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White BBW wrestles Black Amazon on the mat.

"And remember," she warned us sternly. "If you do not both do this, you will not have the erotic gifts you have chosen. Everything comes with a price. Be brave, believe in your beauty."

"And, this is most important. She said looking at both of us directly, with deep forcefulness "Eroticism is a gift of the soul."

We stepped out of the shop staring at each other.

I looked at her and said, "Let's meet in four days. If either of us has a dream we will write it down, and next Friday we will share them."

"Done!" She said and we hugged each other, neither of us realizing that a strong wind had blown by us, circling January snow around. As I turned to go, I saw the curtain move and the old woman stood at the door smiling and nodding to me. She waved and disappeared.

That night, I sipped my tea before bed.

"What's that smell?" My husband said as he slipped into bed with me. I shrugged. "Some kind of tea that's supposed to give you good dreams." I answered with a shrug.

As I fell asleep, I found myself far away, in a dream. I was in a house of stone. There were rich tapestries on the wall and candles lit the way. In the distance I heard the soft voices of others. I was wearing a velvet gown.

A man dressed formally addressed me, "Ahh you've arrived." he said and took my wrap. I realized my velvet dress was very low cut providing a daring revelation of my full breasts as I stepped into the dimly lit great room. I realized my dress had long slits on the side.

I saw my husband across the room. He looked handsome in his white shirt and dark pants. Standing beside him was a man I did not recognize and he was staring intently just to the right of me. I glanced over and was shocked to see Anna. Like me she was wearing a low cut velvet gown and like mine, there were slits up the side revealing her long legs. She walked dreamlike to the man and he embraced her, as she leaned into him, I realized the dress moved aside and you could see the curve of her bottom. Her husband's hand traced it, and then pulled it slightly to the side so all could see the full curve, the long slit. He picked her up and swung her around, and much was revealed.

As I was absorbing this beautiful vision, I realized two things; one I was feeling this deeply erotic pull, and second my husband was standing next to me. Unlike me he seemed perfectly comfortable and the rest of the people had turned back to their partners while my husband leaned into me and kissed me with deep heat.

"You look magnificent." He said, kissing me again. I kissed him back, and felt his hands on my back and into the slit of my dress, his hands over and under. Caressing my bottom. I sighed contentedly, forgetting everyone around me.

Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. "Come". A voice commanded.

It was then I saw her. The woman of the shop. Dressed beautifully, jeweled, but with the same earrings. "Come now to a private room." We followed her upstairs and entered a suite of rooms where there was a beautiful table set. Upon the table were cushions with tables of snacks all around the room.

We were called to the table, a bell was rung, and a slender young woman was lifted to the table.

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