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Dee plucks up courage.

We headed to Mill Valley, a small quaint town nestled in the valley of John Muir woods. A haven for well do to do people that worked in San Francisco. We found out a booth in our favorite pub and ordered a beer for me and a cocktail for Lori. We made small talk and then Lori reached down, opened her bag and pulled out the book from last night and said we should talk about this, this looks like fun. She slid it over to me and again I perused it, thinking about only the kinky sex aspects about it. She said I think we should try this, but if we agree, you need to be 100% committed, it will only work if we have that agreement. She said try this and I think you will like it. I responded ok, whatever - again thinking only about the sex. I started to read the book and she said , " You can read this later, give it back to me". As I slid it back she smiled coyly and told me I was in for the "ride of my life" I smiled again, thinking only sexy thoughts and agreed. The night passed uneventfully and we left to go home. That is when the life as I knew it changed forever. That damn book. I should have just read it then and there and stopped it.

We arrived home and Lori said seductively, but authoritatively "let's go to bed." I went up upstairs, stripped, brushed my teeth and grabbed her rear end as she walked into the room, smiling like a Cheshire cat. I am 48, and workout regularly, however the signs age are beginning to catch up. I am not a small man, I stand 6'-01" and weigh about 200 lbs. but overall in great shape. Lori, at 42 she is a good looking women 36c, nice ass and mid length blonde hair, I guess your total CA chick that still turns a lot of heads. She said "Jimmy, (she never called Jimmy before) you are going to get the ride of your life, get into bed and let me take control" I was stunned, but only thought about the sex, the fun from this beautiful women that wants to jump my bones. I pulled back the covers and saw what she bought earlier in the day. I guess the home depot purchase was put to good use. There were ropes, cuffs and eyelets installed on the corners of the bed posts, along with a tightening ratchet cinch. The ropes were pink and the cuffs black, later I found out the hardware was stainless and of good quality. Once secured and the slack removed escape was impossible.

She looked at me examining her handiwork and remarked , "it looks like the weekends in the yard taught me something after all, now get on the bed and let's see if this stuff works." I was stunned, but again the smell of great sex was in the air and I figured what the hell; this could be fun, very fun.

I laid on the bed, scooted to the center and let Lori secure me.

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