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Jing Mei finds more than milk at the store.

Hein, are you listening?"

"Hum" his boyfriend Hein gasped, "Other may like my big size".

"Let's not talk about individual" Roma gave an angry look at Hein and Chris, "We have come here to get the pleasure of group sex where variety is the key word. Let's enjoy the variety."

Nobody dared to talk after Roma's dumper. Everybody tried to finish their first drinks quickly so that they could finish second to go for dinner as early as possible. After listening to Roma's meticulous plan everybody was excited to enjoy variety.

As per her plan, me and Hein would take Gabby in first round, while Roma and Chris would be pleasured by Franz. Then in second round, Roma would join us, Gabby would go to second group. In third round Chris would join us, Roma would go back to second group.

Before nine o'clock we finished our dinner and took third round of drinks dancing with others' partners. I danced with Gabby, Hein danced with Roma and Franz danced with Chris. Now all of us were tipsy for entering into a new world of sexitement. We decided that we would undress our partners.

While dancing Gabby pulled off my shirt first, then trousers, finally my underclothes. Then I undressed her. We danced for some time naked. I planted some passionate kisses on her sexy lips, licked them, fondled her tits, sucked her nipples. She reciprocated with some hot sucking of my lips. Then she grabbed my rock hard cock and rubbed it in her pussy passionately. She groaned in pleasure. I realized, with all our inhibitions blown off, we were ready to sail in an unknown ocean of group sex. Hein joined me and Gabby and Chris joined Roma and Franz.

Gabby pushed me on the floor, turned her back, knelt down on me keeping her two knees by the sides of my chest and leaned down to take my cock on her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it. Oh, what a heavenly feeling! Another woman licking my cock! A wave of extreme excitement danced down my spine.

Gabby raised her ass upward whilst deep throating my cock. Hein wasted no time in putting his mouth on her hot pussy from behind and started licking, sucking, nibbling. I could see, his hungry tongue was frantically swirling in her clit, his wet lips were madly nibbling her pussy lips. Her pussy started juicing. A few drops fell on my mouth. Its taste was exotic. My body throbbed in ecstasy. What a sex! I never thought, sex could be so stimulating, so exciting.

Gabby's lovely breasts were swinging over my belly. I started fondling them. Teasing her nipples by nibbling them constantly. She groaned with delight.

From other side of the room loud groaning and moaning from Roma and Chris and Franz's continuous lewd conversations incited my passion to its peak. It appeared, Franz had straight gone to fuck Roma while Roma was sucking Chris's pussy.

"Oh my God, What a fuck!" Roma was heard shrieking in ecstasy, "Franz, you've a beastly cock, drilling my pussy like a wild animal. I'm thrilled by your each beastly stroke. Fuck me, darling, fuck me harder. Ah... Ahhh.. Ahhhh.."

"You horny bitch" Franz screamed, "You're a whore. Your tight hot pussy is roasting my cock."

"Oh Gosh, Roma, Franz is really fucking you hard" Chris moaned loudly, "I can see, his beastly glistening meat is steaming in and out of your thirsty pussy hungrily. Oh, what a sight! I never saw a cock fucking a pussy so closely. All your fucking juices are falling on my face and mouth. It's hot, it's tasty, it's exquisite."

All these erotic conversations of the other group had been igniting the passion of our group. Particularly, that of Gabby, whose boyfriend Franz was pounding his cock into Roma's pussy with delight, her own pussy was under siege of Heinz's mouth, tongue and fingers, her tits and nipple were tortured by another stranger in me and she had in her mouth a stranger's cock.. Now I started realizing the beauty of a group sex. Whoever had said, ultimate of sexual pleasure was group sex, he was right. No other style could bring sexual pleasure to this height.

Excited by Hein's tongue fucking her pussy and my fondling