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"Do you get on here regularly?" he asked.

She sat with her mouth open, not used to people actually talking to each other, especially strangers, on the tube his question took her by surprise.

"Yes, usually twice a week I travel to Epping to see my Aunt, she hasn't been well, she fell over and hurt herself so just trying to keep her spirits up."

"That's very good of you to take the time to look out for her in that way I am sure she appreciates it, Epping is a long way across London."

"Yes that's why I take a book to read it helps pass the time."

"What you need is a travelling companion, one who you can chat to."

Sid was still standing, his leg touching hers as they chatted, she noticed his bulge did not go down at all, he saw her checking him out. The train began to move, the jolt knocked Sid's leg into Linda's knee and her legs were spread wider still, he reached down and patted her knee looking at her.

"So sorry my dear are you alright?"

She looked back at him conscious of his hand on her knee which he was rubbing gently in the crush no one noticed.

"Err yes I am fine thank you, really it's OK."

He stood up, again her eyes were drawn to his crotch area, a distinct bulge was apparent, and the sensation in her panties was there again.

He was now standing between her legs as he looked down at her smiling, she felt unable to move, aroused too as she looked at this older man who seemed to have picked her out of the crowd. She was right in one respect Sid had picked her from the crowd, he saw in her all the signs of a good submissive, something he hadn't had for some time now, not since his dear wife passed.

The train pulled into the station and quickly emptied, Sid sat in the now vacant seat next to Linda, she felt a rush go through her as he sat down, and his hand patted her knee again.

"I will keep you company young lady, my name is Sidney, I don't have anything else on today so it will help us both to pass the time."

The touch on her knee again sent a shock straight to her pussy, she couldn't work out why yet the thought of a stranger doing that was getting her aroused.

For the next forty minutes Sid probed Linda for information about her husband and family, where she lived, what sort of books she read, where she went to school just about everything imaginable.

Strangely after the first minutes of their meeting she seemed to relax from the sexual tension that he seemed to have started in her and opened up to him answering his questions and finding about him too. Sid told her he was a widower and he and his wife used to have a lot of fun together, he winked at her as he said that and patted her knee again, it turned out that he had been staying with his son who lived less than 400 yards from her, she even knew his son by sight at least.

The time passed easily as they chatted and arrived at Epping, Linda got up as if to say goodbye to Sid, he took her by the arm gently leading her out of the station.

"Now where does your aunt live my dear, I couldn't just leave you travel back alone now could I."

"Really Sidney, it's OK, it's not far anyway."

"Well then we will get there quicker, I would like to meet her anyway, she sounds lovely."

Linda was beginning to wonder what she had done in getting chatting to this guy, he seemed very nice, a little eccentric maybe, also very persistent. She thought at least it would be some different company for her aunt so she gave in trying to get rid of him and let him have his way.

As they crossed the road outside the station Sid slipped his arm round her waist and guided her across, when they got to the other side she noticed he didn't remove his arm, Linda could not see an easy way to raise the issue so left it as it was. They walked down the road with Sid's arm round her almost as if they were a couple.

They arrived at Aunt Sylvia's house and knocked on the door, Linda took out a key and used it to open the