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Trish Stratus & Torrie Wilson have exciting match.

Luke, on the other hand, was stocky and his dick followed true to form. Only some six inches long, it was as big around as Daisy's forearm.

"We can work and have some fun, or we can work ourselves to death with frustration," said Daisy, as she walked out of the creek and towards the barn. "I'll be waiting inside when you decide." Swaying her sumptuous ass for emphasis, she walked towards the house slowly, only looking back once. Daisy had entered the house when she heard them coming hurriedly from the creek.

Standing with her feet spread and the morning sun highlighting her voluptuous form, she knew just how sexy she looked, and the boys didn't disappoint her. They stopped in their tracks when her backlit body came into view. It was as if a vision had descended in front of them, and they really weren't sure of how to proceed.

"Daisy, this is so sudden, we don't know what to do," said Bo, as he walked towards her.

"Why, just do what comes naturally," she said, smiling sweetly and holding her hands out to both of them. As they neared her, she opened her arms and hugged them simultaneously, giving each a good feel of her boobs and running her hands down their backs and cupping their asses. "See, everyone loves a good old hug!"

"Now, you boys dry off and get some shorts on. I'm going to get ready for Daisy's 'Welcome Home Boys' party. I'll call y'all when I finish," she said as she left them in the living room, naked as the day they were born, dicks standing at attention.

As they were putting on shorts, Luke said, "Damn Bo, I don't know what to do. My cock's about to explode."

"Well, she said we could have some fun, so I guess that's what we'll do" replied Bo, as he sat on the bed, his cock still at half-mast. "It still feels funny though."

"If she's as hot as she looks, I think the funny feeling will pass!" laughed Luke, as Daisy called them to follow her upstairs. Scrambling like two randy teenagers, they caught sight of her as she waited at the bottom of the stairs-and what a sight she was! Dressed in a classic schoolgirl uniform, she exuded sex from twenty feet away.

Daisy had put her hair in pigtails, which draped over her shoulders and down the front of her shirt, ending at her erect nipples. The shirt itself was a plain white button up shirt, but she had left the buttons unbuttoned, and tied the tails under her braless breasts. Helping the vision was the fact that the shirt was two sizes too small, pushing her massive breasts towards the center opening, displaying ample cleavage. Her nipples were standing up proudly, as if they wanted to escape their confinement. It appeared that any sudden move would allow the tasty morsels to spring into view.

Daisy's skirt was plaid, pleated, and short; so short that it barely covered her pussy. When she turned quickly to go up the stairs, Bo and Luke were treated to a view of the perfectly shaped globes of her fabulous ass. Looking at each other, they felt any reservations dissipating as they walked up the stairs behind Daisy, looking up under her skirt and watching her ass twitch and move with each step.

When she reached the landing, she stopped and looked over her shoulder quickly, catching them eying her assets. "Well, what do you think? This is your last chance to back out," she said, squeezing her asscheeks together and releasing them, making them jiggle sexily.

"Daisy, we can't think of anyone we'd rather work with than you. That said, we've also decided that you are right-we're not related, so sex between us will be just that-sex. Now, how are we going to work out the details?" asked Bo, as they made their way down the hall.

As she turned into a doorway, Daisy smiled and said, "Well, work has to come first. We're all adults, and we should know our limits. If our play begins to interfere with work, we'll scale it back. As most of the work is outdoors, we'll just look forward to rainy days!" she said as she turned on the lights in the converted bedroom.

Bo and Luke were awestru

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