and foul-smelling was pressed over the breathing holes in her head mask and she felt herself slip back into unconsciousness.

Next time she woke up, her head was aching even more than her neck. She tried moving her arms and legs but found she couldn't. Not because of any paralysis but simply because she was tied, spread-eagle, to the bed. She wiggled desperately to free herself but to no avail. From the adjacent room she could hear the distinctive slapping and grunting noises of people copulating. Damn! She tried to scream out at Sculder but her mouth was gagged and she could only make whining sounds through her nose. Next door, the humping noises were picking up speed as the two voices rose to screams of orgasm. Mully tried again to free herself but it was no good. She lay helpless as she heard the voices from next door where the woman told the unprotesting Sculder to sit up on the bed. "You will love it," the woman said. "We all love it."

Chapter 7

An indeterminate number of minutes later, Mully heard Sculder and the woman enter the room. She tried to twist her head to see but couldn't make out more than that both were nude. She heard Sculder rummaging about in her own medical bag. Next thing, he was kneeling on the bed between her legs and she saw a scalpel in his hand. "Gotta do something about this silly outfit of yours," he grinned.

Mully tried twisting out of his reach but he sneered at her to lie still or he might end up cutting her where it would really hurt. She lay still as he slid the blade of the scalpel through the latex between the prominent lips of her cunt. He reached in the slit to pull out her inner labia and the cool air on her skin made her realize how wet she was. Sculder noticed it, too. He put a finger to his mouth and licked it demonstratively. Then he stood so she could see his erect cock with the gold ring in the urethra.

"This will not hurt a bit," he said as he pointed it towards her crotch. "In fact, you will enjoy it a lot!"

As soon as the metal of his PA ring touched her bare labia, Mully's entire body started exploding in the most amazing series of orgasmic sensations that racked her from head to toe.

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