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She is attracted to a much older man.

She also lost her spectator status as she grabbed the ass attached to the intruding cock and started grinding her pussy against base of that cock.

She felt something hit her on her left cheek. As she turned her head that direction she realized that it too was an erect penis. Laura opened her mouth enough to allow her tongue to emerge and begin to snake its way tentatively around the head of this new challenge. Nearly her entire attention, however, was fixed on her vagina and what was happening down there so she was having some difficulty giving head. Finally she detached one of her hands from Jerry's (she assumed it was Jerry's) ass to hold the base of this new cock. This allowed her to steady her aim enough to take it deep into her mouth until the head touched the back of her throat. She tried to get some semblance of a rhythm going while sucking it but knew that the primal pelvic penetrations were occupying nearly all her focus.

Laura noticed in passing that her left nipple had become erect and almost painfully sensitive as it was being rhythmically brushed by her own knee, her legs still trapped between her body and that of her lover.

As the pace of the stroking picked up she could feel the orgasm building within her. Her partner had one hand on her belly and his thumb was furiously rubbing her exposed clit. Laura felt the cock begin to convulse just as the tidal wave of feeling broke over her causing a bite response. She didn't bite the cock in her mouth hard enough to do any damage, but she did pinch some skin causing her second partner to yelp. Suddenly her attention was diverted by the sound of cheering and applause. She realized she had been fucking before an audience!

Laura wrapped her arms around her partner's neck and a voice began whispering in her ear, "None of them know who you are and because you're wearing a mask no one would be able to recognize you if you should bump into them in Mike's Bakery in the morning. Now, shall we continue or would you rather stop?"

Laura needed no time to think about the answer to that question. She pushed Jerry's chest so he sat up, his penis still inside her. Her legs, no longer trapped, dropped on either side of his hips and she locked her ankles behind him. She propped herself up on her elbows and turned her head in the direction she supposed the crowd was concentrated and began slowly nodding her head in the manner of a monarch bowing to her subjects, all the while saying, "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you..." The crowd quieted down and Laura continued. "I'd like to thank you all for assisting in our celebration of our Eagles making the tournament!" The crowd roared.

"I'd also like to especially thank..." The crowd quieted down. "I'd also like to especially thank these wonderful folk who aided in my... Is deflorination a word?"

The crowd cheered again. Occasional shouts of "Hell yes!" were scattered around the room. Laura continued. "Anyway, thanks to those who helped me pop my cherry, and..." She reached out with her right hand, blindly feeling the empty air around her sofa. "and there's a cock out here somewhere that I owe an apology and a blow job to!" The crowd exploded. It took less than a minute before there were three erect cocks vying for position, impatiently tapping her face. Laura held her hands up in a gesture for silence. "I do believe we have a couple of cheaters in the crowd! Don't worry though everyone, I'm reasonably sure I can remember the flavor of the cock I'm indebted to!"

Laura had the three candidates line up in a semicircle around her and proceeded to take the first of the three, kiss its tip and take the entire length of it into her mouth. She took two or three strokes up and down its length, each time burying her face in the candidate's pubic hair. She called out, "Ladies and gentlemen I believe we may have a winner!"

The crowd cheered but there were scattered cries of "imposter" floating through it.