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Busty theatre critic makes like a baby.

Uncuffing one wrist, Janet relocked the cuff to one of the chair's stout arms. Pulling a second pairs of cuffs from under the chair, she repeated the action and Jeri's wrists were tightly secured to the chair.

From under the chair, too, Janet produced two shorts lengths of rope, which she knotted expertly and bound Jeri's ankles to the front legs of the chair. She knelt down and raked her fingernails lightly up Jeri's wide-spread thighs. She leaned her face close and kissed the pink clitoris emerging from its hood.

"Please..." Jeri whispered.

"Oh, no, baby. Not me. Not yet." Janet stood and walked to the bedroom door. "I have a surprise for you."

Jeri couldn't help the loud gasp.

He was a well built naked man with a thick hard cock jutting straight out from beneath a trim muscled belly. His face had interesting character, neither too pretty nor too beaten. He had a good smile. Her eyes riveted on the bulbous lavender head of his cock and she licked her lips. And then felt shocked at how badly she wanted it in her mouth now. As she stared, a droplet of precum oozed from his cockhole and she shuddered, wanting to lick it.

Janet draped an arm across the man's shoulders, her other hand dipping to begin a slow, feather-light stroking of his erect cock. She grinned. "Does Jeri want hard cock? Hmmm?"

Jeri hips bucked, her thighs quivering. "Yes," she said through gritted teeth.

Janet's forefinger swagged the precum from the man's cockhole and smeared it across Jeri's mouth. "Do you like that? Yeah? You like the taste of his cock on your lips, baby?"

Jeri licked her lips slowly, around and around the oval, slurping up every bit of juice.

Janet leaned close to the man's ear. "I bet you've got a lot of cum for us, haven't you, baby? Let me see." She cradled his heavy ball sack in her palm, pumping and squeezing gently. "Oh, yeah."

Janet turned and kissed Jeri hard on the mouth. Her fingers pinched and raked across Jeri's blushing nipples. She splayed her fingers across Jeri's mouth and fondled her lips roughly.

"You can't wait to feel that cock in your mouth, can you, baby? Across you lips and over your tongue. Shoot down your throat. Yeah? And then to make it hard again so you can fuck it with your pussy? Is that what you want, baby?"

Jeri's head lolled; her feet tapping erratic rhythms against the chair legs. The puddle on the chair seat between her legs was shiny and slick against her thighs.

Janet slid her hand along the pool and then rubbed it on the man's cockhead until it glistening between her fingers. She pumped the shaft and another droplet of precum oozed from the slit. "Mine!" she said and dropped to her knees in front of him. She lowered her mouth just over his cockhole and sucked it into her mouth, licking swirls as she pulled her mouth away.

His hips bucked forward, but she laughed and stood. "Not now." She pointed her finger at Jeri's wide spread legs and raised her eyebrow. The man tilted his head and nodded. He lowered himself to his knees slowly and began caressing Jeri's legs, moving higher onto her inner thighs, caressing followed by kisses and short licks. Jeri closed her eyes and shifted her ass forward.

"That's it, baby. Just lie back and let me make you cum," he said, grazing his cheek along her thigh.

Jeri groaned at the touch of the tip of his tongue along her labia.