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He told me to spread my legs and then felt my legs up to my thighs and slid one finger up under my g-string to rub my wet swollen clit. As he rubbed with one hand he slapped my ass hard with the other. Then he pulled up my dress to expose my naked ass cheeks and slapped them repeatedly until he knew it was stinging and my ass had turned red. I appreciated that because it warmed me up seeing as it was a cool night. I thanked him and then he said he would be right back. He walked off back inside and left me there with my ass exposed, helpless and tied to the cage out in the night.

He came back and told me to keep my head straight and forward. Then he flogged me with the suede tailed flogger. He flogged me everywhere and my whole body trembled with anticipation and sexual awakening. I wanted more and when he asked what I wanted I told him: "More please." His fingers slipped back under my g-string and he began to rub me once more. I felt the need to cum and started tensing up and moaning but he realized how close I was and so he stopped immediately and said: "NO, not yet! My dirty little slut needs to earn the right to cum first."

He untied me and led me back into the shed with my dress pulled up to my hips. In the shed was an old ambulance with the back door open and a swag placed over the steps. He told me to bend over and lean my upper body on the swag. I did as I was told and then he reached inside and pulled another chain which he attached to my collar so I can't get away. I wondered why in the hell I would want to get away but I loved the feeling of being restrained. It made me feel like such a slut and a real sex slave. He hooked fingers into my g-string and pulled it down my legs and I stepped out of it. Then he told me that he was using it to wrap around his cock while he pulls it for me and looks at my ass. That was when he began to take pictures. He took a picture of my naked ass and pussy lips with his hand on top.

"SLAP!" came a large hand on my ass. Two more slaps and then he took another picture with red hand prints on my ass. Next came the thin blue anal probe which he fucked my ass with. One hand rubbed my clit while the other hand used the toy in my asshole. Occasionally there would be a few slaps or the flogger on my ass or legs or top of my back. The feeling of being held by my collar and bent over the back of an ambulance was so surreal. I always thought ambulances were only for sick people??

Then it was time to turn me over onto my back. He had built extra handles up high on the inside of the ambulance walls so that he could tie my ankles and wrists to them and spread me out. Rope was tied around my ankles over the boots I still had on. Velcro handcuffs were fastened to my wrists and there I lay with arms outstretched and legs pulled wide apart with my head still held in place by the chain attached to my collar. Now the only thing left to do was undo the zipper which he did. The dress fell off to the sides and now I was entirely exposed. He leaned forward and felt my tits for a few seconds. Then he slapped them hard. Two slaps for each tit. Next he took more pictures.

Now he got serious with my ass. He inserted my new big blue vibrator which has five big vibrating bubbles and adjustable settings. He worked the first bubble into my asshole and then turned it on. The vibrating hum made me wiggle my ass so it consequently got flogged as more bubbles were popped into my ass. Each bubble felt like it was ripping my ass apart but I didn't mind because it felt like heaven to me. Being flogged with my ass filled up felt unbelievable and my pussy was so wet that it dripped with juice. Another dildo was worked into my dripping wet cunt and then he fucked both holes at the same time while my loud moans and yelps filled the ambulance and echoed through the shed.

When I felt close to cumming I asked for permission and he allowed me to cum.