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Sharing a room with mom and dad.

That's not really for us, we're not exhibitionists. We just don't listen when people tell us to get a room.

One night when he had me pinned against the wall of our bedroom, sliding his cock in and out of me with a raw passion, I started talking about something we'd never done before.

"Baby, you know I love your cock, and your body..." I breathed as my hands gripped the wall, nails digging into the paint. "But, I love women too. I really want to taste a girl while you watch." I could feel his pace quicken as the door shook from our bodies slamming against the wall. My insides were just on the edge of orgasm, I held my breath waiting for it to hit. My cavern broke into screams of pleasure. I reached my hands around and grabbed his waist, pulling him further inside me. The force caused his seed to spill fast and hard, dripping down my thighs onto the carpet.

That's when we decided to learn about swinging. Vincent told me I was always better with 'those kinds of things.' So I took it upon myself to do some research. You'd be surprised at how many sites on the net are completely based around bringing couples together with bi-singles or other couples. I signed us in to a few of those sites. I payed the monthly fees to get full access and spent the rest of my time weeding through hundreds of profiles. I sent out a few e-mails to those that seemed worthy of our attentions.

Oddly enough, I wasn't the one that contacted the sultry individual who was about to share a night of steamy passion with us. She contacted me. Opening my mailbox was a pleasant surprise the day I first saw her. She had long dark hair, blue eyes and a healthy tan across her luscious body. Her breasts were pert and bursting out of the white blouse she wore in the picture, and her smile was infectious. Her lips were full and waiting.

"Hi. I'm Eve. You two sound like tons of fun. Gimme a call sometime. 761-542-4150."

I called her that afternoon, sweating with anticipation. Her voice was silky and beautiful and I couldn't wait to dive into her lips. We agreed to meet at her place, which was only about twenty miles away from ours. I was surprised at how fast everything was happening. When she answered the door, our mouths hung open and we broke through the door like savages, begging for a scrap of meat. She was stark naked, her whole body exposed and ready to be touched. I tasted her first, grabbing her supple body and ravaging it with kisses, hearing her moans drove me further.

Vince had his cock out in minutes, stroking it madly as he watched the two of us explore each others bodies. I was quick about finding my way down to her pleasure box, letting my tongue rove over the surface of her tight clit. My fingers slid inside her moist hole and she clenched, falling back on a velvet couch just inside the living room. Her legs spread wide like a ballet dancer, begging me to dive into her. My face was soaked with juices, sweet and intoxicating.

My husband grew tired of jacking off as we touched each other. He took advantage of the fact that I was on my knees in front of her delicious twat and slid his hard erection deep into me with one thrust. I screamed into her pussy and she came onto my face. I lapped up her cum and went for more.

When I was finished being fucked with my face buried in her snatch, she said she wanted to taste a juice covered cock. My husband removed himself from my cunt quickly and slid his slick member inside Eve's waiting mouth. He grabbed her raven hair and shoved her face down onto him. She gagged a couple of times, but eventually took all eight inches down her throat. I watched quietly, not touching myself. I was enthralled with the idea of watching another women pleasuring my man. How gracefully she took everything he had to give, and how beautifully she did it. It was raw and sensual. It drove me wild with desire.

When he couldn't take any more sucking without exploding, he pulled out of her mouth and pushed her down on her back, sliding his saliva covered penis inside her aching cavern.