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Anger is dampened by the rain.

I take the robe and place it on the floor and she looks glorious. A nice tan that is not too deep and not fake. Her skin shimmers and her ass, bare and perfect just screams to me to touch, but I have to honor her wish so I drape a towel over her naked ass.

Putting my fingers on her back I can immediately tell she is frustrated. Years ago I had learned from a very special friend the art of knowing how to give a massage. Each knot I map on her back leads me to know that the only way to solve this problem is to start at her ankles. I spread her legs slightly and face towards her feet applying pressure to the back of her

Ankle about two inches above the heal. I press in and spread the tendon up and down and her tiny gasps coming from her. I work her calf muscles and concentrate on spreading the muscles in a way that the toxins spread out and enter my hands instead of staying in her muscles. I progressively move up to the back of her knee and she giggles as I lightly caress what I know is a sensitive area. Squirming she spreads her legs more and I get a nice view of her trimmed bush and pussy. I keep moving up rubbing her hamstrings and occasionally let my fingers get close and brush against her hair, never actually touching anything but getting so close that I can tell she is enjoying it. I know it because I watch her back rise and fall as she inhales deeply or does a quick set of short gasps.

I slide the towel down and work on the two areas of her ass that hold stress. She is wincing in slight pain but it is only good. Meanwhile I am in complete control of myself, my dick not only staying put but even though I am horny as hell I have controlled my erection and remained as professional as I can.

Working her back I spend extra time making sure I remove the stress and give her some tender loving care. I mount her ass and sit firmly on it so I can put adequate pressure on back. I trace tiny messages in her back in exaggerated cursive, messages like I want to lick your pussy and you look so sexy. All I hear from her is whimpers of pleasure and delight. I know I am doing a good job because she is so relaxed and a smile is on her face. I dismount her ass and approach her from the side, and my control is lost as her arm slightly moves and brushes against my dick. It throbs forward and instantly becomes erect and I slightly move back so she won't notice but it is too late. She moves her arm again and leans the back of her hand against my manhood and leaves it there. I am caught because there is nothing I can do, it is throbbing. She turns her head towards me and smiles and she shifts her body lifting her left breast off the bed and asks me if I am alright. I apologize and tell her that it is hard to ignore her perfect body in a situation like this and I am sorry, that I am trying to respect her wishes even though my mind is racing and I have the devil on my should smacking me around.

She turns completely over and leans back on both arms with her legs fully spread. I can see that the bed underneath her is wet and that she is fully excited. Her lips are fully exposed and her slit is glistening. She says she is sorry and understands and takes my hands and pulls me towards her. Her lips reach up to mine and I lean back into her and kiss her. A long simple kiss with our lips only slightly parted. She sucks my lip into her mouth and with her hands undoes my belt and slowly unzips my pants. Our kiss goes deeper and she laughs as I squirm out of my jeans and underwear. She instantly finds my dick and begins to rub in in her hands. My precum is everywhere and she is rubbing it all over the head of my dick. I am going nuts. I lift her up a bit and stick my dick between her tits. Rubbing it up and down she leans forward more and places her hands around her wonderfully shaped tits and presses them around my dick. Sticking her tongue out she licks the top of my dick as I rub it up and down.

At this point I know I need to seal the deal.

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