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She'd been dead inside, now she wanted to feel something.

She poorly tried to hide she was checking us out -- well, mostly me out -- and then commented, "You really can't keep your hands off him, can you?"

"Well, he can't keep them off me, so I'm just returning the favor," Alison noted. "I guess you could see why I'd do that. He has a gift, so I try to let him use it....and share much as I can."

Emmy took that implication in, then looked back at me as I smiled a little bashfully. " going to pack that back up soon?" she asked.

"Do I have to? I certainly will if you want, and if she wants. If not...." I left hanging out there. I looked at Alison to give her one more chance to stop this, but she shook her head no. She also made sure Emmy saw it, giving her a sign of approval. With all the little shows we'd been putting on, all the innuendos and the little bit of buzz she had, there wasn't much more we could do to get Emmy on board.

Emmy stood in front of me while I still sat in bed, with my cock sticking out right for her. She bent down to look closer at it, giving me a good look down her dress and into her notable cleavage. I also got a great view of her big, entrancing brown eyes looking more turned on at the sight of my erection, which made me impossibly hard again. Once she looked back up at me, and once I reached over to touch the soft hair on the back of her head, we were both goners.

Emmy finally put a hand on my cock just as I pushed her head forward until her lips met mine. Yet we kissed slowly with our lips closed, trying to ride through the initial awkwardness of the situation -- and block out that Alison was there. I distracted myself by stroking Emmy's silky brunette hair before moving my hand over to her amazingly soft skin and cheek. She was indeed as smooth and delicate and sweet as Alison -- although I still needed to do more testing.

Soon our lips got more active and our tongues prepared to get into it, while I let my hand go from her face to her back. My other hand joined and helped find her zipper, then worked together to pull it down. Emmy took her hand off my cock and helped me to slide the dress off, so I broke the kiss to get a good look at the outcome.

Emmy stood straight up again and finished kicking the dress, leaving her in nothing but her panties. The rest of her pale, creamy flesh got my attention, however, from her slender legs, her nicely curved hips, her trim waist, and breasts that weren't far from being as full and round as Alison's. Combined with her own sweet/seductive smile on her face, I was really ready to go.

I removed my own shirt so I could quickly embrace her and rub her bare skin against me. After a few seconds of kissing and grinding our upper bodies together, I fell on my back with Emmy on top of me. I ran my hands down her back and headed for her still covered ass, yet Emmy stopped me. "I gotta see more of it..." she briefly explained, which was enough for now.

I slid backwards so I was lying on the middle of the bed, giving Emmy room to climb up herself and then lie in front of me. I still had my pants and belt on, so I went to work getting those out of the way. I threw my belt away and Emmy helped me slide my pants off, leaving me naked while Emmy focused back on my cock.

I had to see this and take it all in, so my eyes never left Emmy as she positioned her face above my erection. Her hand then grasped the bottom of it and tugged the skin down, leaving my cock perfectly taut as she licked slowly up towards the top. She gave me a few more tentative licks on my head and then slid her tongue up to my slit, before dipping her lips over my head.

As she suckled my head gently, I willed myself not to throw my head back, so I could take in the sight of Emmy working my cock. I waited until her gorgeous eyes looked up at me before I felt safe to blink. But I had less restraint when she moaned on my member and glided her tongue underneath my head.

After taking a few deep breaths, I placed my hands on her cheeks and held on as she bobbed her head up and down.

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