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Domme makes female sub her bondage model.

I heard her pull off her panties, and I instantly got fully hard. I'd expected maybe she'd put her hand in her panties, but she apparently liked to take them completely off. I imagined what she must look like, laying there with her hand between her spread legs, caressing her clit with her fingertips. Growing wetter and wetter. Spreading her juices from her opening up to her clit to moisten it.

I was definitely going to have to jack off after this little adventure, that much was for certain.

I listened to the sound of her breathing. First it started off normal, but it quickly began to escalate as my baby sister began to truly masturbate completely believing that I was sitting at the foot of her bed oblivious and thinking about NFL stats, or something. I know what you're thinking, and it's not that she's stupid. Like I said, my sister is very bright. It's just that she's so out of touch with her own sexual thoughts and desires, she doesn't think very far into anyone else's.

The sexual energy in the room was rising. I smelled the sweet musky scent of her pussy juices waft past my nose. I was in heaven. My cock was so hard I was having trouble not touching it. I had to plant my hand firmly on the bed to resist. I listened as she got more and more excited and her breaths started to come out in little puffs. Then she abruptly stopped.

What was going on? Why was she stopping?

"Um, Nick...can you help me?" she asked, sweetly.

"With what?" I asked.

"With my pussy," she said, and giggled most lustily. "I know you want to touch it. So why don't you? Why don't you come over here and slide your fingers deep into my pussy? It's so hot right now, Nick. My pussy, I mean. It's steaming hot and so wet. Wanna feel?"

I turned around and looked at her. She had her legs splayed out lewdly and a finger lazily pumping in and out of the prettiest little pink pussy I'd ever seen. Her eyes were set on me and filled with a hunger the likes of which I'd never seen.

The normally sweet features of my sister's face had drawn themselves into the face of a wanton slut. Her eyes were wider, her eyebrows drawn down, her lips twisted into a small smirk. Her whole expression was mischievous and her eyes were horny. Her pink tongue darted out and slowly caressed her plump lips, moistening them. I could only imagine her tongue swirling like that around the head of my cock.

"Gem," I said. It wasn't a question. This was her. This was my sister's inner sex goddess. And she was finger-fucking herself in front of me.

She was amazing!

Why would she ever want to keep someone like this repressed?!
"I love the way you say my name," she said, fucking herself faster and bit her bottom lip. "Say it again?"

I almost did, but then I remembered I was there to help Gemma, not get drawn into Gem's games.

"Listen, I'm just here to talk. Can we talk?" I asked.

"But you don't want to talk, Nick," she said, pulling her finger out of her cunt. It was so wet. She sucked it off slowly, then sat up and leaned towards me, close. "You want to slam your hard cock into me over and over until I scream. Don't think I don't know. Gemma may choose not to see, but I love to feel your eyes on me. I love when your cock gets hard because of me. Do you know how difficult it was for me, being confined inside that goodie-two-shoes who wouldn't ever let me touch you? I was supposed to be satisfied with that limp-dick Casey. What a lame he was. He wasn't a real man, like you, Nick," she said, looking me over and running her hand up and down my chest.

"Gem, I'm your brother," I said, weakly.

"No, you're not. You're Gemma's brother. I am not her," she said, firmly. "I am my own person."

"But the person you are is ultimately just a part of Gemma. Meaning I am still your brother."

She thought about this. The truth seemed to be dawning on her. Then she shrugged it off.

"I don't fucking care," she whispered in my ear.

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