Free Father and son find love in the wilderness. Porn Pics

Saving lives in different ways.

He just looked at me in surprise and followed it with a huge grin.

We parted our ways, Keith joining the circle of men and I joined the women. After several drinks in all of us, it seems the guys and girls were mingling now and like all parties lots of flirting was going on. I was enjoying the men drooling over my outfit and my long legs. After midnight or so, I knew I've had too much to drink, because every time I look around, I can't tell who's whom under the Scream mask.

Finally, I recognized him. I approached him and gave our secret signal that only wives and husbands have for each other indicating it was time to leave. He dragged me to the next room, pulled off his mask and pulled me towards him.

"I've been watching you Lin and I want you so bad." as he cupped my breasts.

I responded back with a moan and pinned his body against the wall and gave him a deep passionate kiss. I heard him moan in my mouth and felt his member rise between my legs. My hand reached down and started to rub his cock feeling it grow to it's full length. My mind started to spin as I felt my juices starting to flow from the effects of the alcohol and the feel of his cock throbbing now.

"Hmmmmmmm...are you ready to go home?

I grabbed his hand and guided it between my legs. "What do you think?"

He just have me a huge grin and said, "I'll be right back, I have to visit the men's room first."

Still holding his hand between my thighs, I responded with another moan, "You better hurry up."

After a few minutes, I felt a hand grab my wrist and pull me towards the door. "Wait we better say goodbye to Jenny and Craig." "'Forget it," he mumbled. When we made it to the car, I noticed he was fumbling with the keys.

"Here let me drive, you're drunk."

As I was driving home, my mind was still spinning from the alcohol and his kisses. I grabbed his hand, guided it under my dress. "See what you do to me."

Somehow, he managed to pull my panties down. He leaned down and I felt his nose touch my clitoris. I gave him a moan and pushed his head down further. His tongue licked my clit and worked its way down. By this time, I had to lift my hips so his tongue can have better access towards my pussy. I felt his tongue exploring and lapping up all of my juices which seemed to be flowing down to my thighs now. When I felt his tongue penetrate my hole, it pushed me over the edge. I grasped the steering wheel tightly, looked across to the car beside me and found a Scream mask staring at me. After his tongue thrust into me a few times, my inner walls grasped his tongue and I screamed out, while the waves of my orgasm hit me. Without missing a beat, he continued to lap up my cum until I begged him to stop and announced we were home.

When we were inside, we immediately ran to the bedroom. I started to pull his mask off, but his hand stopped me. "So, you want to play that game, huh?" I pushed him on the bed, pulled his black costume gown off and pulled down his boxers. Immediately, his cock sprung forward from the release and I had to gasp at what was staring at me.

"Oh my Keith, you are huge tonight. I've never seen it this big before."

I can see his precum oozing now.