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Brenda takes an unusual vacation.

There are about ten other kids at the bus stop, but none of them are our age there all my sister's ages. Which I think was fine with Adria, because it gave her a chance to get her mind off of Casey and meet some of the other neighborhood kids. I thought with this amount of people I could chance 'opening up'. They all seemed exited to have new kids in the neighborhood. Thank God, I wasn't getting the 'static' from the day before around the twins, so I was thinking it would be safe.

Kim's bus came before ours. After most of the kids left I started to get snippets from the twins. They seemed to be in their own separate little worlds.

Carrie was embarrassed and nervous, and I got boyfriend..., do I..., and hot... could she be thinking of someone she's dating?

Casey was distracted and confused ...I don't understand..., ...why am I..., and get this... he must be going through something right then, but I'm not sure what. As concerned as I may be I would never pry into someone's mind without permission. Besides I didn't know what the static thing was I'm getting from those two when I got close to them.

"What's up guys, you got quiet all the sudden?"

"Oh, it's nothing. Just a lot on my mind that's all." Casey said.

"Yea, Nothing really." Carrie feebly answered.

"OK, but look. I know we just met and all, but if either of you need to talk to someone about anything. I'm well known as a good listener, and I usually have pretty good advice." I said in my best Dr. Phil.

"Thanks!" in stereo again. They laughed at my obvious joke. I don't think I'll ever get used to the twin simulcast thing. I had to chuckle though.

The bus ride was uneventful. Adria had already found a couple of girls to hang out with in the front of the bus. She had always been better at making friends then me. I did meet one of the twin's friends, Bryan Carson. He seemed cool as he sat next to me, and the twins sat together. I kinda closed down, with all of the minds shouting in cramped space. Everyone seemed way too happy for so early in the morning.

The first day school started out ok, but dissolved after third period. I was in only two classes with the twins, third period AP Calculus and JROTC.

I noticed the grouping the twins were telling me about. All over the school were little packs of students. Hanging with Casey and Carrie that morning, I was introduced to the Joes. They were the JROTC brats. Seeing as how I was in "rot-see", as they called it, I was glad to meet them. Rot-c was the only non-AP class I was taking.

This School's rot-c was Army. They doe things differently then my old school, it had been Air Force based. I would have to relearn all of the ranks again, as they have totally different names in the Army. I met the XO, a guy named Myles Greer, of the Company I would be attending and met several of my classmates. They were all cool.

First period was AP chemistry. Mr. Newton (yea I laughed the first time too) was the teacher. He was the kind of teacher I liked, very passionate about his subject. The more passionate a teacher is about their subject the more insight they give me. He was a bit worried about me though because they were having a big test that day and he didn't want me to get too far behind. I asked what the test would be on, and lucky me they were at the same place I was in at my old school. So I told him it was no problem. He was glad because he wanted to see where I was anyway. He said if I didn't do well he would let me retake it.

I was the first one finished, and he started grading it as soon as I turned it in. I had about twenty minutes left in class so I pulled out my new book and started memorizing it. Five minutes before the end of class Mr. Newton asked to see me. We stepped outside.

"Wow! You scored a perfect test! Is this your favorite subject or something?"

"No sir, that's my usual test performance though. If I hadn't gotten a perfect score I would have been worried." I smirked.

"This is how you perform in all your classes?"

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