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Bri gets the job.

Re-establish the bond forty years apart had weakened.

The cabin was just ahead of them, a compact glass and brick two storey structure covering 1,440 square foot. The lights were off but that was expected as no one should be there. Still he stretched his senses to feel for any unusual energy, he found none but still he kept his guard up. Without a word he took the lead unconsciously pushing Aage enough to stop her from taking another step.

"Don't manhandle me." She bit out but he ignored her. She had to know from his action that he was only trying to protect her. He knew she was intelligent enough to realize it without having it spelled out. Wanting to assert her displeasure was no excuse for carelessness. Turning he glared his warning to her.

He had never been a man to repress women in any way but she needed to know he was in charge. He might indulge her, he would indulge her but ultimately he would decide what was best. At the moment she needed to vent, lash out for what he had put her through but he would not justify her being careless.

Whatever she thought would come of their relationship he was never going to let her go. At least she had acknowledged that what they had was unbreakable. She might not like him now but she wanted him, even as she claimed otherwise. He would use that. He was ruthless in what he wanted and made no apologies for it.

Soon enough they would be back in his kingdom and God help the Humans for he certainly wouldn't. He was going to purge the world of their kind, show them how weak and stupid they were. How dare they think to come after his people, dare to imprison and experiment on them. He was going to show them their worst fear, show them the future they justified their inhumanity on.

He smelled her fear, saw her body freeze in that way people did when they sensed danger and were deciding weather to flee or fight. With effort he schooled his features to the blank mask he had perfected over the centuries. There was no need for her to fear him but still she did. "We have tae move as if someone hunts us. There mightna know about the cabin or they might, we shall see."

Without waiting to see if she would follow he moved forward. His footfalls made no sound as he kept to the shadows. He was a creature of the night, they both were, predators created for stealth with eyes that saw far without trouble even in the depth of the night. Tonight had a full moon and favored anyone who might be watching.

His skin prickled, not because he felt someone watching. It was the exposure, the idea that he might have unwanted watchers observing him, watching for weakness. Studying him for a way to kill him, a way to torture him, wanting the secrets he alone would know of. He would not have mercy on anyone foolish enough to come after him, he was strong, they had made him stronger than fifteen centuries of living had achieved. His powers were on steroids.

He would not let them win, he would not die. He was the last hope of his people and his duty was above all to them. He wanted to howl his challenge to the world, dare any fool to try for him. Power built in him, raw, virulent. He wanted to rage at whoever might be watching him, reducing him to an object. He the most powerful of his people. He would trample them into the ground; leave nothing of them to be found.

"Ah Liam, you're shinning, kinda like a reactor about to go nuclear. If it means anything to you I still wanna live, you know, not done with life." The bite was still in her voice but there was trepidation also.

The sound of her voice brought him up short, grounded him. Taking a deep breath he released it slowly, focusing on the act and nothing else. He needed to stay calm, keep going until he could come up with a plan, take one step at a time and all that. He would get his revenge.

With each breath a cooling wave bathed his insides until he was back to normal. He would be strong, he was strong and losing control was not an option.

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