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A character study.

She felt guilty sometimes due to the sexual nature of their new relationship, but she also knew that as long as Roy desired her sexually he remained obedient.

She said, "Roy stop licking the bowl, I have to pee."

Roy scooted alongside the toilet and knelt, he watched his mother, as she pulled down her pants, when she, bent over her flabby ass jiggled in his face as she turned to sit on the bowl. The scent of her sweaty ass, made his cock tingle. Her butt cheeks hung over the sides of the toilet, while she parted her legs, she exposed her hairless pussy then the sound of pee streaming into to toilet echoed.

As Roy observed his mother, he saw this as an opportunity to lick his mother's pussy. Martha then reached for the toilet paper, while Roy was on all fours, he held out his tongue as a jester to lick her clean. A knot formed in her stomach, she had been trying to put this off for as long as she could, now she knew that she had to make a decision whether to give in to Roy's desire. She was aware that she also wanted this, she thought, What kind of mother am I, if I let my son lick my pussy? Sucking on my breast is one thing, he drank from them when he was a baby, but this was incest.

Roy saw the hesitation on his mother's face; he understood her dilemma and wanted to help her. He leaned closer to her pussy, and held out his tongue as far as it could reach, the tip of his tongue pressed lightly against her vagina.

The touch of Roy's tongue sent a shiver throughout her entire body; her mind shook itself free from the morality she had always known. Her body relaxed, the aching in her head eased, while she wiggle herself forward on the toilet, and felt Roy's tongue slip in between her wet pussy lips.

His tongue glided upward, tasting the tangy juices that mingled with her salty pee. He was delighted to have the honor of licking his mother's pussy. His tongue found her swollen clit; he massaged it with short, slow strokes, causing her to quake.

The tiny climaxes shook her from inside and out as Roy explored her vagina, she felt herself quake then relax and tremor again. She ignored the stirring and grumbling of her stomach. He heard the bubbling from inside is mother's fat belly. Then he found her sweet spot just underneath her clit. The strokes of his tongue quickened. Martha's body exploded with pleasure, while the orgasmic wave of ecstasy washed over her.

A powerful convulsion caused her to shudder, as a gas bubble burst within her bowels a loud fart discharged from her puckered hole causing her huge ass cheeks to jiggle. Unable to regain control of her bowels, her asshole opened wide, as a fat brown turd splashed into the toilet. She was horrified, as the toilet water dripped from her ass cheeks, and the strong stench of shit filled the small bathroom.

Roy looked into the toilet, there his mother's brown log floated in a pool of yellow water. His mother no longer quivered with pleasure so he stopped licking her pussy and looked up at her. He saw that she was panting while she bowed her head with shame.

The strong odor that arose from her pooh had an intoxicating effect on him. He gripped her wrist as she reached for the handle to flush.

"It's Ok, I like the smell," He said.

Her stomach turned with a repulsive twinge. Then she looked down at Roy, his lipstick was still perfect, his eyes sparkled with the curious innocence of an uninhibited child. Her body eased as she moved her hand away from the toilet handle.

She returned Roy's smile, and he said to her, "Can I lick your butthole clean?"

"Are you sure, it's dirty and disgusting."

He responded, by holding out his tongue and wagging it for her. A tingling between her legs replaced her repulsion. Her nipples hardened, as she got up off the toilet, and leaned over the sink. She invited Roy to clean her dirty butt by wiggling her fat ass in his face.

He reached out with his tongue and gently licked from the brown circle that surrounded her asshole.