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Rae and Tara work toward a future.

Had she known what I was thinking? I thought. Impossible, but that smile seemed so knowing. Shian finished the paperwork and handed it across to Sarah. "So how was your first day Shian? Did you enjoy it? Asked Sarah. While Shian replied Sarah seemed to glide over to a filing cabinet and bent over to open the bottom draw. Her firm butt presented its self before us, and both of us looked at each other, knowing what the other was thinking.

Sarah came back to her desk with three small hotel type bottles of alcohol. "No one needs to know if we have a quick celebratory drink, do they?" She asked. Shian shock her head, and I answered "No of course not, but just one as I am driving home." We drank the contents directly from the bottle. I could feel the warm liquid trail down my throat and warm my lungs. There were little more than two mouths full in each bottle, so it was soon gone. "Sarah" I asked. "What of you sister you mentioned before?"

"Ah yes, my sister." Said Sarah. "Charlotte died in a car accident three years ago last week."

"Oh I am so sorry" Shian and I both said at once. "Yes so am I," continued Sarah. "You see we were both lovers like the two of you are." Silence filled the room. I was shocked! How did she know? I felt myself go red, and I found it hard to breath. "Its ok," said Sarah, "Your secret is safe with me." I felt a little more reassured. "Its just...its been so long sine I felt the loving touch of another woman; and when I saw you both together, first of all in the car and then on the bench outside, it just brought back so many memories." I didn't have time to think up a reply, as Sarah began to cry before us. Shian walked around the table and placed a hand on Sarah's shoulder. "Its ok she said, we are here for you." Sarah looked up into my sisters eyes; I couldn't believe what was happening before me as Sarah reached up and gently lowered my sisters head down to her own level. They gently kissed before me, their tongues gliding in and out of each other's mouths, and running their hands through each other's hair. Sarah withdrew. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that," she said. She looked over at me, and her eyes looked straight at my chest, where I realised I had inadvertently run my hand under my crop top and was playing with my breasts and nipples.

"Just a moment," said Sarah. "I think I know what we all need." Sarah stood up and went over to her office door, and quietly clicked the lock. As she did do I looked once again over her body. Her thing lace bra was not hiding the fact that Sarah was deeply aroused, as her nipples clearly showed themselves through her blouse. Sarah walked over to the corner and pulled out a large black frame that I recognised straight away as a massaging chair. Sarah opened it out and laid a towel over it for comfort and hygiene.

Sarah said, "I know you are both on your way to becoming experts, but would you mind allowing me the opportunity to show you what I know?" We both agreed to give Sarah the chance. Sarah beckoned Shian onto the table. Shian walked over to the table and stood before Sarah, who removed the outer garments of Shian to leave her standing in her sexy underwear, including her new pink G-string.

Shian made herself comfortable on the chair while Sarah was getting herself ready. She had a selection of oils in her hand. I had one eye on what Sarah was doing and the other on the lovely curves of my sister. Shian was facing me with her head resting in the headrest of the chair; her eyes were lovingly looking at me, and her face had a colour to it that I recognised as arousal. Sarah rubbed some oil into her hands before placing them onto Shian's shoulders. Sarah's touch made Shian exhale and close her eyes; I knew she was in bliss.

My eyes roamed over Sarah.

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