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An Afternoon with Jennifer.

He tells me to cover that back up. Then he runs his hand along my slit and rubs and rubs until I'm about to explode. But, instead of allowing that he just smiles and tells me that I've passed his test.

He then proceeds to Mo's inspection. He tells Mo to masturbate for him, which he does. Then, as Mo is getting close Master grabs his balls and tells him to stop. You can see the anguish in Mo's face. Master just releases Mo's balls and starts to get out of the car and tells us both to follow.

Inside the store I'm well aware that everyone can see the clamps on my extremely erect nipples, and that doesn't do anything but make me hornier. Master is leading us around as he looks at the lingerie. You can tell that he's wondering how many of the items will look on me. He then walks us towards the toy section and starts to look for very specific items. Mo and I are just following him. Then, he pulls out a butt plug and hands it to Mo. Mo is to go into the changing room and insert it up his ass. He does permit Mo to get some lube as well. Then Master looks at me and finds a pair of vibrating panties with a wireless remote and tells me to take out the ben wa balls and put this on. I'm to give the balls to Mo to suck on before we put them away. Of course we comply.

Master then takes us to the check out and explains to the check out girl that the items are in use and that they are to be paid for. Frankly I don't remember who paid for anything as right about that time Master turned on the panties and I'm going crazy from the vibrations. Master tells Mo to take our car to the Faifield Inn just a couple places down, and that I'll be in the car with Master. Mo complies, and I jump in with Master. He instructs me to reach for his cock and play with it while we drive. I reach inside his shorts to find he's not wearing any underwear and that his dick is as hard as a rock. We drive to the Fairfield Inn and Master parks right next to Mo, in the area where he was told to go.

Master must have already checked us in as when Mo comes to the window of Master's car he's instructed to get the bags from the car and meet us in the room. Master then tugs on my breast, pulling me closer to him. He kisses me on the mouth, his tongue darting quickly into my mouth. After a few minutes of this his hand is on the back of my head and I'm lead downward. I know what he expects so I open my mouth and engulf the dick I've been stroking for at least 5 minutes. As I adjust my body for better access the panties stop vibrating. I almost choke on Master's penis on the down stroke due to the change. Then, just as I think I may be getting him close Master tells me to stop. He then turns the panties back on and tells me to stay in my seat as he gets out. He comes around to my side of the car and lets me out like a lady, acting like 30 seconds ago I hadn't been sucking his dick.

I'm lead to our room which is on the second floor. Mo is sitting in the chair just waiting for us. Master instructs him to his knees. He quickly has Mo's hands behind him and they are handcuffed together. Master then instructs me to strip off my clothes except for the panties and to lie on the bed. From the look in his eye I know I'm about to get fucked. He tells Mo to stay on his knees and watch the events. He then handcuffs both of my hands, making sure he touches my whole body as he goes from side to side.

Then to my surprise I'm blindfolded.