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You act out part of a fantasy you share.

t Mansoor

"Don't worry. As long as I have my truck and I am able to make the deliveries in the nearby villages after finishing my work with the cattle, I will be able to make enough money to repay my loans next month at the latest."

Thinking to himself, Mansoor was furious.

Mansoor was thinking: "Look at the dull old man. He is so fuckin stupid. Look at his wrinkly neck and face. He is such a disgusting old man. I bet he smells awful also.

How could his whore wife accept him as a husband after he became old. He is 55 years old. He is not a virile man anymore. Yesterday he could not even get his puny little dick to stand for his wife. He should not be called a man. He thinks he is strong and respected.

We'll see about that. That dirty cock sucking old man will be forced to sell me the farm or I will destroy him.

He is just a dirty animal, a pig that should be slaughtered. He is not a man. He does not deserve to have male genitalia. They should cut off his puny dick and small wrinkly balls. He does not use them anyways"

What would Khaled do if he knew what his friend thought of his father, if he knew how much his friend hated, despised and disrespected his beloved father?

After spending the whole day buying cattle food and plowing the fields, the three men decided to take a shower. Outside showers were available near the fields. After seeing his son's friend's huge bull cock, and his failure yesterday with his wife, the old man's self-esteem was shaky.

He told Khaled: "You kids go and take a shower. I will wash at home"

Khaled replied: "Don't be silly. Take your shower here and then we'll leave. We're all men here. You don't have to be modest in front of Mansoor"

Hearing that, Youssef didn't have a choice. Taking off his clothes, he stood under one of the water pipes and began to soap himself.

The father and the son were not small-built. They were like all men but compared to Mansoor they seemed less than that.

After seeing his friend's cock, Khaled knew that he was not imagining things back at the hotel when he went with Mansoor and got his first fuck.

Youssef tried his best not to look at Mansoor because he felt insecure. Standing there in the nude with such a superman like Mansoor did not help. His average penis shriveled even more to only 3 inches.

Mansoor was laughing inside as he saw Khaled mentally comparing him to his father. Khaled saw his friend's flaccid penis. Even flaccid, it was at least 7 inches, more than twice his father's size and thicker. His friend was like an Adonis. Tall, muscular and hung like a bull.

Soaping his big biceps, and smooth muscular chest, Mansoor heard Khaled say:

"Wow man. You must be really getting chicks with that, pointing at his Mansoor's huge phallus"

Without paying attention, his father intervened:

"You know son that a real man is not measured in the size of his genitals or his muscles. A real man is compassionate, wise and has justice. I am sure your friend has also all those qualities"

An awkward moment ensued as they dried themselves and Mansoor put on a wife beater covering the trimmed hair on his hard chest.

Arriving home, Youssef went directly inside while Mansoor wanted to talk to Khaled in private.

"I know your father does not have enough money to send you to college. I will take his role and pay for your tuition. You can go to the college in the city in the fall and I will pay all your tuition."

Although Khaled did not like the implication that his father is weak or poor, he was desperate to continue his education, so after a few minutes talking to his friend he accepted his offer and thanked him.

Mansoor flexed his biceps putting his arms behind his head smiling evilly as his plan is beginning to come to fruition.

Najibi has been waiting the whole night for her husband to fall asleep.

This was the night when she will surrender to the lust of the young stud next door.

Making sure Youssef was asleep after hearing him snoring like a pig, Najibi went out to Mansoor's bedroom.

Wearing only her nightgown, she opened the door slowly and

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