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Hubby tells her how dad taught him to be a good lover.

Ana had a dinner date with her parents and I didn't spend time with her last night.

As I leaned against the counter in my shorts, I took a big swig of OJ and felt my head clear a bit. Tabitha then came into the kitchen. She saw me as she turned the corner and averted her gaze. I, however, took in her appearance. She was wearing a short robe that hit mid thigh. I could see nothing else underneath it and wondered if she even had some sort of pajamas on. She moved to the coffee maker and poured herself a cup.

"Good morning," I said with a smile. "Sleep good last night?"

She glanced over the cup and nodded, saying nothing.

I let the silence hang for a minute and then decided to go right to the point.

"Listen Tab, I had no idea you would end up seeing Ana and I like that. It was an accident and listen, no harm no foul right?"

She glanced up again and set her coffee cup onto the counter. "Well you guys knew I was home and you should have at least closed the door." She tried to sound annoyed but I could tell she wasn't. Her expression and direction of her gaze also spoke volumes about what she was really thinking.

"I agree and I apologize. Friends?" I extended my hand for her to shake. She took it and her hand lingered in mine, her fingers then tickling my palm slightly as she released her grip. Trying to stay lighthearted I offered up a joke. "If you want to get even you could just leave your bathroom door open when you are showering and we could call it square."

She smiled. "Well if you want payback why wait right?" She was trying to act confident but I could tell she was nervous as she started to undo her robe. It fell to the kitchen floor a second later.

I had seen a few beautiful women naked in my day and Tabitha ranked in the top three. Her breasts were full but not overly large, probably a 34 C. Her skin was smooth and her complexion fair. Just below her smooth firm stomach, a small strip of trimmed blonde pubic hair pointed a trail towards her pussy.

I found my voice. "Well that makes us even I guess. Thanks for sharing." My eyes lingered over her lovely curves.

She took a small step forward. "Technically we are not all the way even since I saw you having sex. So I guess we need to do something about that right?"

I swallowed hard and tried to think fast. My animal masculine instincts were telling me to enjoy fucking Tabitha but my fear factor was playing a clip of Ana walking in and catching us, grabbing a meat cleaver and severing my cock with a quick chop. My mind was pulled from that grisly image by the feel of Tabitha's hands on my shorts, yanking them down. Desire now fully outweighed fear in my emotion bank.

Tabitha took my slowly swelling cock into her hand and held it in front of her face. "Is this making things even?" She asked coyly.

I nodded a reply as her lips slid over the head of my cock taking me into her warm mouth. She started sucking my cock to a full erection, moaning as she took more and more of me in. I leaned against the counter and moaned myself for this girl was giving the second best head I'd ever had. Her mouth was smaller than Ana's which was both good and bad. Good in that it felt tight and warm, bad in that her teeth occasionally grazed my cock and she couldn't get all of me in. Ana's deep throat blow jobs had spoiled me. But don't get me wrong, this girl could work a cock and was doing just that on me now.

After a few noisy minutes of slurping and sucking, Tabitha popped my cock out of her mouth with a satisfied sigh and moan. Her hand stayed on my shaft, stroking its full length slowly. "Are we even now? Or is more payback required?"

I did not say a word. I just pulled her to her feet and guided her out of the kitchen, down the short hallway and into the living room. We never made it to the sofa, just the back of it. I gently pushed her forward over the back of the sofa and as she bent my hand went between her legs, my finger tracing up her wet, hot pussy. She was ready.

I took my now fully swollen cock and slid the big head along her wet pussy lips.