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Priya's evolution from a shy girl to a slut-wife.

The demon flashes forward behind the gates, his sword resting inside the guard's back. Death griping his soul, the guard screams in pain. More guards rush to the gate drawing their weapons; spears, swords, arrows, all types, facing the demon. A wicked smile forms across his face, a look of hunger in his eyes.

The guards lay dead under the demon's blood covered form. Breathing hard from the lust of the kill he looks around for more pathetic humans. He catches the shocked gaze of the woman, his grip tightening around his swords hilt. He charges toward her. She falls to the ground out of fear crying uncontrollably. Waiting for the pain of death, her eyes clench tightly shut. As she waits for death, nothing comes. She opens her eyes cautiously, seeing the demon staring at her with a new lust in his eyes. Her innocent doe eyed look sends an unfamiliar sensation though his body.

Hearing the sound of more guards rushing in from a distant location, she stands in a hurry and grabs his hand. "This way," she says with a soft warming voice that makes him follow without question.

They come to a door made of iron in the back of a dark alley. She pushes the door and it opens with a nasty, rusted, creak. Then enter a dimly lit room as the door closes with the same screech.

As she locks the door she turns to him and asks with that same warm voice, "What is your name?"

The demon looks her over not sure what she wants.

"What, are you a mute or just refusing to talk to me?"

He looks her over unsure what to say.

"Fine I will be upstairs when you are ready to talk."

She leaves the room up a flight of stairs, leaving the demon in the room below to dwell in his thoughts. He sits down on a couch and looks around, examining his new surroundings. He slips off his robe and takes off his sword sheath. He lays the sheath down beside him and gets to his feet, still looking around with curiosity. He looks over everything down stairs and starts to head up to the last unknown.

Opening her door he sees her naked form sprawled out on the bed, the covers up to her waist. His baggy pants conceal the proof of his immediate arousal. She slowly awakens looking up at him. She sits up, pulling the covers to her, covering her body. Getting up to walk out she hears in a dark cold voice.


She turns looking at him. A smile laces her face.

"And I am Rina, Sir Thorin."

As she turns to leave, he covers the distance between them, taking her into a loving kiss. Shocked, she pulls back. Seeing the change in his eyes she kisses him with a passion lined with lust. His cock now throbbing, he lifts her off the ground taking her to the bed. Her covers sliding from her form, he lays her down with a soft uncertain stare.

She smiles up at him while sliding a hand up his muscular, cut chest. Her hand descends to his waist, dropping his pants to the floor, exposing his large erect cock. She smiles more as she pulls him on the the bed above her. He looks down at her with uncertain eyes not knowing the feelings that flow through him. She wraps her legs around his waist while her hands caress his back. She pulls him to her, his hair falling forward resting on her perfect, firm breasts.

He slides deep inside her sending waves of pleasure though both of them. As his hips meet hers, his demonic side takes over. His pace quickly picks up as he thrusts himself harder into her. She leans back into the pillows, arching her back in pure pleasure. Her breathing gets shallow and weak. Her eyes grow wider as he grips her hips pulling up closer, her muscles tightening around his throbbing cock. She screams out in pure ecstasy as she cums around him, her nails digging into his back. Hearing her scream and leaning into her nails, his climax rips through him, a feral roar spouting from his lips as he cums deep inside her. She quivers as his warmth fills her, sending wave after wave of pleasure though her.

He collapses beside her breathing hard.

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