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A young Chubby Chaser finally makes a connection.

Veronica opened her mouth and their tongues danced together. They would have continued, but they had been in the closet for a long time, and the shop owner (not to speak of the customers) were becoming suspicious.

When they dressed again, Veronica told Jane, "The day after tomorrow, you'll have the bra you like. How many are you going to buy?"

"Twelve -- four of the model you showed me last, four 'Wild Orchid''s and four 'White Vixen'."

"What's your name? You said you wanted it embroidered on them."

"Jane. Pleased to meet you. Where will you write it?"

"On the underband, in the rear," Veronica answered wrily, "like in the model you saw last."

Jane laughed, shook Veronica's hand and left the shop.

Two days later, Jane cooked John's meal (as a nonhuman, she didn't need food) and then invited him to have a shower with her.

Due to Jane's huge bust (45"), the only way they could have it together was to wash their genitalia first and then plug the penis into the vagina before entering the shower booth. They had asked Chang Lequ to replace the shower booth with a Jacuzzi, but she declined and offered to mount a webcam on the top of the booth instead.

Once there, John and Jane carefully scratched, washed and rinsed their bodies; once they were clean, they began to kiss and fondle each other. John first hugged Jane compressing her tits between his and her ribs, then raised them over his shoulders.

The hypothetical webcam would have shot John's (scanty) hair, Jane's fluent one, and her breasts enclosing their heads, her areolas becoming excitedly red, her nipples getting erected and discharging her milk while John was injecting his semen into her body.

The tits covered the hears of both, thus putting them into sensorial insulation -- they could only hear her heartbeats and moans.

Once they were done, they went out of the booth, but John didn't stop chasing Jane. He grasped her boot, put his cock between the buttocks, pushed her to the bed, and made her kneel over it.

He was going to penetrate her vulva again, but Jane took a jar of lubricant from a drawer, so John knew that she wanted sodomy.

"Darling, I have to park my dick somewhere while lubing, or I'll lose the erection."

"My parking lot is always open for you. Please, drive in, and your locomotive will be taken good care of!"

So John penetrated her vagina, whose muscles grasped his penis and repeatedly squeezed it in order to maintain and improve its erection, and he begun alternately dipping his fingers into the jar and the anus, dilating it until it could host his locomotive.

So he could draw it out of the parking lot and lead it into the tunnel, which sealed around it. John's hands then climbed from the hips to the tits, and as he fondled the areolas and squeezed the nipples, he snuggled on her back.

"Touch my twat," Jane murmured, and John's hands left her tits, reached for the vulva and rubbed her clitoris while she grabbed and squeezed her own tits.

John had great stamina, and it took more than an hour for him to come, while Jane enjoyed it all the time. When she let his penis get out of the anus, she wanted him to make love with her again.

"Jane, I have a refractory period."

"Think a number."

"Ah, thirteen tripled!"

As Jane wasn't human, there were no feces in her anus, and the lubricant was strawberry-tree honey -- so any woman would have loved to lick it; and John had always thought that his semen was the tastiest in the world, especially when mingled with Jane's vaginal secretions.

So they resumed lovemaking until Jane announced, "Ready for the twat!"

"Darling, you've never swallowed my cum!"

Jane startled, pondered for a few seconds and resumed licking, prompting John to do that with greater effectiveness, until John came (Jane's orgasms were so many that they didn't make headlines anymore), and Jane could afterwards claim that male semen and strawberry-tree honey are an excellent treat.

When a man is in his refractory period, only superhuman means could draw its penis into a vagina -