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Episode 3 Who owns the Palace...

She made some moans and groans as I plumbed the depths of her throat, but she took it like a champ. Then I let up a bit, and let her work for my third load of the evening.

It took a while, and all of her skill as a fellatrix, but after twenty minutes or so she finally made me spurt across her tongue. She took it all, swallowing gratefully while I pumped her face. When at last I sighed and leaned back, she stood, wiping her lips.

"So, did I make the cut, Captain?" she asked, imploringly.

I sighed. "That was pretty good," I said. "But just how badly do you want to go home with me tonight?"

"I want you so badly that my cunt is leaking like a wet sponge," she said, earnestly. I didn't doubt that. But I decided to play with her just a little bit more.

"But what if I want your ass, Stephanie?" I asked. "What if I want to bend you over and fuck your tight little asshole. Could you do that for me, Steph?"

She swallowed nervously -- surely she was an ass-virgin. "Um, yes, I'll do that," she said, blushing furiously.

"What if I want you to do . . . other things?" I continued, evilly. "Perverted things."

"Whatever you want," she agreed, with strained enthusiasm. "I love . . . sex," she confessed.

"How about if I ask you to eat pussy, Steph? Would you eat another girl's pussy for me?"

She swallowed again, and her nose wrinkled just a bit. "If that's what you want . . ."

I considered. "Okay, let's give you a little test. You ready for a little test, Steph?"

"Just try me," she agreed.

"Okay, here's the stakes: you do this, and you go home with me tonight and I'll fuck the shit out of you and put you on the short list. It's still early in the week, yet, so I'll be auditioning others . . . but you will have made the first cut. Winner gets a mansion, a yacht, complete financial security, a husband guaranteed to fuck around on you, and the most pretentious in-laws in the galaxy. Agreed?"

"Whatever it is, just tell me," she said firmly, no doubt getting wet all over again at the thought of the high life I was dangling in front of her.

I took a moment to keep her in suspense while I lit a cigarette. "Okay," I said, finally, as she stared at me in wild anticipation. "You've got ten minutes to go out there, find someone at least as pretty as you, and send them back her for me to fuck. No teasing, no bullshit. Find me a girl to fuck, and you can sleep at my place tonight." Her eyes grew big as I gave her her kinky quest.

"But --" she began. "What about me? I'll be-"

"I'm auditioning, remember?" I asked, pointedly. "I'm already going to fuck you -- I want some new pussy before I take you home. You must know those girls pretty well, know which ones will screw. Find me one, tell her whatever you need to to get her back her, but find her. Because you now have nine and a half minutes, and once I walk out that door, our deal is off."

She nodded once and bolted. I chuckled evilly to myself as the door closed behind her. I'm not a nice man, sometimes. Poor little Steph was thinking one hummer and I'd sweep her off her feet -- and now she was put in the position of lining up new cooze for me (and new competition for her). I wondered which way she'd go: bringing in an ugly chick to keep the odds in her favor, or try to appease me by bringing in a pretty girl. If she was able to accomplish it at all, I noted, glancing at my watch at the half-way mark.

I was just stubbing out my third smoke when she skated in just under deadline, giggling her way through the door with another girl in tow -- to my surprise, it was April, the babe I had scared off earlier. She was blushing furiously and wouldn't meet my eye, but she was here, completely nervous.

"Well, we meet again, April," I said in an amused voice.

"I . . . well, I . . . Steph said . . ."

"Have you changed your mind? Are you ready to suck my cock?"

She nodded, still not looking at me.