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I didn't blame her. I was so confused and drained of energy I couldn't move, I just lay there letting her clean me, but I did try to get up when against my will I realized that my cock had stirred and was rising to full erection quickly. She pushed me back down firmly.

"It's alright baby it's alright, this is quite natural too if a woman is touching your thing. Just lie back and remain still."

She took a dry rag and finished the job on my cock which was pointing skyward then pulled my trunks all the way off my legs. She threw her covering sheet over my erection, forming a little tent. She then started to walk out the room, telling me she was going to my room to get my pajamas. By the time she returned with my pajamas my cock had gone down a little but the moment she walked around the bed bouncing in her short silk PJs it shot up again. She smiled.

"That's a frisky fellow you've got there. But it's a good sign." She said laughing.

She handed me the pajamas and sat down at the side of the bed, her feet on the floor. She had come back in with a glass of brandy which she sipped from as I put on the pajama bottom, she hadn't brought any top. She looked at me and I looked at her and we both wanted to say something, but words didn't come. So we both laughed. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

"My baby is a big boy now. I'll go fix you a drink, I think you need and deserve one. Don't worry I'll mix it with juice. She swallowed all of hers and got up, staggering a bit as she walked out the room.

I got up quickly, found the remote and clicked on her TV.

When she returned she was carrying the bottle of brandy which was just about half full, and a bottle of orange juice, along with my glass. I took my drink which was already mixed and took a sizable gulp, halving the amount. I felt an almost instant rush. She came onto the bed, but quickly got up back. I saw her look down to the front of her pajamas bottom and giggle girlishly. "

I'd better change these; they're a bit smeared and damp."

She walked over to her wardrobe and took out a nightie. Standing sideways to my view she casually lifted the pajamas top over her head, and the marvelous round, firm breasts tumbled out. She then bent and slipped off the bottom, almost falling down in the effort. I finished the rest of my drink and my head was swinging nicely, making me feel carefree.

"I'm drunk she said," giggling.

I watched her plump little round ass hardly covered in a tiny black thong and her flat smooth belly and high mound, and my cock rose to full mast. I knew that what I was feeling this time around was no longer innocent admiration; I was looking at a woman with fuck on my mind. I wanted to fuck her. The fact that she was my mother did not in any way deter that thought. The problem was how, how to make it happen, did I dare make a sexual move on my own mom? Could I use the excuse of being drunk to kiss her or grope her, which I wanted to do? I wasn't sure. I did not take my eyes off her as she put on the little pink transparent nightie. Those big dark areolas and long black nipples were truly amazing. I wanted to grab her and suck the life out of them. I grabbed my cock and squeezed it hard. I looked away as she turned and came back to the bed. My eyes followed her as she walked around to the other side. She noticed my empty glass and offered to fix me another drink before she got into bed. I accepted her offer.

"We could afford to get smashed and sleep late." She said, "Tomorrow is not a work day."

She got into bed and the nightie ran up her thighs exposing her fat crotch.