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Now there is no doubt hubby knows his place.

He got dressed and walked up to the kitchen door. He just looked at me like I was from another planet.

I heard the door close as he walked out. It also closed on our marriage. I knew Eric and I knew he would never forgive me for cheating on him. We had talked about it because of all the guys hitting on me at work. He said in no uncertain terms that one slip up and he would be gone. I stumbled into the bedroom, fell on the bed and cried.

I must have cried myself to sleep because it was afternoon when I sat up. I felt alone and lost so I called Brian.

"Brian, honey. I need you to come over. Eric knows about us. He left me. I'm afraid and alone. Please."

"Oh my god, babe. How did that happen? We were so careful."

"I'll tell you when you get here. Please. I need you with me."

"Of course, text me your address. I'll leave right now."

"Thank you, babe. I knew I could count on you."


I checked the address on my phone. I knew about where it was. I danced down the steps, got in Mom's car and headed over. It happened just like I wanted it to. She was separated from her husband and I was in.

I drove by it once and had to back track. I found it and parked in the parking lot. I had seen these apartments before, driving by. I remember thinking how nice it would be to live there.

I knocked on her door and it flew open. She jumped in my arms. I held her and kicked the door closed.

"Thank you for coming so soon, babe. I'm having a terrible time."

"Don't worry, I'm here for you. I'll help you get through this. We'll be OK."

"Just hold me. I feel so bad. I saw the hurt in his eyes."

I took her by the arm and sat in Eric's recliner. I pulled her onto my lap.

"Sit here with me. I'll hold you."

She climbed in my lap and laid her head on my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and felt her snuggle in. She cried a little and fifteen minutes later she was asleep. I gently picked her up and laid her on the sofa. There was a throw on the back of the sofa so I covered her with it. She didn't wake up.

I wandered around the place checking it out. Big screen TV, nice recliner and sofa. In the bedroom I checked out the closets. I looked his stuff over and saw we were about the same size. He had some nice stuff. I figured my wardrobe had just been upgraded. There was another closet full of Sarah's stuff. She had done some serious shopping. I opened the chest of drawers and found some really sexy lingerie. Sarah will look real hot in those. My new digs look pretty good. All I needed was my X box.

I went back and parked in my new recliner. I found the remote and turned on my new TV. I pulled up the guide and saw that he had subscribed to almost every package they offered. Fuck Yeah!

I saw Sarah stirring and sat beside her. I rubbed her back as she woke up.

"Hey, sleepy head."

"Umm. I guess I passed out."

"It's OK, you're having a tough time."

"Thanks for being her for me."

"I have to take care of my babe."

"I'm so glad I have you. I feel better when you're around."

"I need to ask you. Do you think you'll be going back with Eric?"

"I really don't see how. He told me when I started working at Denny's that it was OK to flirt with the customers but anything beyond that was a marriage breaker. He made it clear that he wouldn't put up with cheating. The look on his face when he left told me he meant it."

"I guess most guys are like that. There are some out there that swing or have open marriages. I don't think I could ever do that. I never told you this but it kind of bothered me when you went home to Eric, but I knew I didn't have he right to say anything. After all, he was your husband."

"You don't have to worry. Now it's just you and me."

I needed to keep feeding her positive stuff about us. I didn't want her to get away.

"It's going to be nice waking up in the morning with you in bed with me. We've never been able to do that. We can cuddle all night."

"I already thought of that.