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A husband and wife try bondage for the first time.

"What? Where?"

"I'm going to the hospital now, she attacked a student and they say she's hurt too. You need to meet me there NOW."

Shit. "I'm on my way." He grabbed his hat and took his sidearm out of the drawer, sliding it into his holster. "Family emergency," he told the desk Sergeant as he ran out through the office. Jumping into his cruiser, he hit the lights and roared out onto Highway 52 towards the emergency room.

He parked in the law enforcement parking out front of the emergency room, next to the city police cruiser, and walked into the lobby. He could see Dawn on the far side of the office, sitting on a chair with her head in his hands, and he moved quickly to his side. "Where's Treasure," he asked.

"They won't let us see her yet," she said. Before he could ask, a door opened, and the Principal came out accompanied by an officer.

"What's going on, Bob?" Mark knew the officer well, they had trained together, and the look on his face said everything.

"She's under arrest for felony assault consummated by battery," Bob said.

Inside the examination room, a terrified Treasure was secured with heavy leather straps to an examination table while a doctor cleaned the scratches on her face and dressed the wounds on her fist. The officers had already taken pictures, not that there was any doubt as to what had happened.

When she had regained consciousness, just in time to see a bloody and beaten Denise being loaded onto a gurney, she had thrown up all over herself. The assistant coach wiped it off with a towel, since she couldn't move her arms with the handcuffs already on. Her teammates were looking at her with anger and disgust, and even her best friend looked at her with fear in her eyes. "Why?"

Jenny waited for an answer, and Rea didn't have one.

She couldn't remember doing anything.

The officer in the room watched her carefully to make sure she didn't lash out at the staff, but no one said anything to her that was not related to her injuries. She focused on the conversation in the hallway. Since she was twelve, her hearing had been better than anyone's, and that was a curse in her mind. The other students could go through the day, ignorant of the jabs and jokes at their expense, the cause of the sudden laughter a mystery to them. Rea heard every whispered conversation, even from across the room. A door was nothing.

"There was an incident on the soccer field between your daughter and another student. The Coach said she was pulled down from behind by her hair, and the two exchanged words. He thought it was over when Treasure attacked her viciously. She choked her, punched her a number of times in the face, then bit her shoulder."

"Bit her?" Mark sounded shocked.

"Rather badly, she was taken away in the first ambulance. She's in surgery right now."

"Oh Jesus," Dawn said.

"The coaches managed to separate the two, then Treasure blacked out. She was still out when the first officer arrived but woke up a minute later. She threw up and says she doesn't know what happened," the principal said.

"Doesn't know? Like she doesn't know why she did it?"

The officer picked it up. "No, she says she doesn't remember any of it. The last thing she remembers was standing up after she was pulled to the ground."

The doctor came out of the room, and everyone turned to her. "How is she?"

"She appears to be all right, but I have some concerns," she said. "She reported getting a sudden headache and memory loss, and she passed out followed by throwing up. I didn't see any other indicators of a head injury, but it's likely she had a concussion from hitting the ground. We are sending her for an MRI, to rule out that and other potential issues."

"Oh god, my baby," Dawn said.

"I'm also requesting a psychiatric consult," he said. "She has no history of violent outbursts? Anger issues?"

"No, she's been a great kid," Mark said. "This was the last thing I ever expected to hear."

"That is even more reason to have her talk to someone," he said.


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