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Frankie takes a step on the slippery slope towards adultery.

Then she bent over and slid the denim cut-offs over her hips.

Too late, she realized she was giving them more of a show than she intended. Her face grew hot and she quickly straightened. Behind her, the men cheered even louder.

"So much for being demure," Susan teased, grinning.

Beth's face turned redder still. "I didn't mean to moon them like that."

Susan arched an eyebrow.

"I didn't," Beth insisted.

"In that case," Susan said, "let's really give them something to cheer about." With that, she opened the shower nozzle. Then she pulled Beth under the stream. The water wasn't exactly hot, but it was better than the shower in the cabin.

Beth closed her eyes and wet her hair, the warm water running down her body. Then she moved back and wiped her eyes.

Instead of stepping under the spray, Susan turned off the nozzle and reached for the soap. "I'll wash your hair," she said.

Beth nodded and turned her back. The men were still watching through the binoculars, although they looked less comic and more captivated. She spent a delicious moment enjoying their hungry stares. Then she closed her eyes as Susan gently lathered her hair.

"I'll wash the rest of you, too," Susan whispered in her ear, soft and seductive.

Beth felt herself nod. Then she swallowed hard. Susan's first touch sent an electric tingle through her, and she tried to forget that the men were watching. No, she told herself. I want them to watch.

Susan's hands moved lower, but she wasn't simply washing Beth, she was caressing her. Beth moaned softly as Susan's hands moved lower still, to her butt and legs. She felt faint, and gripped the mast to steady herself.

Susan finished and stood. "Now," she said, "let me wash the front."

Beth started to turn, but Susan stopped her. Desire made her shiver as she waited for the coming touch. She almost cried out when she felt Susan's hands on her shoulders, her arms, her breasts.


Beth's eyes snapped open and she followed the sound to the back of the boat.

Jack was holding back laughter, and David was bent over. He straightened, gripping his dropped binoculars and looking chagrinned.

Susan chuckled, low and mischievous. "Just think what he'll do when he sees the rest of the show."

Beth closed her eyes and fought to remain standing. The next minutes passed in a blur of soapy caresses, and she felt an extra thrill knowing that the men were watching.

"Are you ready to rinse?" Susan said at last.

Beth sighed. "I'm ready to melt."

"I think Jack and David are ready to pound nails."

Beth opened her eyes and glanced back at the men. They'd lowered the binoculars and were trying to look relaxed, but they were both watching like hawks. She smiled to herself and stepped under the shower stream.

Beth's stomach fluttered, but she asked, "Do you want me to do you?"

"I'd like that very much," Susan said with a smile as she stepped under the shower. Her skin glistened in the sun as the water ran over her.

Beth lathered the soap in trembling hands. She felt a nervous thrill as she washed Susan's hair. Then she moved lower and closed her eyes, working by feel alone.

Oh, but the feel!

Her soapy hands slid over Susan's smooth skin, and her imagination filled in the details. Finally, she knelt on the deck and mustered the courage to open her eyes. Susan's body was shiny with soap suds, and Beth swallowed hard. The men were still watching, but she ignored them.

"Ready for the front?" Beth asked, more for herself than Susan.


Her breathing grew ragged, her chest tight with anxiety. She swallowed again, the smell of the soap sharp in her nostrils.

Susan turned. "It's okay," she said softly, gazing down, "you don't ha-"

Beth began washing her feet. As though someone else were controlling her, she moved her hands higher. Once again, she worked by feel alone. She wanted to look, but she couldn't bring herself to. Her soapy fingers did the work of her eyes, until she reached the top of Susan's thighs.

"Oh, my," Susan breathed.

Beth swallowed hard and beg

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