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"Man all I know is Stephanie sucks a dick like you couldn't believe!" he told me. "Have you fucked any of the ladies since you got here Dynamic?" "Well I did have my dick sucked and ate the pussy of Debra," I responded to him. He looked shocked as Stephanie McMahon walked into the lockerrom wearing one of her leather numbers. This caused me and Triple H to change what we were talking about. "So I can put an armbar on a lot quicker by doing this?" I motioned to him. "Yeah, you got it rook!" "Are you ready to go yet Hunter?" Stephanie asked him. He simply nodded his head as we slapped each other on the back. As him and Steph were leaving she shot me a look with her eyes thatwere "I want you to fuck me hard!!!" but she simpley said she wanted to see me in her office before Raw the following Monday. I just sat there amazed wondering what she wanted. So as the days went by until Raw, I traveled and did the house shows. Then Monday came, and I arrived to the Georgia Dome.

I started to walk through the backstage area and was going to my lockerroom. I dropped my stuff off and then started walking around as I was trying to find the office Stephanie was in. I asked around and then fount out. So off I was as I reached the office. I knocked on the door, "Come in!" she said. As I entred the office I saw her leaning against the desk, and she was wearing a tight mid length skirt, open toed shoes, and she was also wearing a tight pink blouse with the tops of her magnificent breasts exposed. "I'm glad you could make it," she said as she was looking over my body. "We were going over some stories in the meeting and me and my daddy both think you are ready for the World Title. You have come along so fast since you joined, and its your time. We are going to let Chris know later...How do you feel about it?" I stood there shocked, and Stephanie started laughing. "Usually the guys would be full of words by now Dynamic." "Oh I'm sorry. It's just a shock to hear about it this quick." I responded..."Well you have nothing to worry about. You are ready to be the focus in the WWF." she told me..."Wow! Thanks, how could I repay you?" was what I told her.

"Oh I have an idea." she said grinning and eyeing my crotch. I noticed what she saw, and then looking at her she slowly removed her skirt. Standing there with a white lacy thong covering her mound she looked slutty, but at the same time so damn sexy. Motioning for me to come to her I did, and we met right at the desk and started kissking each other wildly. My kisses started to travel down her body as I kissed her neck and then kissed her breasts through her shirt. I kept going slower down her body as I reached her panty covered pussy. The huge wet spot right in the front let me know she was excited. I ripped the panties off and started licking her pussy slowly and nibbling on her clit. While doing this my hands were still massaging her tits. I moved away from her pussy for a moment and she got closer to me and with all of the urgency in the world she had me stripped and her hands were jerking my cock and soon her mouth replaced her one hand as she started by licking up and down the side and then she took the head in and slowly swallowed until the entire 7 inches was all the way in. "Damn suck my dick Stephanie!" She kept it up and as I almost came she clamped down on my dick with her hand. "You aren't coming yet big boy!" she shouted and then stoof up as she grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head revealing one of the best pairs of tits known the world over. She took my head and shoved my face into her breasts and I was kissing on her breasts like crazy. We laid down on the floor, and I stuck my dick deep into her pussy. Steady thrusts and me kissing on her tits kept going on for a while when I pulled out and turned her over.

She looked at me with big eyes I had her get on all 4's.