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Teenager tells about her diary: On becoming a Woman.

She looked at Henry, then Jack, she realised with an enormous clang in her muffled head, that there really was no comparison between them. Yes they had their similarities, but he had hers too.

But where Jack was a persistent, charismatic young man, her husband, she also realised, was or had become, a bit of a bore. He was set in his ways, happy with his lot, got up on a morning and went to bed at night! He was getting old before his time, yet his wife was still a very vibrant, life loving, sexual, and loving outgoing woman. She wondered if she and Henry would survive this interlude.

Without reason, she wanted Henry out of the house so she could be alone with her son, she felt girlish, she wanted to play, childish even, she wanted a cuddle, a kiss, a love. She tried to think of something to get him out for a while but couldn't.

"Danni, I'm just going down the road for a newspaper, won't be long," Henry said. Then he as heading out of the house, putting his coat on as he went.

She watched him go with mounting anticipation wondering what Jack was going to do, do to her, take her, have her, what? She turned to look at him, he was already on his feet and coming for her. His mother's heart beat like a drum. That look was in his eyes again, fear gripped her, she had no defence, not now. Jack had removed it as flood water removes earth. "Jack," she almost pleaded, Henry would only be about ten or fifteen minutes she knew, at the most.

Jack grabbed her by the arms, turned her around, and Danni found herself bent over the table, and Jack was in her in a heartbeat, his cock filled her again, and it was like the first time instead of the third. He made love to her with long slow strokes and Danni nearly died with joy and happiness. To be used like this after all these years, was something she had known with a 100% certainty, that it would never happen again, now it was, And to Danni, it really was the ride of the year, the thrill of her lifetime.

Jack pumped her with his long hard strokes, and Danni's cum ran down her luscious legs and to her ankles. She wept tears of arousal, orgasm upon orgasm beat at her door, it broke down and Danni descended into the depths of wondrous heavenly joy. It was like being consensually raped, there was nothing she could do to stop him, she was his prisoner of sex, she was helpless, his every thrusting long hump decapitated her completely.

They both heard the crunch of car tyres on the drive, Henry was back. Jack pulled out, he hadn't cum, he didn't have time to, and he wasn't bothered. All he had wanted, was to be inside his mother again and he had. Danni righted herself and hurried upstairs before her husband opened the door. Jack went into the downstairs cloakroom, and dried himself off of his mothers cum and love juices.

"Is there anything worth reading in the paper dad?" Jack asked pleasantly as he sat at the table.

His dad dropped it in front of him, and said. "Nothing really important, have a look, where's your mother?" "She's upstairs getting cleaned up, she got splashed and she's dripping wet," he answered truthfully, if not mischievously, knowing her legs were dripping with her love.

His dad went off to find her, "Jack said you'd got wet Danni, what happened?"

She thought quickly, told herself Jack was going to get it, and told him. "Nothing much, he's exaggerating, just got some juice down me," she said and giggled inwardly.

"I hope you don't mind Danni, but I've been given tickets for today's big home game by a client, would you mind if I went, maybe Jack too?"

Danni knew straight away what Jack's answer would be, "No thanks dad, I have something to get on with that can't wait any longer" He will be thinking of me, Danni told herself. Then she thought, "It had better be that!"

"Not at all Henry, you go off and enjoy yourself.