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Ian takes Catherine on an adventure in the outdoors.

I stood up, strolling over and raising my camera, but she'd already began tugging at the bottom of her shirt.

"Just a second, Brook."

"Is something wrong?" she replied, a shy look coming over her face, making her look just as beautiful as the confident one she'd held before.

"No, no." I chuckled. "I just need a fully-clothed shot for the cover." The smile returned, and she lowered her shirt-tail, turning a little and smiling brightly. I snapped the pic, and motioned for her to continue.

And Continue she did, lifting the shirt up and over her head, revealing a form-fitting, lacey blue bra that threatened to explode at any moment. As she pulled her arms through the sleeves, she turned her head and smiled into the camera, then turned to face front and did a "Wonder-Woman" style pose with her hands on her hips, grinning from ear to ear as my film absorbed her beautiful tits.

Next she reached back behind her, slowly unclasping her bra, and sliding down the shoulder straps, still keeping her breasts carefully covered, and smiling, more mischeviously, into the lens. As I gazed over her shoulders and her slightly revealed breasts, I felt the first twinge in my shorts. I'd hoped this wouldn't happen throughout my entire flight to the Keys...especially knowing that the odds were against anything happening, but yet, here I was...staring at a gorgeous and half-naked super-model, my cock rapidly growing rigid in my already-a-little-too-small shorts.

As her breasts became fully revealed, and i snapped pic after pic of her gorgeous tan tits, gazing through the lens at her dark, slightly hardened nipples, i thought I'd start drooling. My dick was now standing at full attention, and my mouth was gapping like a recently hooked large-mouth bass. As she ran her fingertips over her hardening nipples, her eyes closed softly and I swore could hear a slight sigh from her lips. Her near-perfectly round breasts heaved and lowered gently with her every breath as she smiled a calm grin at the camera before begining to work with her jeans. I was about to suggest she remove her shoes first, so things would move more smoothly, but noticed she'd left her sandals at the table and resumed my gawking.

After unbuttoning her jeans, and doing a pose or two with her fingers snaking inside the top of the blue lace panties she'd worn underneath, she smiled again.

"Everything coming out good?"

"Beautiful..." I mumbled.

"You sure? You're awfully quiet." she replied, her eyes looking directly into the lens.

"Just admiring the view." I grinned. Again I scolded myself, but then realized her smile had grown a bit, and returned the grin, changing rolls. As a breeze came through she shivered, her lovely tits shaking ever so slightly, their nipples pointing out even more, now perfectly erect. My cock twitched again, trying to grow even more, but couldn't, I was already at full mast.

As I readied the camera again, motioning for her to go on, she grinned slyly, turning away and bending at the waist, slowly pulling the tight jeans away and giving me a perfect view of her tight, round ass. Like Alexandra, she wore panties that exposed as much as panties could, and not be a thong...but on Brook, they might as well have been. Though she didn't have a big ass, by any definition, it was larger and rounder than Alexandra's had been, and the beautifully tanned legs that carried it were a sight to behold in their own right. Looking back at me, she turned her upper body slightly, to show off her tits a little, and ran her hands slowly, teasingly, along the back of her legs, her palms coming to rest on either cheek. She brought one hand up to her chin, tilting her head back and running her fingertips along her throat, between her breasts as she turned. When she opened her eyes, I noticed they were lowered slightly...she was looking directly at my cock.

"Enjoying the show?" she asked, the confident, and shady smile returning to her face as she continued to pose for the camera.

"Very much so.

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