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Reassignments and explosions; life just got more interesting.

Luckily Jake either didn't notice her slowness or didn't mind as he took hold off her waist, gripping it hard and started to work with her, "This is so fucking cool man, your ass is so fucking screwable."

"Yes," Bree moaned, "I want it. I want it all." Quicker than she thought possible she was finding her butt was getting use to the anal invader, the walls stretching to accommodate it and the nerves tingling pleasantly as it brushed over them. She began to move a little faster, not too speedily, but with just enough vigour to allow the dick to move a little further in next time.

"Fuck my ass as well," giggled Gabby as she led Ford over to sit beside his buddy. As he sat down with his dick up the Latino began to lower her ass onto it, taking it in one hand to guide it in as the college student grabbed her sides and kept her in place. She was more experienced than Gabby at taking it in her butt, having had most of her boyfriends (before and after she met Carlos) fuck her butt since she was eighteen. It didn't take long for her to get the dick in her back hole and to start to rock it. "Oh yeah, give it me hard," she squealed, leaning back into Ford's broad chest and bringing her legs up. The young man slid his hands under her thighs and started to pound up, ramming his massive member up her hole. The housewife began to gasp and giggle in pleasure, "That's it big boy, bang my asshole open."

Like Gabby Susan had plenty of anal experience and so it didn't take her long to sit Gavin down on the last couch space and get herself impaled. Unlike Gabby she was happy to take the lead and let her young stud, if not lie back, at least take a more relaxed approach as she started to slide her butt up and down his pussy greased pole. He held her waist, rocking his hips in time with her, his dong spearing up her ass and spreading her tunnel. Susan moaned and gasped, writhing against him, wiggling and rocking to take more with each downward thrust. Despite being the last to sit on her pick-up's prick, she was so active and energetic she was the first to feel his balls under her cheeks and the full length impale her ass. She squeaked in pleasure as she felt it push through her thin wall into her clit, "Fuck, oh yeah, bang my ass, bang it good."

Beside her the other two housewives were moving faster and harder, as there assholes also spread and expanded to take in the full length of the dicks. The three women began to speed up, all three bouncing on the huge dongs, their legs spread out and their pussies quivering. "AAAArrrghh, aarrrggghh! Harder, harder. Oooooh, ohhhhh. This is so good. Fuck me, fuck me," there screams and squeals reverberated around Bree's main room. Up and down they went, Gabby taking back control and the others not giving it up and all of them more than adequately meeting Bree's promise of riding the guys like Broncos. "Uuurrhhhh. AAArrrrghhh. I can feel it. Oh my God, this is so good. I'm loving your big dick."

As she went up and down Bree knew why the others had persuaded her to try anal; her insides were cart-wheeling in ecstasy, churning and leaping with an orgasmic bliss that was so hot it was like she'd caught fire. She was an analholic now she knew, she'd never have enough of big pricks ploughing her pucker. And the best part of loosing her anal virginity - well the second best part after the orgasms - was that she was having her butt pounded with two of her three best friends beside her. She reached out her hands and her friends took them, the three of them wiggling them like in a Mexican Wave as they bounced up and down the dicks, soaking in pleasure.

"Aaaaaarggghh, yessssss, aaaaarggghh," Gabby squealed in pleasure as the dong dug deep up her ass, slapping at her special spot through the thin wall making her shudder as she came.