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Le in the yard by a dominant man and she hopes no one sees.

It's all so unbiblical."

"You are quite entitled to your views but I can correct you on your biblical knowledge. Trust me, there's not a word in there about premarital sex."

He continued, "I do admit there are a lot of warnings regarding fornication but that is defined in a numbers of ways. Theologians have various interpretations and definitions."

"My God is a happy god and he wants us to have joy in our hearts. I might be wrong about my beliefs but I'm betting on my interpretation. The things I stay well away from include the sackcloth brigade and those with fanatical fundamentalist views that are not open to discussion," finishing his little sermon.

Annie smiled a little, which was unusual. They both stood up, George approached her and took her hands, leaned forward and kissed her on both cheeks.

Annie colored up and smiled even more, "You know only a short time ago I would have recoiled from you if you attempted to kiss me or even hold my hand. Your advice is enlightening and those kisses went through me like an electric shock. I don't know what is happening, can I beg you for another kiss, this time on the lips."

George complied with the request and they spent the rest of the evening holding hands on the sofa with very little conversation, but feeling mutually contented, until Annie retired to her room.

George had been in his bed for thirty minutes when there was a gentle knock on the door. Of course, it could only have been Annie, so he called her in.

"I'm so sorry to disturb you, but I'm not going to sleep a wink until I have clarified a few thoughts."

"Sit down on the edge of the bed, if you wish, and talk your heart out," and George patted the spot where she was to sit.

"I have led a very sheltered life dominated by opinionated and dogmatic people. My late husband was a wonderful man but sadly lacking in the romance department. On Friday night, I would turn the lights off in our bedroom, he would say, (Annie changed her soft Scottish accent to full blown Glaswegian to imitate Angus) 'lift ye linen lass' and I would haul up my full length nightgown so he could get on top of me and relieve himself."

"I can't believe I told you that but it represents everything I know about sex, romance and relationships." Annie started to sob and was inconsolable.

George held her hands until the sobbing stopped and then asked her if she would like to be kissed again.

"I can't believe I'm in a man's bedroom, sitting on his bed, but I can't resist your kisses."

Separated by the bedclothes, George's pyjamas and Annie's night dress, they kissed until they fell asleep. Neither could remember how it happened but they woke up under the covers in the morning, Annie's nightdress was on the floor.

The next morning, a very cheerful Annie served George his breakfast and asked if she could spend the morning in town for errands and shopping.

George told her that he had to leave the house in ten minutes and was talking the train to give a lecture at another college, she could do as she pleased; he was quite sure that the house wouldn't fall down while they were both gone.

Getting home at seven that evening, George was flabbergasted. There was a new Annie in the kitchen with her hair down and resplendent in new, fashionable clothing.

"Are you going to introduce yourself and whoever you are, will you marry me?"

"Very funny, you would make a reasonable comedian but hang on to your day job for now. I went to a clothing store and told them I needed to transition slowly to better clothing so as not to shock too many folks. Same at the hairdresser, one step at a time."

"Very wise, where do you fancy for our honeymoon, somewhere hot, the Mediterranean, a cruise, I'll let you choose but can we stay away from cathedrals and museums for the most part?"

"One day someone will take your banter seriously George and that will get you in to a heap of trouble," Annie using his first name rather than Mr. for the first time ever.

"I'm having an early night about nine Annie; w

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