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Mother and son go shopping for wild party.

The soft moaning continued, but not many people seemed to hear or pay it any attention. Gradually, it rose in volume, and then ended abruptly. The two blonde girls emerged from the back, soon after, they're faces flushed, smiling embarrassingly. A little later the pixie came back out, her eyes deliberately diverted from the two blondes as she made her way over to an open corner. When the pixie's blonde friend came out also, and made for her friend, the two blondes started giggling controllably.

The next song was another slow one, so Natasha and I were dancing close together; with the tips of her soft breasts brushing against my shirt, the tops of my thighs touching her thighs. I spun her around, so my hand that was on her hip, brushed against her butt, before I moved it up to her back.

A rather tall girl with a wide beaming smile for the world, in a strapless tummy shirt walked in just then, and went straight for the man wearing the striped blue shirt. They greeted each other with a quick kiss on the lips, and he soon left and went over to the counter for drinks.
"I'm gonna go use the ladies room real quick," Natasha whispered when the song ended, then headed off towards the back, she ran into a guy in a bright red shirt as he was leaving the back in her rush. Looking around, I saw the dark pixy standing with her friend at some tables by the window, so decided to go over and asked her for a dance, in Latin dance clubs its very normal for people to dance with other people even if they're with somebody else, guys share girlfriends, girls dance together, guys sometimes get together and do a line dance, sometimes, so I wasn't worried about Natasha being jealous if she saw us.

"Oh, sorry, I'm kinda thirsty from the last dance," she apologized, but her blond friend readily consented. Taking her in my arms, we started with just holding hands, then I changed into the closed dance position, trying to get my hand on her shoulder blades, I couldn't quite get my thumb out from under her soft warm arm.

"Have you done any dancing before this?" I asked, it was a stupid question, but there are only so many leads into conversations that one can think of.

"I used to do Jazz Dance before this, but I haven't been dancing for about a year though, I hurt myself."

"What'd ya do?" I asked.

"Oh, I was at a recital in the back, goofing around with my friends, I was in the splits, and I fell over my lead leg, and pulled some muscles."


"Yeah, I know."

"I did that once too, I was stretching out before a kung fu test, and the worst part was I had done the splits before, earlier that day, and I guess I stretch a little further than before, and I heard that snap..."

"Yeah, I head that too!"

"So, I just left it alone for a while, now its fine."

"What stank for me was it was right before a performance, so I had to miss out on that."

"Uh oh, did they forgive you?"

"Yeah they did, I haven't practiced the splits since, I keep getting afraid every time I try."

"Aww, that sucks," I said, just as the song ended. I hooked my left arm over her right one and, baring the smooth seductive curve of her armpit, pulled her into me for a dip, pressing her large breasts against my chest as I looked into her face, "Well, thank you very much," I said, raising her back up.

"Yep, I think Jessica's ready to dance now," the blond grinned at me.

The blonde, went back to the Jessica at the bar, myself in her wake. Asking the pixie to dance once more, I took her hand and led her out onto the dance floor, seeing her close up, I couldn't help to remember her face from somewhere.

"You were here last Friday, weren't you?" I asked, after a while.

"Yep," she grinned back

"Cool, your 'Jessica?'"


"I'm Aaron."

"Cool," she said, little nod of her head.

As I spun her into a cuddle, I looked down at her shirt, her arms had squished her breasts together, giving the impression of de