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A hand-knit fantasy becomes a reality.

She'd flipped channels for a while, she wasn't really a tv person, especially with all the trashy reality shows on lately, she'd much rather watch a good movie or read book. She had a soft spot for romance novels, something about all that passion put into words, it made her heart beat faster and sent jolts of electricity straight to her core. She knew they were kind of cheesy, but at the end of the day, she liked the happy endings and one day she hoped she'd have one of her own.


God he was exhausted and his head was killing him! He'd been working incredibly long hours since he'd started this new job, he hadn't spent any time with his son, and now he was going to be thrown in to full on parenting now that his mom had left. He had no idea what he was going to do, how he was going to balance work and taking care of Alex. He wanted Alex to have all the things he had growing up. Even though both his parents worked, his mom still made time to drive him to football practice and his father would toss the pigskin with him in the backyard or taking fishing or camping any chance he got. They'd taught him everything, from tying his shoes, to learning how to drive and his mother had even given him dance lesson. He wanted that for Alex, though he wasn't sure about the dancing, he'd need a beautiful woman to teach him that the way his mother had. He pulled his keys out of the pocket of his trench coat and unlocked the door. He walked through the kitchen and deposited his coat and briefcase on the marble counter top. Tiptoeing up the steps, he peeked into Alex's room to see his little boy sleeping soundly. He didn't know how it was possible to love another person that he'd known for such a short time. He quickly bent over his son placing a kiss atop the head of curls that so closely resembled his.

He stopped by his room to quickly change into something more comfortable and went to the kitchen in search of something to eat. I guess I better learn to cook some better food for myself now that my mom is gone he thought. He opened the fridge and found a plate of leftovers with a sticky note on it.

"Dinner, hope you like it. - Jamie" Wow, that was really nice of her, he thought, even after he'd acted like such an ass. Not only was she absolutely beautiful, but she seemed like a really nice girl, and she was taking care of his son. That alone made his heart melt. His mother was a great judge of character and while he'd been working the last week, she'd been becoming fast friends with Jamie which meant a lot about the type of person she had to be. Speaking of which, where was she anyway? If he had to guess, he'd probably been home for about a half an hour and she was nowhere to be seen. After nuking his dinner in the microwave, Mitch picked up the plate and headed to den to watch TV. He was going to park himself in front of the big screen and watch SportsCenter until he fell asleep. Pretty exciting Friday night, huh? Turning the corner, he spotted her sleeping form curled up on the couch, a small paperback book tucked neatly under her hands. She really was a beauty, model gorgeous, but sleeping like she was on his couch, she just looked so cute! She was so peaceful, he didn't know what to do. Should he wake her? It was fairly dark out, he couldn't imagine her walking home now and Alex was tucked into bed so he couldn't walk her home unless he woke him. He crept closer and nudged her gently to wake her. When the only response he got was a soft sigh, he knelt by the couch and whispered to her. "Jamie? Jamie....Wake up." Mitch watched her eyelashes flutter as she slowly came to. Realizing where she was, her eyes popped open and her cheeks colored. She couldn't help the sleepy moan that escaped her lips as she sat up and stretched like a cat. "...Mitch..."

The way she'd just said his name sent blood pumping straight to his dick.

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