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Zak isn't human, but Oscar doesn't care, where will it lead?

I bet your white cum will look so good against my tan leg."

She was getting me hot just talking about it and I could feel it working. that familiar ache in my balls was beginning to happen. Stacy's fingertips continued to wiggle slowly at random jostling my nuts around. Occasionally I felt my nut sack stretch as she tugged on the right nut. I felt the pressure of her toe against the base of my cock as it moved up and down. I laid my head back down letting her continue to work me over. It was amazing how she could go on like this for this long and not be tired. I closed my eyes thinking about her long legs and sexy feet. As soon as I thought of this Stacy Exclaimed, "I feel your nut sack getting tighter around my fingers. C'mon fill em up I want to see the cum from deep inside you all over my leg. C'mon baby! c'mon Baby!" The sound of Her voice triggered the urge deep inside me again.

Keep on talking I said, "I love hearing your voice."

All sensation between my legs was at its peak. A slight numbing began to over take my entire groin area. I sat up to get a closer look at her tremendous efforts. A very small part of me wanted her to stop. She saw me rise up and smiled at me asking, " how are you holding up? It wont be long now, I feel your nuts getting tighter around my fingers."

I felt her quicken the pace with her leg. I could feel her fingertips beginning to squeeze the cum from my nuts. Gently she would alternate each nut rolling them between her fingertips. Once again she tells me how she loves playing with guys balls. How it is one of her favorite things. How guys normally do not like girls playing with their balls, but she makes believers out of most guys.

All this talk is turning me on, truthfully she only made me wince twice with my balls in her hand. Guess she had to find my pain threshold. She has got me relaxed now gently rolling my balls between her fingers.

"I think your sack is as full as it is going to get it is pretty tight. Time to start Milking the honey out." She continued. "Just so you know, I am sticking my toes into your nut sack now and not my fingers. I Love to feel your nuts wriggling around my toes." Then she asks, "Does that turn you on?"

All I could do was groan in ecstasy as her dirty talk kept taking me to the next level. I felt her toes wriggling in my sack as she wrapped the thumb and index finger around the base of my cock where her toe once and been and began to gently squeeze the vein like a tube of toothpaste forcing the cum up. Feeling this caused me to thrust my hips up into her leg locked around the head of my cock. I watched as Her calf muscle flexed keeping a firm grip on my head as I continued to thrust upward. I turned my head and stared at her flexing foot at the end of her pumping leg imagining those magnificent painted toes digging into my nut sack wriggling out my cum bit by bit. I began to thrust a little harder.

Stacy kept talking, "c'mon you're doing good, keep pumping Justin, keep pumping. This one is going to be good. I can feel it and I ain't stopping, I am going to keep playing with your nuts and cock all night long, Keep pumping, keep pumping." I looked up at her and saw she was staring directly at me as she said this. Seeing me look at her she smiled. My breath quickened as I looked at the fingers of both her hands wrapped around my shaft watching her thumbs squeeze the knots of cum up toward my throbbing head." She saw me watching her fingers work and said," I can feel your cock throbbing in my hands while I push your cum along with my thumbs. The head of your dick feels so hot against my calf. Keep pumping Justin, keep pumping." All I could say was, "Your hands feel good, don't stop." She only laughed and pumped her leg a few times as I watched her hands tighten around my shaft feeling her thumbs pressing in deeper and squeezing up more of my cum.

Her foot kept me entranced.

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