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Josie demonstrates her control over Nikki.

r my question, where are you?"

They policed their own? Rayn nearly succumbed to peals of hysterical laughter as she began to truly understand the magnitude of what she'd unwittingly gotten herself involved in. Involved with.

Thane was a part of the mob. The mafia.

If he wanted her, he was going to have her. He not only had the resources but also the capital to ensure it happened. If his ultimate goal was to kill her, she was already good as dead.

But if his ultimate goal was to bed her...a delicious shiver stole down her spine.

"What do you want from me?" she asked, wincing when she heard the husky quality of her voice. "Please tell me what the hell it is you want from me?"

"I've already told you." A rustling sounded, as if he'd covered the mouthpiece partially with his palm. His voice was muffled as he said, "Cael, tell Amun I need that information. Now." Then he was back on the line. "To know where you are so I can give that sweet little body of your hours upon hours of uninterrupted pleasure, princess. Now tell me where you are."

Across the street. Come get me. Rayn wanted to shout the words, but instead asked, "Why'd you call your friend off?"

He paused, as if surprised by the question. "Because I'd very much rather find you myself. Much more satisfying."

"I am not-am not- telling you where I am, Thane," Rayn ground out, angered now that she knew for a fact he'd set his crony on her.

"Always the little spitfire, aren't you. I like that." His voice dropped an octave lower, ripe with those hours of untold pleasures, "Are you going to be every bit as fierce once I get you under me? Are you going to kick and claw and fight tooth and nail against the ecstasy I'm going to coax from your body?"

The thought made Rayn shiver. But, damn it, this man was crazy. She couldn't lose focus. "Me under you? I'm not worried about that happening, Thane. Not in this lifetime at least. Not even the next."

"Oh, it's going to happen all right. Very soon." The heavy pounding of a fist meeting wood sounded in the background. Thane said, "Thanks, Amun," before saying to her, "Actually, before this night is over with, it's going to happen. Within hours, I'm going to be buried balls deep inside of you," he promised. "And you know what, Rayn? I'm looking forward to the battle."

The line went dead, leaving Rayn perplexed for several minutes. Why had he cut the connection if he was so determined to find her?

Then it came to her. Today's superior technology had managed to kick her in the ass a second time. Thane had kept her on the phone just long enough to get a lock on her location.

Sweet Jesus, that meant he had a good three minute head start out of the five it would take to reach her. Rayn sped out of the clearing and up the path, hoping she wouldn't find him waiting for her at the end. Yet a small part of her also hoped she would.


Caught off guard, Adriana blurted, "Cullen? What are you doing here?"

"You remember me." Pleasure registered on a face Adriana noted was as beautifully chiseled as that of the god Baldr she'd seen in her past studies of Norse mythology.

Oh, this was better than she could've hoped for. Talking Cael into assisting her would've probably ended up an aggravating exercise in futility. But Cullen...Cullen was a different story.
If she was lucky, she could probably sway Cullen into aiding her cause without suffering the aftereffect of a splitting headache accompanied by the burn of failure.

"Water." With a slow smile, Adriana added, "Thanks. And thanks for whatever it was you put in it. You got me out of the line of fire."

He regarded her thoughtfully. "You looked like you needed the rest."

"So...where did tall, dark haired and perpetually pissed go?

A reddish, gold eyebrow tented. "Cael?"

"If that's what you like to call him, but I think surly might be a better fit. You should really think about renaming him."

"And I think I like you.

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