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I made myself comfortable lying on the massage bed and requested him to dim the light. He then worked his magic on my exhausted body from head to toe. I closed my eyes to enjoy it...

He massaged my back, bottom and then my legs. I could feel my body ache eased quickly. When he massaged my inner thighs, I could feel his hands sub-consciously brushed my balls and cock which brought so much excitement. Occasionally he would hold my cock with his hands, as if to check whether it had got bigger after one year I haven't visited him. My cock quickly sprung to life as he caressed it gently. I started to feel very horny and he could feel it. Normally i could just lied there and let him work my meat but I was feeling a bit frisky that day. I started to touch his chest and to my surprise, he had breasts which I had never noticed. I quickly reached under his shirt and searched for them. I could feel two nice-sized breasts. They were soft and round.

He didn't stopped me as I played with them because his hands are busy with my fully-erected cock...I could see that he was enjoying my gentle touch also. I got very excited and had to sit up and took his shirt off. I congratulated myself for the great find and that reminded me of my encounter last year with my ladyboy cleaner. It made my cock got even harder...I couldn't stop myself but started to kiss his breasts passionately. When I couldn't hold it any longer, I shot my hot load on his breasts. That was a beautiful and satisfying shot after 13 hours on the plane. I had a sweet dream that night.

The next morning. I woke up at 5am but couldn't go back to sleep because of jet lag. I was lying wide awake alone in bed, all of a sudden I was thinking about what happened between me and my ladyboy cleaner last year.

She had been cleaning our apartment for almost a year now but I didn't noticed that she was a ladyboy. In fact I never actually looked at her. Last year was the first time I noticed her and actually looked at her, actually more than looking at her..., her smooth soft hands, her lips, her small but nice breasts. They didn't feel hard, so mustn't silicone. Everything was so smooth, soft and moist, especially her mouth...the suction...In fact she had beautiful body, light brown skin and with a bit of flesh. I was thinking how was I going to face her again when she came next time? Should we pretend nothing happened or should we talk about it? Anyway, I needed to call her to clean the condo today. I left a text massage on her mobile. My cock was rock hard again...

It was 7am, I decided to go out for a walk. It had certainly changed after so many years. I can't recognised the city anymore. I walked past shop after shop and crossed street after street aimlessly. Then I noticed a coffee shop was open for business. I noticed there were two "ladies" sitting at one table. One of them an Indian another was Malay. Both also very young, in their early 20s I guess. Wearing tight t-shirt, showing off their boobs and with full make-up. Must be ladies of the night, about to retire for the day. I noticed the Indian ladyboy was staring at me as soon as I walked past them. I could sense that she was preying on me, like a hungry panther. I was a bit excited being stared at by her after having a very pleasant experience with my cleaner. I sat down at one table ordered a cup of coffee. I realised she kept staring at me until I finished my coffee and walked out. She didn't smile or approached me so I walked on. On my way home, then only I realised that was the notorious area which famous for ladyboys/transexuals/shemales.

I went back to sleep about 10am.