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Hannah joins her mother and brother's nylon passion.

Knowing that she was having the same experience he was made pulling away all the more painful, but Les really didn't feel like sharing this amazing moment with Creeper. He pulled away and looked in Creeper's last known position, only to find it filled by someone else that was singing along with the band. Les turned his gaze back onto Celeste, who was looking dumbfounded and amazed. "Wow," she said, laughing a little and looking back up at Les. "Fucking wow! What was that?"

Les couldn't help but laugh a little at her. The look of amazement on her face was just priceless, and she was looking at him like she had never seen him before. "Seriously...Les...holy fuck," and she started fanning herself, and he could see in the dim light that her cheeks were slightly flushed. She took a sip of her drink, inspected it for a moment like there may be some foreign substance in it, and then sat it back down.

She still had a piece of ice in her mouth when she turned to Les, her eyes wide and crazy looking. "Les, we need to have sex!" Les grabbed his jacket and started to scoot himself to the opposite side of the booth. "Where are you going?" Les stood up and started to make his way to the exit, and soon felt Celeste right behind him. The band was loud, and there was no way they could have a conversation until they got outside. They pushed their way through the crowd and rushed out into the cool night air, Les walking quickly and Celeste's boots thumping beside him.

"What? What did I say?" she asked, and Les halted in midstride. He glared at her, and started walking again. She ran up in front of him and pushed against his chest to stop him. "Ok, ok, look," she started, and when he stood still she took her hands from is chest and crossed her arms. "I know it's been awhile for you. Matt tells me everything. Don't roll your eyes! Ok. So, it's been awhile for me, too. And if sex with you is anything like that kiss, I have to have it. Do you understand me?"

He was looking into her eyes now, and was slightly flattered at how incredibly sincere she looked. She took a step towards him so that they were only inches apart. The top of her head came up right under his nose, and he could smell her. She lifted her head a little and looked in his eyes again, and shrugged a little. "Please?" she asked, and planted a soft, light kiss on his lips. He kissed her back; he couldn't help it, and he felt her smile a little as she kissed him again, this time a little harder. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him, tilting his head and opening his mouth, letting their tongues slide against each other. He felt that warm, deep pull, and knew he had to get this woman to his apartment soon, before he threw her down on the cement and took her right there.

She was the one to pull away this time, and grabbed his hand and started to pull him down the street in the direction of his apartment. It wasn't a long walk, and they practically ran up the stairs to his door. She turned her back to the door while he fumbled with his keys while she planted kisses against his neck as he unlocked it. He was pushing against her and nibbling on her neck when he turned the handle, and they exploded into the apartment in a roar of giggles and clumsy footsteps.

Celeste leaned against the wall and unzipped the sides of both of her boots and pulled them off. As soon as they were off Les was right back on her, pulling up the sides of her sweater to touch her skin. She felt goose bumps break out all over her when he touched her, his hands still a little cold from outside. They broke apart just long enough for her to take off her sweater while he pulled his shirt up and over his head, and then they were back to it.

Les reached down and undid the button-fly of her jeans, and then flipped her around so that the front of her was pressed up against the wall.

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