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She had never experienced such an intense orgasm before and cursed herself for enjoying it so much. The warden chewed on her clit and tongue fucked her to three more orgasm's before she was finished.
Maria removed her coat, blouse, and bra and ordered Holly to take off her skirt. The warden lifted her hips off the chair to allow the blond to unbutton her skirt and tug it down. She spread her short, plump, and brown legs wide and invitingly uttered, "Come to momma baby, you look good on your knees, that's the way I like to see my bitches, down on their knees and ready to worship my horny cunt. Eat it all up baby and suck my cum into your sweet little mouth. Suck it baby!"

Holly just stared at the pussy and was surprised when she felt her own juices starting to flow again as she breathed in the pungent aroma of the bald pussy. She licked the outer lips slowly at first and then lapped faster before sticking her tongue up Maria's hot hole. The warden brought the blond's hands up to her heaving breasts and Holly groped them as she feverishly gobbled up the sopping cunt. Holly thought that she would be disgusted performing the depraved act, like she was in the jail with the skanky whores, but this was different, despite her efforts to do this only because she had no choice, Holly loved bringing the brown skinned sultry warden pleasure.

Maria lovingly ran her fingers through the long blond hair and asked, "You like servicing my pussy, don't you? Look up at me, I want to see your blue eyes as you tell me how much you like my pussy."

Holly looked up and conceded, "Yes I do! I always thought that this act was sick and perverted but with you it is incredible! I love the divine taste of your pussy and want to bring you as much pleasure as you gave me." Holly put her mouth back to the smoldering pussy, kissed, licked, and sucked with fervor.

Maria was reaching climax and told her lover, "Oh yes baby, just like that, I will see to it that no one else touches you. I want you all to myself, you will be my special little cunt lapper. I am going to cum, yessss!" Maria helped Holly to her feet and they passionately kissed, tasting their own sex on each other. They cuddled and found joy in each other's arms.

Shortly after returning to her cell, Jill and Holly were taken to the uniform room by two guards. As they traveled past the cells of the other prisoners the inmates reached through the bars and tried to grab them, there also were the usual remarks. Most of the inmates wore orange prison uniforms but some lounged in their underwear.

When they arrived at the uniform room they were taken to the back and handed sexy lingerie and were instructed to see if the racy garments fit. They expected the prison uniforms and were puzzled. Jill put on the sexy pink bra, panties, and garter with black stockings and hi-heels and Holly did the same with a baby blue set. When they walked back past the general prison population the remarks and invitations were even more heated than when they were naked.

Instead of going back to their cells, they climbed stairs and were taken down a long hallway that led to the offices. They made a right turn and doors were unlocked revealing a spacious apartment that was nicely furnished. They were astonished when they were informed that this would be their new living quarters. The apartment had two bedrooms, a kitchen, large living room, and everything that they needed. Before they left, the guards wrote down their clothing sizes and said that they would soon be receiving wardrobes.

The next day the warden visited them with three workers carrying clothes for them, they filled the closets.