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Son bothers his busy mum.

Fully indulging in getting head, this being exactly the sort of sexual encounter I've become addicted to over years of bathhouse visits. His towel, however, remained firmly wrapped, making it quite difficult to even figure out where his cock was, much less how to touch it. Only after several minutes of at times fumbling attempts on my part did he loosen his towel.

By now, we were positioned in such a way that it would be easy for me to start rimming him. His reaction was ideal, moving his mouth from rigid cock to quivering hole, causing me do a hit as his tongue touched me. Of course, the rush turned me into a pure ass slut, tongue bathing his softness, spreading my legs wider for him to get better access to what had become a center of pure desire, again uncaring whether anyone could see just how much I loved having a man lick my ass. Or even more obviously from the sounds of contented and muffled moaning, how much I loved licking a man's ass myself.

We continued to enjoy variations on male 69, ending up with him kneeling over my cock as I finger fucked his nicely lubricated hole. A couple of men had approached, but after a shorter or longer interval, they left, even when I tried to get them involved. As time went on, it became apparent that the man orally serving me had no interest in sharing. This could be considered a bit regrettable, as group sex is something that really turns me on, but his ass licking was so good that it made no difference that he was keeping potential partners away.

At some point, he removed my deeply fucking finger. It was easy to have him straddle my face again, tongue sliding up and down his crack, doing a hit as he began to rim me too. His somewhat small cock never really got hard, but rimming is its own world of pleasure, one that has little connection to being stiff. My tongue was pressing past his anal ring, surprising me at how sexy it felt - and how fantastically depraved to be really rimming a man like this.

The poppers were filling me, creating an intensely animal lust as I buried my face between his cheeks. Finally breathing out, it was a disappointment to have him move away as my cock swelled, lips and tongue still wanting to be pleasuring his hot ass.

Yet, it was my own stiffness that seemingly attracted him when he shifted down, having his asshole touch my erect length as the poppers crested with my naked cock in paradise. As the effects began to recede, I moved a hand down, keeping my cock from entering deeper, experiencing just how good it felt between his legs, his hole wanting to be fucked. Tantalized by the first experience of this sort of lubrication, particularly the fact it was my own spit. Unable to stop from indulging in a previously forbidden game, led on by the fantastically slippery softness of his available ass, saliva being a better lube than any others I've used over the years.

Mainly Vaseline, which was the second lube I'd ever experienced on my cock. The first being the lubrication from a Trojan condom, experimenting with condoms with my high school friend, who was also trying one on for the first time as I spent the night at his house. He had taken them from his father's supply, and we waited until we were sure everyone was asleep before opening the wrappers. After putting condoms on our then extremely inexperienced cocks, we both enjoyed truly mind-blowing orgasms, hearing each other moan and gasp to the liquid sounds of cock stroking.

Along with personal some serious embarrassment a few hours later, since I had not taken the used condom off. Something forgotten when starting to pee, wondering why it felt so different than normal, quickly being confronted with the problems of a pee filled condom, fairly tight against my cock after the lube had dried out. Things could have been worse in the end, but it was an early and vivid introduction of one major disadvantage of water based lubes.

However, Vaseline had the delightful advantage o