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Woman meets her Mystery Lover.

Azriel's mind went blank as he felt her hands move down his body. He let out a soft growl when he felt her fingers on his skin, sending a pulse down his body to his cock, which was already straining with need. He shifted his body so he was not poking Zoe, but the friction felt so good that he could not help moving against her soft body.

Zoe felt Azriel move on top of her, making her gasp, breaking the kiss for only a moment. It felt so good to have him grind against her, so good that she almost forgot her original intent.

Zoe smiled as her fingers began to tickle his sides. Azriel let out a loud cry, and quickly tried to pull away from her. 'Oh she is going to get it later for working me up like that!' he thought darkly, as he tried to pull away from the invading fingers. Then he heard Zoe laughing and the anger vanished completely.

Zoe laughed wildly as she tickled him without mercy. "Give!"

"NEVER!" Azriel shouted, as he tried to tickle her back, but she was able to block him.

Azriel growled and grabbed her hands, pulling them away from him. They were both breathing heavily, not looking at each other with heated eyes.

Azriel could not hold back any longer and kissed her passionately. He let go of one her hands and cupped her face with his palm. Zoe moaned lightly from the power of the kiss, arching her body slightly. As soon as Azriel released her hand, she moved it to his side rubbing his skin through the fabric.

Azriel groaned from the light touch and wanted to feel her hands on his skin once more. He broke the kiss and sat up grinning as he stripped off his shirt, then captured her lips again.

Zoe could not help but look at the well muscled chest, and admire it silently. She could not control herself when he kissed her again, to explore his well toned skin thoroughly; Hot and smooth under her fingertips.

Azriel growled into the kiss, which he broke to kiss her neck, and what shoulder he could. He wanted to kiss every inch of her skin, so much he whimpered lightly with want, then nibbled gently on her ear. She let out a soft moan and dug her nails into his skin.

Azriel groaned with pleasure and grinded his hips and straining cock into her body with abandon. Zoe let out a light purr in response, and moved her body, trying to figure out what felt best.

Azriel's demon howled with pleasure when she responded so well. He moved a hand down her hot skin, to the hem of her shirt and crept a few fingers underneath the fabric.

Zoe sucked in her breath with horror, and quickly put her hand on his. Azriel stopped and moved his head until he saw her wide pleading eyes. "I am not going to hurt you." He said softly brushing her hair out of her face.

"I know." She replied with a small, sad smile. "I am not ready for that yet Azriel." He nodded then kissed her softly. He meant it to be short, and sweet, but that all changed when Zoe kissed him back with ferocity. He broke the kiss and looked at her confused.

"Well I think we are both too worked up to just stop," she explained while blushing. Azriel gave her a wolf like smile, and moved his hand down her body until his fingertips touched the waist of her pants. "Do you want me to repeat what I did the first night you came?" he asked in a husky tone. Zoe blushed harder, but nodded her head.

Azriel undid the button on her jeans with a flick of his fingers, and then moved in touching her through the fabric of her panties. He could smell her arousal, and knew she was already wet. He licked his lips enjoying the intoxicating aroma. He was lost in his thoughts until he felt her hand on his hip.

Zoe wanted to touch him, give him what he was giving her. She placed her hand on his hip not knowing what to do next. Azriel looked at her softly, and took her hand, and moved it to the button. "You do not have to undo it now." He said with a knowing smile. He knew she would figure out what to do on her own, telling her would take all the fun out of it.

He returned his hand to her pussy