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This is a prequel to the Mother's Milk series.

I had absolutely zero right to interrupt the incestuous goings-on in my bed, especially as I was being paid for tonight, so I grinned at Leo, mounted him and got a little more kissing from him.

"Grant?" I heard later that night, as we were all about to go to sleep. I was preparing myself a drink of water for the night, and turned to see Oliver.


"You saw me fucking Tom, didn't you?"


"We've been caught before," he confessed, perching on the arm of the nearest chair. "The man sent the police to our house, we managed to convince them it was all a massive misunderstanding."

"You're waiting for a knock on the door?" I asked. He just nodded. "No, not going to happen. I'm not here to judge you, Oliver, I'm here to fuck you."

"And? I'm paying you a lot, but I wouldn't blame you."

"I've seen less tolerable things than a man fucking his son." I looked down with a coy grin. "It was kinda hot, too."

"Wanna watch next time?" he asked, but I was already waving him down.

"No thanks. Leo and I had some quality time together, and it was very good."

"I'm glad." He looked behind to where Leo and Tom were kissing in bed. "They're ready, coming?"

"Right behind you."

In the morning, we repeated the shower and bedroom exploits almost exactly but for the fact me and Tom fucked instead, and Leo and I didn't get alone time in the living room to exchange blowjobs, cum and saliva. Oliver got himself ready to make the wire payment for my actually rather exorbitant fees, and then he and Tom left. Leo was right behind him after giving me a kiss and his number. Despite everything, I wasn't sure I'd use it. I didn't make a habit of seeing clients outside of the job, and had only done so with Elizabeth and Emma (not counting Mickie).

I checked the place was nice and tidy before hopping in the Maserati and heading to my project house (not the one I'd inherited from Vera). I was in expectation of a visitor, but maybe Claire telling me about her first female clients and giving me some hot stories to fuck her over. I certainly was not expecting to step out of the Maserati to see Sam at my door.

"Sam?" I called.

She turned around to face me, smiled and half-heartedly waved as if she was pleased to see me but didn't want to show it. I couldn't blame her. "Hey."

"What's up?"

"Nothing," she lied, "how are you?"

"Sam, I'm serious," I replied and met her at the door. "I don't mean to be rude, but what are you doing here? I've only seen you once since you walked out on me, and that was a threesome with a client."

"I miss you," she confessed all too readily. I sighed, and let her into the house. Damn, this place was a mess, and certainly not the greatest venue for a make-up conversation. "I met someone else," she then confessed.

My head dropped and my heart almost broke again. I was in the most un-emotional job I could think of, and the moment I stepped out of it, I met a girl who'd taken my heart and ran off with it. I looked up. "I need to know this... why?"

Confused, she replied, "What?"

"Why come all the way around here, tell me you miss me, and then tell me you're fucking off again?"

Now she looked down. "I came around because despite how nice he is, I won't let him so much as even kiss me... because of you."

"Do you want my permission?"

"No. I want you to know that despite the fact I walked out and I sucked someone's cock in front of you, I want you. And nobody else."

I walked through to the kitchen and put the kettle on. She didn't follow; instead just leaving. Matt suddenly appeared by me. "Hey man, what was that about?"

"Women suck."

"Yes they do, and they fuck, and they..."

"Not what I meant, dude."

"Hey, chicks aren't all bad, man, some are great. Hannah, for example..."

"I know, but I don't want to be with Hannah."

Matt appeared to ponder hard. "Black chick, hot, frizzy hair, fantastic ass... that was Sam, wasn't it?" I just nodded. "Ah. I'm crap at advice."

"Oh, I don't need advice. I need to choose between Sam and this job."

"Is she making y