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A virgin discovers her dark side.


Claire unexpectedly feels Terry's hands on her ass while she has her head buried in the fridge.

"Mom don't' move you look so sexy while bending over as you were. I can't stop myself from feeling you're beautiful body."

She removes her head from the refrigerator and in doing so she stands up and steps back; that's when she suddenly bumps into Terry's hard cock.

"Son what do you think you're doing? Your dad seated at the kitchen table, he surely will see us. Stop your playing around right now! You will have to wait until he goes to work."

"Mom he can't see us over here his view is blocked. I just had to feel your ass again."

Terry lifts her robe and pulls his mom's panties over to one side, finding her bulging pussy lips he plunges his middle finger deep into her hairy cunt. Claire moans from the intrusion and spreads her legs slightly. Terry makes several long strokes then pulls his finger out and licks it clean.

Claire pushed him back as she looks over her shoulder, and softly says, "Please Terry lets wait until your dad leaves; we're going to get caught playing around like this for sure."

"Mom I forgot about a training session that I scheduled for this morning with the guys at the gym. I just received this text letting me know that I'm late. I promise you as soon as I get back we'll have time for each other for the rest of the day. Sorry, mom I just have to run."

"What? You're leaving now?" Terry, I need you desperately. Please don't go."

"Sorry, mom I totally forgot about this training session. I'll be back as soon as I can," replied Terry as he kissed his mom fully on the lips.

Just like that, Terry was out the door leaving his mom horny as hell. Claire looked over at Jim seated at the table. She thought to herself hell no I'm not that desperate for a wham bam thank you ma'me sex romp at this moment. I've got my son to take care of me now. Claire fixed Jim his breakfast, and he was happy.

Moments later Jim called out. "Honey, I am leaving for work. I'll call later if my plans change."

"Ok dear, Have a great day."

Just like that the house was quiet and empty. Claire could still feel semen leaking out of her and collecting in her underwear. She wanted her son right at the moment to let him take her from behind and ravish her until she couldn't stand it any longer. The phone startled her when it ranged. Claire thought to herself that maybe Terry could be coming back home. She picked up the phone, seeing the ID number that read her friend's name, Gail.

Claire answered it saying, "Hey, Gail how are you doing this morning?"

"I was calling to see how you're doing. The last time I saw you Terry had his way with you in the kitchen."

"Gail you won't believe this, but I have had that boy inside of me so much that my pussy is dripping his semen almost all the time day and night. Gail, I just love it. Gail would you believe it, He's becoming so bolder that just this morning in the kitchen he played with my ass. I tried to stop him and then he pushed his finger up my pussy right there in the kitchen while Jim was seated at the table reading the morning paper."

"Claire, I am on the way over right now to get all the details."

"Gail, can you bring some creamer for I am almost out?"

"Sure no problem be there in twenty minutes."

Claire headed upstairs to take a quick shower. The hot water felt relaxing and soothing. Claire cleaned out all of her son's spunk while wondering when Terry might come home from the gym. Claire dresses and heads downstairs to clean up the kitchen. Gail knocks on the door and lets herself in without hearing from Claire.

"Gail I am in the kitchen."

"Her girl you look a little tired."

"Gail you do not know the half of it. That son of mine is trying to kill me by orgasm lol. I have nobody to blame since I attacked him while he was sleeping this morning."

"You had sex already this morning."

"Yes and while Jim was standing on the bottom step wanting to know what all the noise was coming from upstairs.

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