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It made Danielle so hot. She tilted her pelvis forward to give Jason's tongue access to her clit. He found it and went to work instantly, licking and sucking it until Danielle was moaning too. She arched her back. Showing Amanda her big, beautiful breasts, caressing them, pinching the nipples to make them stand out.

Amanda circled her hips, taking Jason's cock all the way inside, feeling him fill her completely. She arched her back, her hands bracing herself on Jason's thighs, her breasts reaching up in the air. She could feel her orgasm approaching. Never did her eyes leave Danielle's.

Danielle watched Amanda getting closer and closer to coming. She felt SHE was the one riding Jason's huge cock; just as Amanda felt she was the one licking Danielle's pussy. Danielle's eyes started to flutter as she felt herself about to come. She pressed herself against Jason's face. She couldn't get enough of the feeling of his tongue inside her.

Jason could feel Danielle's pussy as it started to contract and he knew she was on the verge of coming. He reached up with his hands and felt Danielle's full breasts. He rubbed the nipples and his tongue worked overtime on her clit. His cock felt bigger and harder than it had ever been.

Amanda leaned forward, her hands braced on his chest. She was so close to her orgasm. Jason started to raise his hips, sliding his long cock into her. Danielle, heaving now, leaned forward too, her hands on top of Amanda's. They were face to face.

"Kiss me," Amanda groaned.

Danielle's mouth found Amanda's, their tongues meeting instantly. Jason lifted his hips, pumping Amanda now, and flicking Danielle's clit with his tongue. Amanda's body began to shudder as she started to climax. She cried out.

"Oh yeah," whispered Danielle. "It feels so good. I love how he's fucking you. He's fucking us both."

Jason loved hearing that he had a central role in their fantasy. He was living HIS fantasy -- fucking two women at once, one with his cock and the other with his tongue. He lifted his hips, pressing deep into Amanda's pussy, almost involuntarily. Danielle's hands found Amanda's breasts, pinching the nipples, making her groan even louder. Amanda's body was bucking now, shaking as she climaxed.

"That's it. Come for me. I've wanted this for so long. I've wanted you."

Danielle's fingers reached down to Amanda's pussy. She could feel Jason's cock sliding in and out of her. She began to rub her clitoris fast.

Amanda literally screamed with pleasure as she came. Danielle watched her intently, amazed at the intensity of her orgasm. Jason, too, watched her from between Danielle's dripping legs, lifting and lowering his hips to extend and further ignite her climax. He still hadn't come though he felt he could explode at any moment.

Eventually, Amanda slumped and Danielle held her. Jason slowed his pumping. Amanda's eyes were closed, her body limp like a rag doll. Danielle gently laid her down on Jason's chest.

After Amanda rolled over on her side, Danielle curled up next to her, facing her, also on her side. Jason disengaged from her, and lay next to Amanda on the other side. He hadn't come yet and his cock was still long and hard.

Amanda was catching her breath, touching Danielle's face, while Danielle softly ran her fingertips over her skin. Jason was spooning her from behind and she could feel his breath on her neck, and his hard cock against her ass. She reached back and grabbed Jason's ass, pulling him to her, while she felt Danielle's breast pressed against her own.

"Looks like we've got an Amanda sandwich," said Jason as he pressed his body against her backside. Truly, Amanda felt Danielle and Jason's soft skin, as well as their hands all over her body. It felt wonderful.

"What do you feel like?" Danielle whispered in her ear. "What do you want us to do?"

"Mmmmmm," moaned Amanda. "You've done everything wonderfully."

"I want to act out your fantasy," Danielle whispered.