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Final chapter: Vainamoinen proves himself a worthy mate.

" Tommy warned, his hands tangling in her hair. He moved her faster on him.

Sally looked at Greg. He smiled. She knew what he wanted her to do. She tightened her lips and sucked Tommy harder.

"Jesus! Christ!" Tommy roared a moment before he shot his hot cum deep inside Sally's waiting mouth. His hips bucked off the couch as he emptied himself.

"Fuck baby, that was wonderful." Greg's voice sounded by her head.

Sally licked her lips and lifted her face. Greg's cock was now level with her mouth. Oh what the hell...

She moved closer and wrapped her lips around Greg's straining cock. She heard him moan as she sucked on just the tip of him. Her tongue swirling around the sensitive ridge.

"You really know how to suck cock baby." Greg crooned, his hand sifting through her hair and holding her to him.

Sally was so fucking hot from sucking Tommy and Greg's cocks that she thought she would explode. She needed to come. She slipped her hand down between her thighs to her own sopping pussy.

"Oh no Sally, none of that." Greg said, pulling his cock from between her lips. "You poor baby. You need to come, don't you?"


"Lie down. Let us show you how good this can be."

Sally let Tommy guide her down on the couch. She could only lie there and watch as Tommy and Renee sucked her breasts while Greg settled between her thighs. He lifted her legs over his shoulders, opening her to his hungry eyes.

"I can smell how aroused you are." Greg said, and then he took a deep breath. "Now, I want to taste this pussy."

Before Sally could say anything, Greg's tongue made a slow swipe through her soaked slit. Her hips shot off the couch.

"Easy baby. This is going to feel so fucking good." Greg said, his deep voice vibrating off the aching flesh of her cunt.

Sally let her head fall back against the couch. Her hands came up and she played her fingers though Tommy and Renee's hair. Their mouths suckling at her breasts. Their teeth lightly scraping. The sensations of having both her breasts sucked on at the same time shooting straight to her pussy, where Greg feasted on her.

He flicked her throbbing clit with the tip of his tongue. Slow. Fast. Slow. With his thumbs, he spread her bare pussy lips wide. The sounds of him lapping and sucking on her wet cunt filled the room. He ate her like a staving man. He licked and sucked her. He stuck his tongue deep inside her dripping hole. His teeth pulled on her clit. The sensations were killing her. She needed to come. She could feel the tension building in her body.

"YES! YES!" She cried out.

They all continued to torture her. Greg's tongue fucked in and out of her pussy. His thumb rubbed her clit furiously.

"Come on baby. Come for me." He encouraged as he stuck his tongue deeper inside her and wiggled it.

"Oh God! Oh God! YES!" Sally lifted her hips as she cried out with her release.

Greg still sucked at her pussy, swallowing her cream as if flowed, his hands holding her tight against his mouth.

Tommy and Renee left her breasts. They stood and walked to the end of the couch, watching. Tommy's hands caressing Renee's pussy.

"Fuck baby, you are delicious. Now I have to fuck you." He lifted himself above her. His cock poised at her opening. "Do you want that? Do you want me to fuck your sweet pussy?"

"Yes Greg. Please!"

Greg spread her thighs wide with his body. He rubbed his cock over her wet lips, anointing just the tip with her cum. He tapped his cock lightly against her swollen clit, before plunging deep inside her.

Sally cried out. Her hips lifted to take him deeper. Greg came over her, his arms supporting him above her. His eyes staring down into hers.

"Come on Sal. Come again." He growled as he pumped into her.

Sally wrapped her legs high around his waist and took him deeper. His balls slapped against her ass as he plunged into her. His pubic hair rubbed against her bare cunt lips. His cock rubbing her clit with each thrust.

"Yes Greg! Yes baby!" Sally arched her back and cried out as her body shuddered in orgasm.

Her pussy clenched on Greg's cock, milking him.